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40 Appealing History Dissertation Topics That You Can Develop

UserRuby Walker time26 March,2018

Let’s start by asking a simple question first

What are factors that make a dissertation remarkable?

Now different people may highlight different aspects that make a dissertation striking. Writing a good dissertation requires the writer to possess a certain amount of verbal craftsmanship which can only be acquired through extensive practice. So other than writing a remarkable piece of history dissertation you also need to focus on selecting a relevant topic. You need to select an appropriate dissertation topic that is engaging enough to capture the attention of the readers.

So to make your work easy, listed out below are 40 compelling history dissertation topics along with some tips suggested by the custom writing experts to help you with crafting an impeccable piece of dissertation.

  1. Address the research question.

The only way you can score great marks is by being relevant and on-point. So invest enough time before diving into the preparing the paper, and sort out the crucial things like, presenting a proper structure of the dissertation, and deciding what the title should convey. Many professors recommend the students to take note of the ‘keywords and phrases’ in the title. But you must also remember that every word contributes towards the successful presentation of your paper and hence is significant. Or else, you can hire a custom writer to work on your dissertation.

  1. Be straightforward and definitive.

Make sure that your examiners don’t get confused about the relevance of what you are presenting. This means you need to provide pertinent statements and evidence. If you’re not supporting an argument, you’re not addressing the question properly. If you have difficulty in putting together the argument, then avail the services of professional dissertation writer.

  1. Concentrate on writing a compelling first paragraph : In this case, you can follow these three steps, i) Assess the question, determining and consolidating its parameters, ii) Divide the question into smaller chunks; and iii) Structure an argument properly, or you can draw up several alternative interpretations. By all means, make the first sentences as hard-hitting as you can, to create an effect of shock and awe in the examiner. Or you can opt for a dissertation writing help service to delegate your task.
  2. The final paragraph is also essential.

Don’t introduce fresh details in this section. Rather repeat the particular research question you had put together in the beginning and address it as succinctly and coherently as possible, and also ensure it’s relevant to what you’ve elaborated on earlier. It may sound odd, but you can try writing the conclusion to the dissertation first, that way you’ll know where to draw the line. Let an expert from a professional paper writing service guide you with your paper.

  1. In the main text of the paper, deal with one aspect of the topic at a time.

Each paragraph should elucidate on a key statement backed by evidence. Try to present the argument in the first few sentences and then move on to defend it with the relevant details. Hire a meticulous paper writer to write your dissertation for you.

  1. Provide hardcore facts and evidence, not just the opinions of the experts.

Quote the evidence the mentioned by the experts, not the experts themselves. For instance, if you are writing a dissertation for history, remember that history offers the recollections of the past with the help of the existing evidence, so don’t just treat this as a collection of opinions. Also, provide the evidence in the dissertation, don’t keep it in appendices or footnotes in a futile attempt to make your dissertation appear as ‘academic’. You can select a legitimate dissertation helper to create your dissertation.

  1. Finding the right balance is extremely significant.

Spare a considerable amount of space to the most pertinent issues. You need to understand that it’s easy to spend a huge amount of time/space on the primary issue you deal with in your papers so that you can strike off the other concerns promptly. This is why it’s probably best not to leave the most significant ideas for later, especially when the deadline is near, and you may run out of time.

  1. Provide adequate references to your quotations, and mention the page number correctly. Never pass off other people’s creations to be your own. Plagiarism, even if it’s in one or two phrases, can be spotted easily and will cause you to lose a few crucial marks.

So maintaining these rules will always ensure you present a properly written dissertation paper.

A list of unique topics for History dissertation:

Now let’s delve into discuss some of the most compelling topics for you history dissertation.

