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200+ Unique Nursing and Healthcare Dissertation Topics to Explore in 2023

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Overview of Nursing Dissertation Topics

Most college students majoring in healthcare struggle to develop suitable nursing research ideas. Unfortunately, it gives medical students very little time and space for extensive research, forcing them to look for quick fixes that are not always trustworthy.

The importance of selecting a relevant and interesting topic

When students require assistance writing a college research paper, the key is to select a powerful, original, compelling topic to win over a demanding college professor. An excellent study topic should analyse even the most common medical problems and suggest potential adjustments.

The Purpose of the Content Structure

The dissertation’s structure and organisation describe the steps in the research process of posing well-defined questions, looking into them, and then providing a solution. This is crucial to comprehend because if you “get” it, each chapter will make much more sense.

List of Nursing Dissertation Topics.

Evidence-Based Practice Nursing Dissertation Topics

  1. Reducing falls in patients with combative dementia
  2. Utilising oxygen for palliative care: nasal cannula vs. masks
  3. Treatment of drunk patients quickly
  4. Choosing the appropriate IV catheter size
  5. Reducing catheter-acquired UTIs (CAUTIs)
  6. COPD patients may benefit from SOB alternatives.
  7. How do visitation hours affect patient results?
  8. Providing painkillers to hospitalised patients
  9. Nonpharmacologic pain management
  10. Heart failure discharge and readmission rates
  11. NPO status and rates of hypoglycaemia
  12. Cutting back on HAP and VAP during medical procedures
  13. Misconceptions Nursing Professionals Have About EBP
  14. Rating Systems for Nursing Practice Based on Evidence
  15. The advancement of evidence-based nursing practice
  16. Evidence-based Leadership and Practice
  17. Obstacles to Evidence-based Practise for New Nurses
  18. Support for Good Care and Evidence-based Practice
  19. The Nurse’s Evidence-based Practise Manual
  20. Evidence-based Primary Care Practice

Child Health Nursing Dissertation Topics

  1. Teething problems and the function of medicine.
  2. Physical impairments and the effects of taking medications on time
  3. Bone conditions and delayed treatment affect a child’s growth.
  4. Mental disorders and medical treatments
  5. Children’s psychological illnesses and the role of hospitals
  6. The use of technology to manage children’s psychological issues
  7. How medical progress helps those with natural impairments.
  8. Long-term tech support for youngsters who are blind
  9. Tech support offers physically disabled children a way out.
  10. Obstacles that nursing staff in the paediatric ward must overcome
  11. Desecration’s impact on young children’s post-operative pain
  12. A mother’s understanding of how to care for preterm infants
  13. The effectiveness of nurses in new-born critical care units
  14. Evaluation of mothers’ needs when taking care of kids between the ages of 2 and 5
  15. Educational programme for paediatric nurses to support paediatric emergency patients
  16. Diagnosis and treatment strategies for childhood asthma
  17. Techniques to improve the treatment of paediatric cancer
  18. Determining the developmental delay in children with Down syndrome
  19. Applying Piaget’s theory practically to healthy children’s cognitive development
  20. Evaluation of a nurse’s knowledge and abilities for kids with head injuries

Adult Nursing Dissertation Topics

  1. To investigate the impact of staffing practises on adult nurses in the UK.
  2. To research how social media affects nursing careers.
  3. The results of a UK survey on academic nursing careers
  4. What difficulties do American professors of adult nursing face?
  5. To research the services that nurses in the UK provide to cancer patients.
  6. To investigate the problems with sustainability in adult nursing.
  7. The impact of social media on students studying adult nursing
  8. Do you believe that the development of technology also benefits the nursing field?
  9. Could the nursing shortage be addressed via online nursing studies?
  10. Why does the adult nurse retirement age variation differ from that of Western nations?
  11. Are there differences in nursing careers in the present era?
  12. To research the level of stress experienced by nurses working in emergency rooms.
  13. Evaluation of patient care provided by both public and private institutions
  14. To research the psychological assistance provided by adult nurses
  15. Health care risk management and needs analysis.
  16. What care do adult nurses give to patients with dementia?
  17. Adult patients receiving acute medical care are given instructions by adult nurses.
  18. Adult nurses need to have the necessary knowledge and experience.
  19. To research the transition from hospital settings to outpatient ones.
  20. To research how preventative care is becoming more popular as a social pillar of health care in the future.

