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250+ Nursing  Dissertations Topics and Ideas

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A nursing dissertation is a crucial step toward academic success. It helps in contributing valuable insights to the healthcare field. However, selecting the right topic for your nursing dissertation is challenging and daunting for almost every student.

In this blog, we will delve into 450+ nursing dissertation topics. The topics include mental health dissertations, critical care nursing dissertation topics for college and high school nursing students, and many more. They will help resonate with your interests and contribute to the broader healthcare discourse.

 dissertation topics

An Overview of Nursing Dissertation Topics

A dissertation allows you to present your findings in response to a question or topic that they choose for themselves. So, it is a matter of in-depth research and time. In the case of a nursing dissertation, students get less time to research nursing dissertation slants, which leads to an unsuccessful dissertation. There is a huge importance in choosing the right nursing dissertation topic.

Let’s have a look at the importance of choosing the right nursing dissertation topics in nursing:

A dissertation showcases your research prowess in the nursing profession. It reflects your expertise, interests, and commitment to advancing healthcare practices. A well-chosen topic helps you make meaningful contributions to the nursing field. Here is the reason why choosing the right research paper topics is important:

  1. Enhance Personal Interest:

Select a topic that resonates with your interest and passion throughout the research process. If you genuinely like a topic, you will be interested in researching it in depth.

  • A Contribution to the Field

A well-chosen dissertation topic has the potential to advance nursing knowledge and practice significantly. It develops knowledge about health and the promotion of health over the full lifespan, Care of persons with health problems and disabilities, and nursing actions to enhance the ability of individuals to respond effectively to actual or potential health problems. When you understand the gap, you can research more based on theoretical knowledge. A dissertation is the practical knowledge of a nursing career.

  • Innovative Opportunities:

Exploring novel research questions, methodologies, and interventions can contribute to the development of innovative practices and solutions within the healthcare industry. Working on dissertations can also provide knowledge of innovation and creativity.

  • The Impact on Patient Care:

Nursing is related to the quality of patient care. While working on nursing dissertation topics, you will be able to address real-world challenges. Nursing is more of a contribution to evidence-based practice to enhance the delivery of patient-centered care.

  • Reflection on Your Career Goals:

Dissertation topics are mostly related to specialization. So, choosing the right topic that aligns with your career goals reflects your expertise. You will be able to develop a deeper understanding of concepts and emerging trends that align with your chosen field of study.

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How to Choose a Nursing Dissertation Topic?

A dissertation is a crucial step in the nursing journey. It provides hands-on experience while researching it. So, selecting the right topic for your dissertation is important. There are a few factors to consider when choosing a topic:

  1. Focus on your interest.
  2. Choose a topic that is relevant to your career goals.
  3. The topic which is relevant to your field of study
  4. Sufficient literature and reviews available related to the topic 
  5. Try to contribute knowledge to the nursing industry through the dissertation.

Empower Your Research with Our Intriguing Nursing Dissertation Topics

Scour through our remarkable archive of nursing dissertation topics for inspiration, or select your own effectively. Ranging from healthcare policy analysis to patient care methodologies, our interesting and excellent topics cover diverse aspects of nursing research to ignite your academic curiosity and drive.

Nursing Dissertation Example

Check This Nursing Dissertation Example

View Sample

A List of Nursing Dissertation Topics and Ideas 

Technology in Nursing

  • Artificial intelligence in decision-making and resource allocation in healthcare management
  • Implementation of blockchain in the healthcare industry
  • The Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) in the Healthcare industry
  • The Impact of Breastfeeding on Infant and Maternal well being
  •  How nurses are securing health care management by utilizing tools
  • The usage of surgical tools through 3D printing technologies in pediatric nursing
  • Medical imaging analysis in community nursing services
  • The Effect of evidence-based recommendations on the healthcare industry
  • The contribution of 3D printing in personalized nursing solutions
  • Write an in-depth research paper on technological intervention systems.

Current Nursing Topics

  • How technological intervention is promoting the well-being and mental illness of a patient
  • The importance of medical records in community nursing practice
  •  Evaluation of the impact of clinical records during COVID-19
  •  Research on the difference between healthcare data analytics and healthcare informatics
  • The extended picture of green human resources management
  • The impact of leadership management of nurses in rural and sub-city areas
  • The training of nurses in the primary health care service delivery
  • A case study on acute and chronic pain management
  • The effects of workplace stress on nurse
  • How to take care of nurse well-being and performance?
  • The effect of psychotropic medications on chronic pain management

