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100+ Interesting Demonstration Speech Topics for a Winning Speech –A Complete Guide in 2023

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 We possess the power to change the whole world with our words. And making an excellent demonstration speech is surely an impressive way to spread emperical knowledge. But what to do if you are baffled about which subject to make a speech on?

Undeniably, one can speak their mind to make a difference, but it all begins by coming up with an impressive idea that’s worth sharing.

Go through today’s comprehensive post to unravel diverse Demonstration Speech Ideas and techniques to choose the best topics for effective presentations. Use this tailor-made guide to simplify the subject selection process for your next speech competition.

Let’s dive right in!

What Is a Demonstration Speech? A Quick Overview

Before mastering how to write a demonstration speech effectively, it is significant to get the hang of what truly is a demonstrative speech. Here’s what you need to comprehend –

  • A demonstrative speech is a type of informative speech that offers a group of audience step-by-step instructions on how to do a task successfully.
  • These kinds of presentations enable the readers to illustrate every step of a process in completing a complicated task.
  • Demonstration speeches are generally accompanied by visual aids like charts, diagrams, and props to help explain the procedures.
  • To deliver a successful speech, one needs to be well-organised and possess the ability to describe each step of a task to the audience clearly.
  • Examples of effective demonstration speeches are – “Guidelines on how to craft a poem”, “How to combat insomnia”, or “Significance of having hobbies as a university student”.

With this lucid overview in mind, you are now ready to find out the attributes of good demonstration speech topics!

Good Demonstrative Speech Ideas: Fundamental Characteristics

An excellent demonstration speech essay topic must always allow one to provide as much as information possible without overlooking the significance of any other given demonstrations. It should help you gain the attention of the readers and persuade them to listen to you.

When thinking about demonstration project ideas, try to ensure that your theme –

  • Can be explained within the specified time. Generally, demonstration speeches tend to last for ten to fifteen minutes.
  • Benefits your target audience, i.e., improves their knowledge of a subject.
  • Intriguing, unique, and easy-to-find relevant information
  • Doesn’t incorporate excessive steps.
  • Can be easily explained to a wider group of audience
  • Is not overdone
  • Should not incorporate excessively discussed subjects like  ‘Abortion’  or ‘Affordable Care Act’.

Clear till now? Alright, then. Let’s go on to the next segment to figure out certain amazing ways to choose the best demonstration speech topics!

How to Choose Good Demonstration Speech Topics: 5 Essential Elements to Keep in Mind

Your topics are incredibly vital to your demonstration speech, and knowing this could make you excessively nervous. Thus, if you are not sure of the right topics for a demonstration speech, here are certain crucial elements to remember that will always guide your choice remarkably –


When choosing demonstrative topics for public speaking, knowing the interests of both you and your audience matters hugely. Your enthusiasm and excitement for a subject are required to motivate the audience to care about what you are educating.

You may also need to answer a lot of questions afterwards. So, ensure to select a topic you’re knowledgeable and confident in.


Try to comprehend what your speech presentation space is going to be like. Figure out –

  • If it will be outdoors or indoors?
  • How much room do you have to make the speech?

Figuring out the answers to these questions will enable you to understand which subjects will be better suited than others, provided the conditions in which you’re delivering your demonstration speech.

Audience Demographics

Figure out what kind of demonstration speech ideas will be suitable for the group you’re addressing. Offer crucial insights on a skill that will be valuable to them. However, take care not to choose a topic that is excessively simple or too complicated.

Time Limit

Consider the subject you can realistically educate in the time allotted for the speech. Try to keep the topics at bay which stand out to you, but perhaps you won’t be able to cover them completely in the given ten minutes.

Visual Aids

Although your demonstration speech itself is a visual aid, countless speeches can greatly benefit from video and audio files, slideshows of PowerPoint, handouts, flipcharts and the likes. Keep the technology or props you will need to use ready before giving the speech.

Now that you know how to choose good visual aid speech topics, let us spoil you with choices of some of the most amazing and unique demonstration speech topic examples. With these exceptional topics at your disposal, you will be prepared as a soldier for a battle.

Here you go!

An Extensive List of Good and Inspiring Demonstration Speech Topics

How To Speeches Topic Examples

  1. How to make an excellent cocktail?
  2. How to draw and animate a character in a cartoon?
  3. How to structure a snowman?
  4. How to use an article’s content properly without infringing copyrights?
  5. How to de-clutter your wardrobe?
  6. How to read the directions on a Google map and reach a location effectively?
  7. How to select a cordial and easy-going roommate?
  8. How to apply your nail polish without applying the polish all over your skin?
  9. How to decorate a wedding cake complying with the overall concept of an event?
  10. How to use the position of the sun to tell the exact time?