Critical Care Nursing Dissertation Topics

  1. Examining the significance of timings in the nursing care for critical patients.
  2. Examining the crucial function of nursing: a review of the literature.
  3. An overview of the literature from the last ten years on critical nursing analysis
  4. Analysing the management plans for acute dementia patients.
  5. To preserve professional behaviours inside the US intensive care system.
  6. A quick assessment and strategies for individuals requiring critical care who are older than 50
  7. Should visitors be permitted in the critical care unit?
  8. A discussion of the nurse’s opinion on the patient’s necessary visitors
  9. A cross-country analysis shows that critical nurses highly value education about necessary care.
  10. Pressure injury risk and care considerations for ICU patients.
  11. A case scenario study of the distinction between planned and emergency procedures
  12. A study on the need for healthcare facilities among sick patients who use ventilators
  13. What difficulties does the critical care nursing system face?
  14. Do nurses ever have issues with patients? How do they disrupt things?
  15. A review of nurses’ critical judgement in UK cardiac patients
  16. What major difficulties do nurses encounter in intensive care units? – a review
  17. Research on medical treatment in a highly technological setting.
  18. Research on the state of heart failure patients in the primary healthcare setting.
  19. In the UK, nurses study the value of urgent and intensive care.
  20. The nurse also offers telephone consultations to people in the UK who are receiving primary care.

Dementia Nursing Dissertation Topics

  1. An in-depth investigation of a case comparing dementia in men and women
  2. A critique of the methods suggested by experts for treating patients with dementia.
  3. Research on dementia-afflicted elderly individuals’ responses to unclear and specific circumstances.
  4. Are dementias sufferers have to follow a certain diet? Can these aid dementia sufferers universally?
  5. To review the literature to study the effects of dementia
  6. A critique of the literature on dementia’s effects and prognosis
  7. What communication techniques do nurses employ when interacting with patients who have dementia?
  8. To research various nations’ approaches to treating people with dementia.
  9. What equipment is required to manage persons with dementia?
  10. To investigate the effects of dementia and other mental illnesses on people from various racial and ethnic groups.
  11. Can nurses make a difference in the lives of dementia patients?
  12. A US analysis of a case study including several dementia patients
  13. Do nurses have a say in treatment choices for dementia patients?
  14. An analysis of the relevant medical theories and concepts
  15. To examine advanced dementia patients through a case-by-case comparison.
  16. To research nursing care initiatives for people with advanced dementia.
  17. To research how persons with dementia are affected psychologically.
  18. Can modern technologies help carers of dementia patients? Case studies
  19. Research on doll therapy and how it has improved and helped the medical industry.
  20. Examining how social support affects dementia care management.

Midwifery Dissertation Topics

  1. How maternal obesity affects birth outcomes
  2. The effect of poverty on mother and new-born health
  3. The COVID-19 pandemic’s effects on midwifery practise
  4. The role of midwives in encouraging nutrition for expectant mothers and new-borns
  5. The use of care provided by midwives for pregnant people who have problems
  6. The midwives’ contribution to improving maternal and child health
  7. The results of midwifery practice integration with primary care
  8. The midwives’ part in advancing gender-sensitive care
  9. The usage of care provided by midwives in low-income areas
  10. The use of care provided by midwives for women with ongoing conditions.
  11. The function of the midwife in the current healthcare system
  12. In light of scientific advancements in the medical and childcare domains, the midwifery profession has to be improved.
  13. The state of the midwifery profession in industrialised and developing nations
  14. Talk about the most recent developments in the nursing and midwifery sectors.
  15. The development of midwifery from the Past to the Present
  16. The part prenatal counselling plays in a child’s development.
  17. A critique of the midwifery industry as a female-dominated field
  18. How can midwifery services for underprivileged women be improved?
  19. How will the field of midwifery develop in the future?
  20. Do midwives help pregnant women make well-informed decisions and affect their decision-making?

