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100+ History Dissertation Topics & Ideas for All Students

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 History Dissertation Topics

When it comes to writing a dissertation, choosing the perfect topic means half the war is won. Considering how rich a subject history is, choosing just one topic that focuses on a particular historical issue can be challenging.

But we have spared you all the hard work. Here is the most comprehensive list of history topics for your dissertation. Let us explore the treasure trove, shall we?

History Dissertation Topics – An Overview

History is the study of the past. It helps us understand how things came into being. A historical dissertation is a written study related to a specific historical topic, theme, person, conflict, or event. The subject shows triumph and tragedy, conflict and compromise, in a detailed way. An ideal dissertation includes an introduction, methods, discussion, conclusion, and references.

Let is now delve into the essential parts of writing a dissertation on history topics.

Select an Ideal Topic:

Start researching on choosing the topic that the professors will approve. Analyze the importance and specific length of the research paper based on your subjects. Evaluate the research paper topics from all aspects to generate the history dissertation ideas. You can search on the internet for history research paper topics. You will get a plethora of resources. Apart from that, we also offer history research paper help where experts can find you a good topic. 

Write the Abstract:

The abstract of the dissertation contains a title page, acknowledgment, dedication, and many other aspects. It works as the summary of the dissertation or thesis.

The Introduction:

The introduction demonstrates what you will illustrate while writing your dissertation. It includes the essential points, including a background, theme, period, region, and reason for choosing the specific topic.

You can include a research question in the last sentence of the paragraph. It should be short, concise and clearly state what you are going to investigate and include in the dissertation.

Methods and Discussion:

The method section discusses the qualitative and quantitative research methods. Follow a method that will help you to collect the data. After compiling the data for history dissertation topics, you can discuss the findings.

Literature Review:

In the literature review section, you need to evaluate, analyze, and sum up the key theories, methodologies, and new findings related to the topic.

Theoretical Framework:

Theoretical frameworks help to understand readers about the perspective from which you have described the dissertation. You can include the data and conclude.


You just need to sum up all the major points in the conclusion and what you have done.


References play an important role in a dissertation. You should write references that show the resources. Include credible sources in your data. Focus on proper literature reviews for your history dissertation.

Now that we know about the parts of the dissertation, we will move on to the steps of selecting the best topics for the history dissertation.

How to Select the Best History Dissertation Topic?

You need to consider many aspects to select the best history dissertation topics that will help you achieve your academic success. Here, you can follow a few tips on what to write about:

Relevant to Your Field:

Explore the topic that fits your field. Evaluate and analyze what you are writing about. You can choose a topic based on your knowledge. Choosing a completely new topic can lead to failure. When you explain a topic, you will have a better opportunity to describe it more. Otherwise, this dissertation will be your nightmare during such hectic periods.

Choose a Stand-Out Topic:

There are so many common American history dissertation topics. Choosing the right one as per your interest is important to avoid anxiety and stress.

Plenty of Resources:

Choose a topic that is specific enough. Like the First World War, Second World War, Classical art, Visual art, Economic crisis, Cold War, and Civil War. You will receive plenty of resources based on these topics. But when you are researching a particular topic, you will get a scope to narrow down your ideas of study. This practice helps to find the direction and interests to find enough sources to work with.

Note Down the References:

Participate in prior research on the topic. This will provide you with an idea of how much literature on your topic is available for history dissertations. Note down all the references and list them for better analysis.

You can seek dissertation assistance from professional advisors like MyAssignmentHelp. A team of experienced professionals is working to help you prepare your history dissertation.

A List of Dissertation Topics

Are you looking for history topics? Explore 100 best ideas on various themes.

Ancient History Dissertation Topics:

  1. The Difference Between Ancient History and Classical Antiquity
  2. The History of Region and Philosophy in Ancient Greece
  3.  The Key Achievements Of Early Iron Age
  4. The Main Source Of Text in Ancient History
  5. The Myth Of God and Humans in Ancient Rome and Greece
  6. The Contribution of Science and Technology in Ancient Rome
  7. Rise and Fall of Ancient Babylonian and Egyptian Empire
  8. The Contribution Of Ancient Science Technology
  9. The Comparison in Music in Ancient Greece and Rome
  10. Buddhism and The Period
  11. The Understand of Mahajanapadas
  12. Invasion From Central Asia

American History Dissertation Topics:

  1. The Role of Women In Colonial America
  2. The Period Of The Invasion of African Americans in America
  3. American Independence
  4. The Drafting and Modification of the Constitution of the United States
  5. Great Depression and World War II related history dissertation ideas –
  6. The Impact of the Great Depression on American Society and The Economy
  7. The Impact of World War II on American Economy
  8. The Examples Of American Women in the Workforce During the Great Depression
  9. The Beginning of Cold War: Its Implications in American Society
  10. The Role of India In America’s Future
  11. The Different Periods of Historical Events in America

Modern History Dissertation Topics:

  1. Modern History and Historical Figures
  2. The History of the democratic Transformation in Egypt
  3. Essay on American-Chinese Relation – History and Modernity
  4. The Diplomacy in Foreign Policy in the USA
  5. The Invention Of Iranian Culture from the Middle Ages to Modern Times
  6. Unfinished Business Reconstruction In the Soviet Union
  7. The History of the Progressive Era in the 20th Century
  8. Art of Academic Writing: Rise of Women in the Modern Era
  9. The Phrase of warfare in the Medieval Age
  10. The 19th Century History, Technology and Politics
  11. The World of Industrialization and Imperialisation
  12. The History of Global Hunger

Art History Dissertation Topics:

  1. The late 19th Century Modern Art
  2. A Proper Understanding of Classical Versus Modern Art
  3. The Context of Modern Art in Europe
  4. The Influence of Europe On Modern Art on American Artists
  5. The Advancement of Artwork Raphael
  6. An Overview of Mongol Paintings
  7. The World Of Da Vinci’s Masterpiece
  8. History and Life of Photography
  9. The Significance Of Astonishing Art Of Mughal Empire
  10. The Psychology of Urban Street Art: Banky’s Paintings
  11. The Art of Zimbabwe and His Life
  12. The Influence of Foreign Policy on Architecture
  13. The Consequence of Japan’s Pacifism
  14. The Boundary Issues Between India and China

Historical Figures from Ancient History:

  1. King of Macedon – Alexandar The Great
  2. Greek mathematician, physicist, engineer, inventor, and astronomer- Archimedes of Syracuse
  3. Essay on the Great Tragic Poet- Aeschylus
  4. Thesis on the Consequence of the Governor Of Syria- Agrippa
  5. Write All the aspects Of the Pharaoh of Egypt- Akhenaten.
  6. The Art of the Representation of Old Comedy- Aristophanes
  7. The Innovation of Poetry in Ancient Greece

Historical Figures from Medieval History/ Middle Ages:

  1. An Italian polymath of the High Renaissance- Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci
  2. A Venetian merchant, explorer, and writer- Marco Polo
  3. Frederick Barbarossa- King of Germany in Frankfurt
  4. A Roman Catholic priest of Amiens and a key figure during the military expedition- Peter the Hermit/ Little Peter/ Peter of Amiens/ Peter of Achères
  5. The History of Charlemagne as the King of the Franks and later the first Holy Roman Emperor
  6. First War Of Scottish Independence- Robert The Bruce
Exploring Rich Historical Landscapes: Dissertation Topics

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Historical Figures from the Modern Age:

  1. Political Rival Pompey- Gaius Julius Caesar
  2. Julius Caesar- A Roman general and statesman.
  3. A member of the First Triumvirate- Julius Caesar
  4. The Role of Martin Luther During the Time of Intense Violence and Racial Conflict
  5. The Legacy of Alexander The Great
  6. The Messenger of God- Prophet Muhammad
  7. A German-born philosopher, economist, political theorist, historian, sociologist, journalist, and revolutionary socialist- Karl Marx
  8. “Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.”- Gautama Buddha
  9. “Nature is the art of God.” – Dante Alighieri.

Online History Dissertation Topics on the First World War:

  1. The Impact On Culture, Art, And Intellectual Movement On The First World War
  2. History of Colonial Ambitions and post-war Reshaping: The impact of First world war In the Middle East
  3. Transformation and contribution Of women during 1st World War
  4. The Contributions of Military Leaders and Commanders
  5. The Understanding of Campaigns, Strategies, and Impact on the Outcome of the War
  6. The Psychological Impacts On Soldiers During 1st World War

History Dissertation Topics on the Second World War:

  1. The Failing Of Communism- Second World War
  2. The Essay on Atomic Bombs and Its Role
  3. The Examples of Weapons used during the Second World War
  4. The History Of Starvation During the War
  5. The After-War Scenario Of Minorities in Europe
  6. Draw the Picture of Technology Used During World War Two.
  7. The History of Jews and the Reason of Hiter’s Hatred Towards Jews
  8. The History of Nazism and its Consequences
  9. The Nature of the German State
  10. Write a Dissertation on Pearl Harbour
  11. Write About Nuclear Doctrine

European History Dissertation Topics:

  1. The History of Artistic, Intellectual, and Cultural Transformation during the Renaissance
  2. The Cause of the French Revolution- Explain the Revolution and Revolutionary Wars
  3. The History Of Feminism And Gender Roles
  4. Essay on the Enlightenment of Women’s Rights
  5. The Significance of Colonization and Global Encounters
  6. The Industrial Revolution: its cause and socio-economic effects.
  7. The Age of Revolution and Enlightenment: Philosophers and their legacy
  8. Research on Diplomacy, Balance of Power, and European Stability
  9. History Dissertations on the Confliction of Balkan Wars
  10. Nationalism, Imperialism, and Confliction During the Balkan War
  11. The Socio-Political Aspects of War

African History Dissertation Topics:

  1. What is negritude? All about African Renaissance and postcolonial Discourse
  2. Literary Movements in Africa
  3. The History of African Intellectual- Postcolonial Discourse
  4. Research on the historical importance of the Nile River
  5. History of Ancient Civilization Beside the Nile River
  6. The Difference Between Ancient Civilization and Modern Challenges
  7. The History of Political Organization in Great Zimbabwe
  8. The Great Architectural Contribution of Great Zimbabwe
  9. What is the historical Significance of Great Zimbabwe?
  10. African Involvement in The Transatlantic Slave Trade
  11. All The Historical Aspects of Abolitionist Movements
  12. What is the Transatlantic Slave Trade? African Involvement in Historical Aspect

Informative History of Art Dissertation Topics:

  1. The History of Fashion Evolution: from Ancient to 21st Century
  2. Scent and Luxury- All About The History of Perfume
  3. The Multifaceted Genius Historians and Their Contribution to History
  4. Leonardo da Vinci- Renaissance Men
  5. The Speculation and Mystery Of The Lost City in Atlantis
  6. Pharaohs and their Archeological Discoveries
  7. The Historical Relevance Caused by the Pharaohs
  8. The Historical Context of Chocolates- From Ancient Times To 21st Century
  9. The Scenario of Global Consumption Of Chocolates from Mesoamerica
  10. The Trade, Cultural exchange, and Transcontinental connection Through the Silk Route
  11. Thesis on The History of Knights, Myths, and Their Life
  12. The Trade Routes For Tea- Its Origin and Cultural Significance

Unusual History Dissertation Topics:

  1. How Does Government Respond To The Pandemic- A Complete Strategy and Its Effectiveness
  2. The Origin of Covid-19 and It’s Spreading
  3. Wuhan Outbreak: Is it True?
  4. Media’s Contribution On the Period of Covid-19
  5. Explore the Social and Psychological Impact Of Lockdown
  6. Thesis on the COVID-19 inequality: How People Reacted?
  7. The Contribution Of Science and Technology During Covid-19
  8. The Need for Education During Covid-19
  9. The Impact of Covid-19 on Travel and Tourism Industry
  10. The Scenario of The Worker During The Covid-19
  11. A Comparative Analysis of Covid-19 and Its Global Response

Online History Dissertation Topics for College Students:

  1. Comparative Analysis of Feudalism Development
  2. The Cause and Consequences of Second World War
  3. The Dangerous Confrontation: Cuban Missile Crisis
  4. Write An Essay on the Event of Cultural Identity in Ancient Civilization
  5. The Life and The Literary Movements
  6. The Century of Cultural Heritage and Sustainable Development
  7. Exploring the Sequence of Historical Academic Writing
  8. The History of Mental Health and Psychology
  9. Thesis on Cold War Rivalry and Technological Advancement
  10. Dissertation On the Role Of Women In The History Of Science
  11. Essay on Green Technologies For A Sustainable Future
  12. The Political Aspects Of Soft Power


Now, you have an idea about what is history dissertations along with its detailed part to structure your dissertations. In this blog, we have included 100+ latest and unique history dissertation topics that will stand out in the class. Still, if you find some difficulties in choosing a dissertation topic or while working on a dissertation, you can get help from Our experts will guide you in understanding the various aspects of your dissertation and designing and structuring it. You can join us with just one click or visit

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