Ideas for a Demonstration Speech for College Students

  1. Write a beginners guide for using an iPhone remarkably
  2. Present your views on the reasons Winston Churchill asserted there is an iron curtain over Europe
  3. Billy Bar has managed to live alone in the forests for more than 40 years – Explain how.
  4. Demonstrate ways to ace excellent IQ tests online.
  5. Discuss ways to resuscitate the breathing of an individual whose breathing is becoming complex and shallow.
  6. Present your views on establishing a remarkable communication ground with a strict educator.
  7. Describe ways artificial pacemakers can easily stimulate the human heart without any casualties.

Demonstration Speech PowerPoint Presentation Topics

  1. Present your views on ways to maximise your apartment space without using any tools of interior design.
  2. Applying for a university application without having to wait in a long queue – Discuss
  3. Demonstrate 8 ways to impress people with your personality
  4. Present a comprehensive step-by-step guide to creating an incredible business plan
  5. Discuss creative strategies for designing a website
  6. Demonstrate ways to establish or register a legally valued patent or trademark.
  7. Discuss easy yet effective ways to create the literature review for your project.

Five-Minute Demonstration Speech Topics

  1. Discuss how to combat massive consumerism.
  2. Present your views on ways to move on from a broken relationship
  3. Do you know what a Rubik’s cube is? Present  your view on how to solve it successfully
  4. Making graffiti at home – Discuss
  5. Ways to polish public speaking skills – Demonstrate
  6. Demonstrate ways to do CPR in an emergency
  7. Demonstrate the most effective methods for a student to practice active listening communication techniques.

Funny Demonstrative Topics for Public Speaking

  1. Demonstrate different ways to determine if a Louis Vuitton bag is genuine
  2. Present your views on ways to be impolite with someone you are not fond of
  3. Lying while keeping a straight face – Discuss how
  4. How to master breakdancing?
  5. Present your views on the outstanding ways to eat a deviled egg without being messy.
  6. How to refrain from making eye contact with your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend? Discuss the innovative ways.
  7. Is it possible to stop checking the feed of your Facebook frequently? How so?

Educational Demonstration Speech Essay Topics

  1. What are the best ways to present a compelling, persuasive, award-winning speech?
  2.  Present your views on ways to complete an assignment in half an hour.
  3. Discuss ways to combat distractions and make the most of online classes
  4. Discuss the steps to becoming a politically aware youth
  5. Present your views on how to level up the development of your personality through extracurricular activities
  6. Do you think sleep deprivation is not good? If yes, discuss how to enhance your grades by properly sleeping.
  7. How to use the storytelling power to make history lessons fun and exciting?

Demonstration Speech Ideas for Business

  1. Discuss the best businesses to earn money quickly.
  2. Present your views on utilisations of technological advancements in the business.
  3. What are the actionable strategies to enhance a business?
  4. Discuss the ways to file taxes as the owner of a business
  5. Present your views on ways to conduct in-depth research on a potential product
  6. Explain the remarkable methods to close a client
  7. How to pitch your products or services effectively?

Demonstration Speech Topic Examples for Marketing

  1. Present your views on ways to use robotics and digital technologies in business.
  2. Discuss the critical leadership skills one must have to become a successful manager.
  3. Strategies to persuade and motivate customers – Discuss
  4. Present your views on how SMEs can make use of digital marketing to their advantages
  5. How to use CSR to develop the brand?
  6. Express your views on the implementation of 7PS of marketing to business effectively.
  7. Discuss the ways online marketing impacts society.

Instructional Speech Topics on Food

  1. What are the best ways to control the food chain to support sustainability?
  2. Discuss the crucial aspects to consider before choosing a wedding cake
  3. Can you lose weight while eating more? Discuss
  4. Express the effective ways to bake a cake in a pressure cooker
  5. A step-by-step guide to making a Dalgona coffee
  6. Thai fish in complete restaurant-style – Discuss the method
  7. Preparing the barbeque meat – How to do so perfectly?

Good Demonstration Speech Topics for Sports

  1. Soccer vs Football – What’s the difference?
  2. Discuss how to select the best shoes for soccer
  3. What are the crucial steps to bowl remarkably?
  4. Discuss the ways to use a golf club.
  5. Present your views on how to use running shoes to enhance your speed.
  6. Discuss the best ways to create an outdoor course with obstacles for fitness and fun.
  7. How to use asanas and pranayama to improve your yoga practice?