 Palliative Care Nursing Dissertation Topics

  1. Moral Position on Treating Terminal Patients with Palliative Care
  2. Alzheimer’s Patients’ Palliative Care
  3. Palliative Care Delivery Models for Patients with Cancer
  4. Cancer Patients Receiving Palliative Care During the COVID-19 Pandemic
  5. Nursing Home-Based Palliative Care for Patients with Renal Disease
  6. Parkinson’s Disease and Palliative Care: Similar and Differing Challenges
  7. The Value of Perinatal Hospice Care
  8. Palliative Care and the American Healthcare Crisis
  9. Supporting Perinatal Palliative Care Professionals’ Vicarious Resilience
  10. Examples of Specialised Palliative Care and Oncology Integration
  11. Volunteers in Community Hospice and Palliative Care
  12. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy in Palliative Care
  13. Palliative Care Volunteers’ Function in Nordic Countries
  14. Regional Palliative Care Service for the South East
  15. Initiative for Palliative Care Volunteer Support Services
  16. Initial Palliative Treatment for Heart Failure
  17. Evidence-Based Practise in Palliative Care
  18. Palliative Care and Hospice Care: Similarities and Differences
  19. Psychosocial Screening and Evaluation in Palliative and Oncology Settings
  20. The Advanced Practise Nurse’s Function in Palliative Care

Mental Health Nursing Dissertation Topics

  1. Examining the effects of meditation therapy on patients with impaired cognitive development
  2. Research into how dopamine levels relate to autism
  3. Research into the relationship between screen time and ADHD
  4. Examining the connection between cancer and fatigue or sadness
  5. Advantages of antipsychotic medication in preventing delirium
  6. ADHD medications that use chemical stimulants
  7. Identification of bipolar illness and its risk factors
  8. Social media’s impact on mental health
  9. The relationship between Alzheimer’s disease and the environment
  10. The role of genetics in bipolar disorder
  11. Techniques for identifying and assisting victims of intimate partner violence
  12. Post-traumatic stress disorder prevention strategies
  13. Methods to assist stroke victims in restoring their motor skills
  14. Recognising individual experiences and self-identity in schizophrenia
  15. Discuss the challenges nurses in the UK encounter when working with female sexual abuse victims.
  16. A study on the effects of psychotherapy on post-operative anxiety in British men
  17. The role of mental health nurses in helping depressed young individuals find pleasure and positivity in their life.
  18. A thorough investigation of the techniques employed in the UK to treat young suicidal people
  19. How would you explain care ethics to students while working with patients who are sad or mentally ill?
  20. A thorough review of the nursing care requirements for young people in schools in the UK