  1. Elaborate on the primary cause of the Crimean war.
  2. Provide a comparative analysis on the differences between Napoleon III’s ‘authoritarian’ system of government, with those of his predecessors on the throne.
  3. Elucidate on the major aspects of Napoleon III’s social and economic policies and how did they consolidated his power.
  4. Offer an insight into the biggest issues encountered by the newly formed Italian government after the unification and also on the measures taken by them to resolve those issues.
  5. Assess the crucial role played by Garibaldi in the wake of Italian Unification.
  6. Elucidate on the impact of the unification of Italy have on the functions of the Vienna system.
  7. Present your opinions on how Napoleon III’s legacy has influenced the relations in Europe post his demise.
  8. Discuss the definitive principles behind Napoleon III’s foreign policy.
  9. Evaluate the reasons Napoleon III’s legacy is perceived to be negative by many critics and historians, even after his innumerable social and political achievements.
  10. Elaborate on numerous social factors that had a significant contribution in the Italian Unification. Emphasize on one such factor that played the most crucial role, in your opinion.
  11. Which aspect was more significant when it comes to the Italian Unification, foreign policy or economics? Provide a comprehensive idea on the topic.
  12. Evaluate the role that Guiseppe Mazzini had played as the driving force behind Italian Unification.
  13. Elaborate on the reason German unification essential for the then European society.
  14. Provide a general understanding of how the events occurring in and around the rest of the world resulted in the outbreak of the Great War in Europe.
  15. Elaborate on the reasons why there were so much rivalry and unrest amongst the European countries in the early twentieth century, and how did these reasons culminate in the World War I.
  16. Offer an insight into the issues encountered by Lloyd George’s government as the subsequent impact of the World War I. And also explain how these issues were resolved.
  17. Select one prominent event and explain why that could be the defining moment that resulted in the downfall of Mussolini.
  18. Elucidate on the drawbacks of the previous governments that paved the way for the fascist rule in Italy.
  19. Provide an understanding on the concept of ‘totalitarianism’. Explain how ‘totalitarian’ was Mussolini’s regime.
  20. What, in your opinion, was Hitler trying to accomplish when the Germans invaded Poland in 1939.
  21. Discuss the nature of military operations in the ancient world with reference from Macedonian Wars, Punic Wars, and the wars against Antiochus III the Great.
  22. Elucidate on the reasons behind the expansion of Rome.
  23. offer a detailed analysis on the major legal practices and principles in Rome.
  24. Some historians believe the origin of entrepreneurship happened in ancient Mesopotamia. Do you agree with this theory? Provide your insights on the topic.
  25. Provide an analysis on the origins of Vedic culture and on the definitive role of the Indo-Aryan migration in its development.
  26. Can the ancient Roman economy be treated as the market economy? Offer solid evidences along with your arguments.
  27. Analyze the depiction of the medieval historical ideologies in the views of Niccolo Machiavelli.
  28. Elucidate on the ideologies and thoughts of Jean Calvin in the development of Christianity.
  29. Elucidate on the psychological and social attributes of the medieval era that was reflected in the compositions of Durer and Bosch.
  30. Explain the phenomenon of Utopian ideologies as part of the medieval era.
  31. Discuss the importance of migration to the formation and growth of urban centres in the period 1700 – 1801.
  32. Elaborate on the primary issues faced by the Soviet society after the demise of Lenin, and how Stalin attempted to resolve them.
  33. Discuss the extent to which the World War I was directly responsible to the inability of the government to address the Great Depression.
  34. Elaborate on the policies of the European government to resolve the ‘The Great Depression’ and also focus on what they achieved to control its impact.
  35. Provide a detailed analysis on why the great powers of Europe were successful at controlling the Balkan crises of 1912 and 1913, but couldn’t stop this issue further escalating into a Great war in 1914.
  36. Evaluate the strategic effect of the Battle of the Marne (1914).
  37. Critically analyze the argument that German Unification was predominantly a practice of Prussian Nationalism.
  38. Thoroughly define the contribution of Bismarck in the German Unification.
  39. Provide a comprehensive analysis on the numerous failed attempts at making peace with regards to the Crimean War.
  40. Present a detailed analysis on the consequences of the Crimean War.

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