Demonstrative Topics for Public Speaking

  1. Penning down an engaging and interactive speech – How to master the art?
  2. Describe the remarkable public speaking strategies to combat stage fright.
  3. Discuss the ways to use your voice to command attention
  4. Do introducing Q&A sessions make the speech engaging for your audience? If so, how to do it effectively?
  5. What are the ways to improve your presentation skills? Discuss foolproof tips and tricks.
  6. Discuss the ways to manage time effectively when giving a speech in public
  7. Discuss nonverbal communication strategies to comprehend body language

Visual Aid Speeches Topics

  1. A detailed guide to writing an e-Book
  2. How to combine red, green and blue colours to design a website?
  3. What is the best way to pack your suitcase for international trips?
  4. Describe what an airbag goes through before opening up
  5. What are the ways to remove chocolate stains from your clothes and carpets effectively?
  6. Present your views on the crucial reasons hot air balloons fly after the sun is down.
  7. Describe how the radar detector equipment and speed countermeasure works.

Good Demonstration Speech Topics on Technology

  1. AES encryption – Discuss how it works.
  2. Paas Model – How do you think it works?
  3. Discuss the effective ways to create and delete a table in an SQL server
  4. What are the steps to make a new Blockchain wallet?
  5. Blowfish encryption algorithm – How does it work?
  6. What are the ways to deal with distorted binary classification?
  7. Creating a website UI with Adobe – How to?

Choosing inspiring and unique demonstration speech ideas can seem like a minefield for you. We hope these intriguing and excellent topics have sparked your creativity and guided you in the right direction to make informative demonstration speeches. We ensure these ideas will get those grey cells in your brain to work overtime to figure out the topic that suits your interest area. Here’s wishing you good luck in making a strong demonstration speech that compels your audience to break into applause!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a demonstration speech topic?

A demonstration speech topic should inform the audience on a certain subject or educate them about performing a specific task, like making a recipe or using a product.

What are certain examples of demonstration speech topics?

  • Excellent tips for barbecue
  • How to master the salsa dance?
  • How to create an incredible presentation in PowerPoint?
  • Ways to count the calories and make excellent choices

How do I choose a demonstration speech topic?

Here are certain crucial aspects you must keep in mind to choose the perfect demonstration speech topics –

  • Choose topics that instruct your audience about  a process
  • Go for topics that are free of jargon and accessible to the audience
  • Avoid unnecessarily complicated topics
  • Again, do not choose a topic that is excessively simple and unexciting

How should I organise my demonstration speech?

  • Comprehend the group of audience and the objective
  • Describe the value of the demonstration
  • Outline the process
  • Make progress through every step
  • Invite the audience to ask questions
  • Summarise and conclude the presentation

What visual aids can I use in my demonstration speech?

Common visual aids that are used to make spectacular demonstration speeches are people, audio and video files, objects, flip charts, handouts, slides, and demonstrations.

How should I practice my demonstration speech?

  • Include a catchy introduction.
  • Add adequate details
  • Focus on conclusion
  • Use visual aids like PowerPoint presentations, models, handouts, etc.
  • Use personal anecdotes to connect to the audience
  • Use a conversational tone and maintain eye contact

How should I deliver my demonstration speech?

  • Use simple language, be as clear as possible, and define jargon and acronyms.
  • Implement easy-to-follow step-by-step processes
  • Include large and appealing visuals
  • Avoid obstacles
  • Speak at an easy pace that your audience can follow
  • Use the TTT ( touch, turn, talk) methods to maintain eye  contact with the audience

How can I make my demonstration speech more interactive?

  • Begin the speech with an icebreaker.
  • Use video clips
  • Ask audience questions
  • Include a story
  • Incorporate audio narratives
  • Use appropriate humour

What are some common mistakes to avoid in a demonstration speech?

  • Failing to prepare
  • Making use of filler words
  • Speaking excessively fast  or incredibly slowly
  • Forgetting to make eye  contact
  • Misusing visual aids
  • Using distracting  mannerisms
  • Overloading with information
  • Overshooting time

How can I make my demonstration speech memorable?

  • Maintain clarity
  • Convey definiteness of the message
  • Make the speech concise
  • Consider the audience
  • Speak slowly
  • Make a speech that is free from emotions
  • Include a  personal story and humour
  • Use visual aids

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