 Coronavirus (COVID-19) Nursing Dissertation Topics

  1. Australian nurses under investigation urge an end to violence, sanitiser, and mask theft.
  2. To research and evaluate the emergency Coronavirus recommendations for nurses and medical personnel worldwide.
  3. A case study of UK elderly homes and the coronavirus
  4. Why are nursing homes at risk during the coronavirus pandemic?
  5. How nurses and medical professionals may assist parents and kids in overcoming their mental health problems during the crisis?
  6. To devise plans to counteract testing and prevention kits in nursing homes that are particularly hard hit.
  7. How could the coronavirus contribute to the global scarcity of nurses and doctors?
  8. Rights, Roles, and Responsibilities of Health Workers during the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)
  9. To look into how UK nursing homes handled the outbreak of the coronavirus.
  10. Risks and Duties in a Global Outbreak: Nursing and the Novel Coronavirus
  11. To evaluate the UK’s healthcare strategy following the Covid-19 outbreak.
  12. NHS Case Study: Developing Effective Nursing Strategies for Managing Patients with Coronavirus Disease
  13. Coronavirus Research: The Foundation for SARS Diagnosis, Therapy, and Prevention
  14. Nursing Students’ Attitudes towards COVID-19: Perceptions, Knowledge, and Preventive Behaviours
  15. New Steps to Control Coronavirus Spread.
  16. Healthcare Providers’ attitudes and Knowledge of COVID-19
  17. A review of healthcare student volunteers’ level of readiness for the Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus
  18. Device Notices Smell Loss Following COVID-19
  19. Children with Rare COVID-19 Complication Show Biomarkers
  20. Understanding COVID-19’s cognitive symptoms in older African Americans

Emergency Nursing Dissertation Topics

  1. Creating Cycles for Physicians in the Emergency Department
  2. Emergency rooms in hospitals and supply chain management
  3. Visiting the emergency room for treatment of an unexplained fever
  4. Teamwork and Moral Hazard: Emergency Department Evidence
  5. The Trauma Team at the Emergency Department
  6. Rapid treatment and a heavy patient load in the emergency room: Is staff quality important?
  7. Reducing Emergency Department Use for Primary Care
  8. Paediatric Emergency Department Pain Management
  9. How Has the Overcrowding in Emergency Departments Affected Stroke Patients?
  10. Insufficient staffing and capacity in the emergency room
  11. Collaboration Conference for Emergency Department Process Excellence
  12. Care in Geriatric Emergency Rooms
  13. Emergency Department Overload: Making Changes Despite Conflicting Input
  14. Angry Outbursts and Assault in the Emergency Room
  15. The effect of delays in the emergency nursing department
  16. An emergency room visit for an allergic reaction
  17. Informatics in Emergency Department Nursing
  18. An ethical dilemma facing an emergency department nurse
  19. The Impact of the Emergency Department on Healthcare
  20. Providing Secure and Top-Notch Healthcare in the Emergency Room

Ph.D. Nursing Dissertation Topics

  1. Investigating the function of drug addiction and psychosocial treatment in British jails
  2. Bringing attention to the problems and dangers associated with the clinical care of elderly patients in the intensive care unit.
  3. A vital public health study highlighting the effects of AIDS on society
  4. Examining public health initiatives in the United States of America to reduce childhood obesity
  5. Examining the value of integrating psychological and alternative therapies when treating mental health issues in youths in the United Kingdom
  6. Highlighting the importance and effects of workplace safety and health in UK medical clinics
  7. What steps should be taken immediately to prevent serious health issues when work-related stress is rising for adults?
  8. A comparison of the effects of secondhand smoke on public health in China and the United Kingdom
  9. A quantitative investigation into the hygienic practises in emerging nations.
  10. An elderly patient in the United Kingdom is the subject of a case study about the effects of improper acute pain management.
  11. What main factors contribute to cerebrovascular accidents that harm adult brain cells?
  12. Highlighting the value of community nursing in the UK for the care of older adults with dementia
  13. The role of WHO policies and methods in comprehending child development in the United Kingdom
  14. Examining the results of applying evidence-based nursing practise as role models in the UK.
  15. Comparing and contrasting the main environmental health concerns in the UK and the United States.
  16. Techniques for treating and caring for people with acute and chronic pain
  17. Managing older patients presents management difficulties in perception.
  18. Adaptive patient care strategies in adult critical care units
  19. The most effective treatment strategy for a patient with post-traumatic stress disorder.
  20. Self-assessments and decision-making by patients in surgical cases: management strategies

