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Hi everyone, I am Ruby Walker, an irreverent copywriter, blogger, and an essay writing expert. I have been working as an English and essay writing specialist at for 12 years now. With a never-dying passion for writing, I pursued a PhD in English. As a PhD student, I became familiar with the major struggles that students face working on essays, assignments, and dissertations. So, now, I use my knowledge and guide students on how to beat all those hurdles and get closer to top grades. When I am not creating some money-minting sales copies or killer essays, you'll probably find me travelling to different corners in the world. 

Top Self Introduction Speech Topics

Self-Introduction Speech Ideas The Self-introduction speech tutorial actually includes the 12 speech topics in relation to the effective presenting as well as a sample that would outline to actual...

How To Structure an Essay?

Writing an essay involves various steps; creating an essay structure online is one of the most crucial ones. An academic essay structure consists of 3 primary parts - the introduction, body...

Essay Construction Help

Not everybody possesses the art of writing an impressive essay. It has to be intriguing and enticing enough to keep the reader hooked up to it until the very end. All the academic institutions around...

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