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Free Dissertation Topics For The Project Management Students

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Project Management Dissertation Topics

Students obtaining an MBA in project management often struggle to come up with dissertation themes. Keeping this in mind, we’ve covered a few pointers on how to choose a topic as well as a long list of project management dissertation topics. You can choose anyone to write your dissertation based on your preferences.

How To Find Project Management Topics

Are you trying to figure out what the most essential project management dissertation topic is for your paper? You can begin your dissertation by requesting a brief research proposal on any of these subjects from our authors, including an introduction to the issue, a research question, goals and objectives, a literature review, and the recommended research technique. Please let us know if you require any assistance in getting started.

To assist you in brainstorming project management ideas, we’ve compiled a selection of the most recent subjects that you might utilise to write your project management or operation management dissertation.

Our team’s PhD-qualified authors created these subjects, so you may trust them to help you write your dissertation.

Best Project Management Dissertation Topics For Discussion

  1. What Can We Learn from the Coronavirus (Covid-19) Crisis?
  2. How Can the COVID 19 Virus Have the Fewest Effects on Your Business?
  3. How to Manage an Extraordinary Crisis with Project Management and COVID-19
  4. Project Management in the COVID-19 Era
  5. During COVID-19, how is the UK government assisting businesses with project management (PMO) and governance?
  6. A Case Study of LUX on the Relationship Between Brand Dominance and Influencer Marketing
  7. An examination of strategies for incorporating innovative services into the lives of consumers
  8. A Case Study of Young Adults: Factors Influencing Customer Satisfaction on Brand Success
  9. Artificial Intelligence’s Impact on Project Management
  10. Soft skills are crucial in project management.
  11. Project Management: The Role of Digital and Remote Teams
  12. Case Study on the Importance of Soft Skills in Project Management
  13. Approaches to Project Management that are Hybrid
  14. Is the Cost of Project Management Software Justifiable?
  15. Project Success and the Dynamic Model of Team Conflict Ruskin Bond penned the storey.

Construction Project Management Dissertation Topics

  1. Investigating the effects of environmentally friendly aspects on a construction project’s budget.
  2. From the end of the 18th century to the present, the evolution of constructing bridges is documented.
  3. An examination of modular building in terms of its long-term viability and cost-effectiveness.
  4. Identifying location as the primary concern for the construction industry’s future
  5. Considering the long-term viability of the preceding decade’s solar homes
  6. Understanding the engineering principles that underpin modern solar cooling systems is essential.
  7. In the United States, researchers are looking into the growing trend of using photovoltaics in building construction.
  8. Considering the importance of waste management in the construction sector as a whole
  9. Identifying the ethical dilemmas around the construction network’s safety rules
  10. Investigating the dependability and long-term viability of Timber Frame construction
  11. Identifying the most important aspects of masonry construction and ensuring its long-term viability
  12. An examination of the differences between timber frame and masonry building
  13. Identifying the consequences of outsourcing construction jobs.
  14. Understanding the building industry’s interpretation of the notion of constraints.
  15. The importance of supply chain management in commercial construction projects is being assessed.

MSc Project Management Dissertation Topics

  1. A rigorous investigation into the issues that new businesses confront when it comes to project management.
  2. A thorough examination of the most typical causes of multicultural project management failure.
  3. An investigation into outsourcing as a means of business development and the project management issues it entails.
  4. A unique investigation of the benefits of hiring a trained project manager in a small family firm in the United Kingdom.
  5. An evaluation study in the UK medicine sector to better understand the project’s risk assessment procedures.
  6. A rigorous analysis of the benefits and drawbacks of outsourcing projects from US IT companies to Asian countries.
  7. An investigation on the perspectives of stakeholders on project completion and adoption.
  8. A case study from the standpoint of a multinational corporation.
  9. In the United Kingdom, a comparative analytical investigation of the distinctions between Scrum and Agile project management approaches.
  10. A comparison between project management and risk management practises.
  11. An examination of the London Stock Exchange as a case study (LSE).
  12. A unique method for determining the actual value of project management in today’s successful businesses.
  13. Apple Inc. is the subject of a case study.

International Business Management Dissertation Topics

  1. The factors that are propelling Chinese company expansion in developing nations. You might want to concentrate on what China does differently.
  2. The connection between service outsourcing and poor customer service. Should essential services be outsourced?
  3. Changes in organisational culture. What is the function of workers, and how do they use client feedback?
  4. In the modern global economy, the importance of staff training. Find out what areas staff can be taught in to assist in achieving international company objectives.
  5. Information technology management for foreign firms
  6. Can social media branding help firms acquire a competitive edge in the age of globalisation?
  7. In worldwide marketing and business, the role of innovation is critical.
  8. Mergers and acquisitions are critical in international business.
  9. Case studies of companies that have failed to succeed in foreign markets.
  10. What impact do multinational activities have on small and medium-sized businesses? For a better analysis, you might wish to concentrate on emerging countries.
  11. What impact does globalisation have on business teamwork? Is it possible for teams from different cultures to work together?
  12. How does a corporation go about putting in place a cross-border management system?
  13. Is it possible that outsourcing customer service jobs will have an impact on the entire customer experience?
  14. What are some of China’s most popular client trends?
  15. Generation Y will grow up in what kind of global economy?
  16. The consequences of the most recent global financial crisis.
  17. What is causing the global rise in food prices?

All of these above topics are very crucial for project management dissertation and we hope that this extensive list will help you.

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