Community Nursing Dissertation Topics

  1. Community nursing services and senior outpatient care
  2. A key component of community nursing is evaluating children’s nutritional status.
  3. Integrated community nursing care provisions and their impact on personal health expenditures
  4. The practice of community nursing fosters health.
  5. General practitioners, nurses, social workers, and decision-makers collaborate in community nursing centres.
  6. Patients who require nursing care in the community after receiving surgery
  7. The value of community nursing in improving senior citizens’ quality of life
  8. Community nursing is utilised to provide care for older people with chronic illnesses.
  9. A comparison of the needs for healthcare and community nursing in various cities
  10. A review of the services that community nurses provide to pregnant women and new-born babies
  11. How community involvement affects participants’ daily life, self-perceptions, and social inclusion
  12. Seniors’ quality of life, ethical behaviour, and residential care homes
  13. To examine how current welfare philosophies and practises affect older people in Leicestershire.
  14. How well have older people with mental health issues been cared for in the community after being released from long-stay psychiatric clinics?
  15. Examining the connection between ethnicity and London’s community nursing facilities
  16. Food labelling and obesity prevention: Can it help with the nation’s obesity issues?
  17. Community nursing practice’s contribution to the promotion of health
  18. Leicestershire’s community nursing service and the health requirements of children
  19. Community nursing practises and challenges: A study of factors affecting older people’s quality of life

Pediatric Nursing Dissertation Topics

  1. A review of the paediatric nursing staff training typically provided by the UK’s National Health Service
  2. An examination of the challenges faced by nursing personnel in the UK as a result of incorrect diagnoses in the paediatric ward
  3. The effect of budgetary restrictions on the standard of paediatric nursing care in European neonatal wards
  4. Identifying typical barriers to doctor-nurse communication in a paediatric hospital in Europe, as well as mitigating measures
  5. A rigorous analysis of the elements affecting oral health issues in British school-aged children
  6. An evaluation of paediatric nursing practitioners’ knowledge and training in dealing with nephrotic syndrome in children
  7. An investigation into the paediatric nursing needs of kids receiving hemodialysis
  8. An analysis of the education and experience of paediatric nurses in providing care for children receiving chemotherapy
  9. The nursing staff’s duty in helping moms understands how to care for their children once they are released from the neonatal incubation phase.
  10. An analysis of the transmission of viral and infectious diseases among kids in the UK
  11. Examining the practice and knowledge of paediatric nursing experts in providing preoperative and post-operative nursing care for kids with intestinal blockage
  12. An analysis of nursing education programmes with regard to nursing care for leukemic youngsters
  13. Analysing how nursing education programmes affect the preparation of paediatric nursing professionals to help children manage their post-operative pain
  14. Comparing 2000 to 2020 in terms of paediatric nursing standards for dealing with autistic children
  15. Analysing the preparation of paediatric nurses to care for kids with neurological problems
  16. How can nursing education help nurses treat young patients with mental health problems brought on by peer pressure?
  17. Nurses who work in schools are educated to help children manage stress related to their education.
  18. Establishing a connection between the propensity for crime among orphan children raised in abusive environments
  19. Examining the negative effects of placing young children in nursing homes throughout their formative years
  20. What are the effects of increasing patient care duties for paediatric nurses?

Environmental Health Dissertation Topics

  1. Comparison of airborne influenza virus detection techniques using bioaerosol collection
  2. The impact of the type of heater on the CO2/CO2 concentrations in a farrowing barn
  3. Sulphate conjugates are metabolic indicators of 4-chlorobiphenyl (PCB3) inhalation exposure.
  4. Using GIS, we may examine how road variables affect crashes involving farm equipment.
  5. Porous polyurethane foam is used as a substrate for collecting particles in a nanoparticle respiratory deposition sampler.
  6. Employees of restaurants in college towns who are exposed to the loudness at work
  7. Injuries from certified safe farms to chronic illness
  8. Trends and traits in homicide and suicide among farmers and other agricultural workers, 1992–2010.
  9. Effect of Secondary Aspiration and Thin-walled Reference Sampling in Low-Velocity Conditions on Quantifying Uncertainty in Low-Velocity Human Aspiration Studies
  10. Clinical ophthalmologists’ measures of muscle activity vary.
  11. Dairy parlour workers’ pulmonary function was assessed during shift changes using a spirometer and exhaled nitric oxide.
  12. Evaluation of the reliability of the ratio between the concentrations of inhalable and “total” dust
  13. Limulus amoebocyte lysate test and bioaerosol exposure assessment
  14. A study of carbon nanotube exposure measurement techniques
  15. Examining worker exposure to inhalable dust in dairy parlours
  16. Impact of deposition of polydispersed particles on cyclone penetration for respirable gases
  17. Analyses of metal and sodium chloride aerosols with the DiSCmini personal aerosol sensor
  18. Evaluation and prevention of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus airborne transmission in outdoor settings and animal feeding operations
  19. Environmental health risks for communities who are socially disadvantaged
  20. investigating how control over working hours affects health 

Health Organisations Dissertation Topics

  1. How African-American males with prostate cancer fare in terms of oncologic outcomes in relation to health literacy
  2. Ethics and governance of parental use of patient portals for minors
  3. Do publicly accessible hospital charge schedules increase patient satisfaction among lower-income families?
  4. How policies governing tuition reimbursement affect rates of employee turnover and retention
  5. The best methods for handling situations after medical mistakes
  6. The influence of state legislation on medical malpractice insurance
  7. The ROI of professional development programmes that go above and beyond the minimum needs
  8. Promoting inclusive work environments with zero-tolerance policies
  9. Using technology tools to facilitate patient flow
  10. Difficulties identifying uncommon infectious diseases
  11. The impact of ER waiting time depends on the number of patients
  12. Best practices in ERs that only treat children
  13. How do telemedicine and extensive remote work impact the effectiveness of healthcare?
  14. How do medical cryptocurrencies affect the effectiveness of long-term treatments?
  15. The case of Palantir Foundry in the NHS: data privacy and cybersecurity in healthcare contexts
  16. How do 5G technologies affect healthcare provision and remote medical consultation?
  17. How effective is e-learning in healthcare contexts, and what are the related challenges?
  18. Technology has permanently changed the healthcare industry. Has it, however, also contributed to a noticeable escalation in malpractice claims?
  19. Offering assistance and advice to carers of senior dementia patients. An emphasis on contemporary technology.
  20. What effects will an increase in emergency room patient volume have?

Geriatric / Older adults nursing Dissertation Topics

  1. Analysing the impact of social support networks on older patients’ health outcomes.
  2. Examining the prevalence of and treatment options for urine incontinence in the elderly.
  3. Looking into the incidence and treatment of malnutrition in elderly patients.
  4. Examining how geriatric nurse practitioners affect older individuals’ access to healthcare.
  5. How carer assistance programmes affect the happiness of older individuals’ family carers
  6. Investigating how older persons manage their many drugs and the difficulties they face.
  7. How does geriatric patients’ mental health relate to their social isolation?
  8. Analysing geriatric patients’ responses to multidisciplinary care approaches.
  9. What opportunities and obstacles exist for telehealth application in geriatric care following COVID?
  10. How have gaps in senior patients’ access to care and treatment results been affected by the pandemic?
  11. Examining how carer education programmes affect the health of older individuals’ family carers.
  12. Examining the needs and experiences of senior citizens residing in long-term care institutions.
  13. The function of geriatric assessment instruments in enhancing medical results
  14. What are the most successful tactics for encouraging older individuals’ trust in and use of the COVID-19 vaccine?
  15. Researching the causes of older patients’ non-adherence to their treatment regimens.
  16. The part geriatric nurses play in encouraging older persons to take their medications as prescribed.
  17. Examining the incidence and treatment of delirium in elderly hospital patients.
  18. Examining practical fall prevention techniques for older people.
  19. What elements affect older patients’ non-adherence to medication?
  20. Analysing the effects of interventions in transitional care on senior patients’ hospital readmission rates.

Obstetrical / Prenatal Nursing Dissertation Topics

  1. Acarbose’s function in treating gestational diabetes mellitus
  2. Term oligohydramnios perinatal outcome
  3. Comparison of the effectiveness of oxytocin and syntometrine in the active management of the third stage of labour
  4. Induction of labour: Foley’s catheter versus prostaglandin E2 Gel
  5. Comparison of the effectiveness of drotaverine hydrochloride and valethamate bromide on cervical dilatation in active labour
  6. Prevalence of subclinical hypothyroidism in reproductive-age women with abnormal uterine bleeding
  7. Prediction of pre-eclampsia in high-risk pregnancies using mid-trimester serum beta-HCG validity
  8. Studying the effects of previous spontaneous abortions on pregnancy
  9. In meconium-stained amniotic fluid, the perinatal outcome
  10. A second stage partogram’s impact on obstetric outcomes is evaluated
  11. Study of the perinatal fate of the second twin’s CT scan’s eclampsia-related findings
  12. Effect of screening and treatment for asymptomatic bacteriuria on maternal and foetal outcomes
  13. The prevalence and patterns of congenital abnormalities
  14. C reactive protein levels and the association between periodontitis and premature labour
  15. Advanced ovarian cancer tumour eradication with and without neoadjuvant chemotherapy
  16. Obstetric complications brought on by obesity: maternal and foetal outcomes
  17. An analysis of emergency obstetric hysterectomy cases during the last ten years
  18. Maternal and foetal outcomes in pregnancy-related rheumatic heart disease
  19. study of the effects of different postures on labour outcomes
  20. the results of 4000 consecutive caesarean sections in terms of maternal and neonatal health

Palliative care/ Hospice care Nursing Dissertation topics

  1. An examination of the UK’s nursing professionals who work in palliative care’s specialised nursing education and training
  2. Research on the difficulties faced by nurses caring for patients in palliative care and the impact it has on their own lives
  3. An examination of how hospice training for nursing staff is assisting in reducing burnout among palliative care patients in the UK
  4. An understanding of the role of empathy in end-of-life care nursing and how maintaining a long-standing connection with the patient is beneficial
  5. A vital viewpoint on the aims of families and patients receiving palliative care from the standpoint of nursing professionals
  6. An investigation into the competencies that nurses working in hospice and palliative care departments must possess or learn
  7. An examination of emotional attachment problems between nursing staff and patients receiving palliative care in the UK
  8. An examination of the education and training of nurses who provide palliative care to people with infectious disorders
  9. Examining the range of palliative care that nurses can offer to patients who are terminally ill and contagious
  10. Research on the additional education and work that nursing staff must put in to care for palliative care patients who have hearing impairments
  11. A critical examination of the strategies and protocols that nursing professionals should adhere to when providing palliative care
  12. Palliative care nursing programmes in the UK and the USA are compared.
  13. An examination of how UK nursing professionals deal with the emotional pain of a palliative patient’s informal carer
  14. Investigating the role of nursing staff in preventing palliative patients from choosing euthanasia
  15. An examination of how education and training might change palliative care trends from general to particular care situations
  16. Examining nursing professionals’ opinions on patients receiving palliative care and their families goals.
  17. A critical analysis of the changes and advancements in the methods and procedures that nurses must follow when providing palliative care
  18. An exploratory study on how UK nursing professionals handle the emotional pain of a palliative patient’s informal carer
  19. An analysis of the specialised nursing education and training received by UK nursing practitioners working in palliative care
  20. An analysis of how education and training have affected the transition of palliative care trends from general to specialised care settings

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