Management in Nursing

  •  How nurses are handling chronic pain management
  • The treatment and interventions required to manage chronic pain
  • An interpersonal model of pain management of pregnant women
  • Is there any link between chronic pain and music therapy? Justify it
  • Research paper on different dementia patients in the USA
  • The role of nurses in decision-making with dementia patients
  • The impact of various stakeholders -patients, providers, and organizations
  • Research on the return of community nursing in the modern era
  • Description of the importance of spiritual awareness with adult nurses

Mental Health & Nursing

  • Why extra care is needed for adult patients who are suffering from traumatic factors
  • Identify the stress level of nurses in traumatic care.
  • Do nurses also face traumas?
  • Research on the different nursing models and their implementations
  • The cultural competencies that USA nurses are facing
  • The Impact of evidence-based practice in nursing patients suffering from AIDS
  • The effect of nurse and patient communication on the patient’s mind
  • The connection between technology and nursing
  • The result of technology-based practices and patient satisfaction
  • An in-detail comparison of different public health policies

Pregnancy Care and Nursing

  • The emerging situation of labor pain
  • How to take care of the diet of a pregnant woman?
  • Why pregnant women’s mental health is important, and how to take care of their mental health during pregnancy?
  • The impact of staffing practice of adult nurses in the USA
  • The challenges of clergy mental health
  • Bureaucracy, poor administrative support, and difficult work conditions- how nurses are supporting them through health care?
  • Research paper on preventive Care and its popularity
  • Visitors’ permission in the critical care unit- justify your opinion.
  • Nurses’ critical judgment on the cardiac attack of patients in the USA
  • Post-traumatic patient treatment with effective treatment strategy

Adult Care Nursing

  • The best strategies for adult patients in the critical care unit
  • Research on the management of older patient management difficulties
  • The role of community nurses in the USA
  • Suicide among farmers is getting common- why
  • Write a dissertation on the services provided by US nurses for cancer patients.
  • How nurses control their stress level in the emergency room
  • The analysis of healthcare risk for a better future
  • Patients with dementia- Role of the nurses working in dementia unit

Nursing and the Various Roles

  • The effect of taking medication at the proper time every day- nurses’ role in it
  • Professional Behaviour in the Critical Care Unit
  • Does music therapy really work for drug abuse?
  •  Is it possible to balance work-life in nursing?
  • How do nurses care caring patients in relieving pain?
  •  How can you evaluate diversity in health care?
  • Role of nurses in patient care education
  • Nurses role on cerebrovascular accidents that harm adult brain cells
  • Community nursing practice in the USA for older patients
  • Holistic nursing process to increase clinical reasoning

Pediatric Nursing Dissertation Paper Topics

  • The oral health of children and a nurses’ contribution to it
  • How can nurses take care of those children suffering from gum pain?
  • Research on STEM cell solutions for pediatric nursing
  • What is the emotional stage of those nurses while they are in critical situations in their personal lives?
  • Strategies to maintain a good emotional stage in nurses
  • Proper treatment of skincare for newborn babies
  • How to maintain hygiene for newborn babies
  • The role of nurses while patients are suffering from pregnancy-induced hypertension
  • Research on the role of nurses in case of malnutrition in older adults

Good Nursing Topics

  • How should nurses treat Alzheimer’s patients?
  • Is there any gap between male and female healthcare professionals?
  • Research on ADHD management strategies
  • Thesis paper on mirror therapy post-surgery
  • The evaluation of chemical and non-chemical pain treatment for post-surgery patients
  • Research on the pain management strategies in cancer patients
  • Nursing role in ER management
  • Why skill development like leadership is required in nursing?
  •  Effective Remote Care in the Future of Nursing
  • Is it possible to be a physician after doing nursing?
  • How nurses can work on enhancing staff relations in healthcare
  • Sleep Disorder in the Life Cycle of Nurses
  •  Immediate decision-making for a sudden accidental injury

Nursing Dissertation Topics to Get Started

  • Pain Management and Its Clinical Practice
  • Spirituality and religion in pain and the major aspects of pain management into it
  • The detailed analysis of burn pain management and the routines with its protocols
  • The strategies of nurses in management
  • Understanding the issues and risks in the clinical management of patients with prostate cancer
  • What is the contribution of clinical management and psychosocial treatment of drug dependence in prison settings?
  • The Importance of Alzheimer’s Patients’ Palliative Care
  • Focus on the aspects that are lacking for occupational health concerns in developing countries’ hospitals.
  • The role of environmental health nurses in breast cancer screening in the USA
  • Write an essay on the health risks of health workers.

Community Nursing Dissertation Topics

  • Nurses involvement in community nursing with the challenges and culturally sensitive approaches
  • The role of community health nursing in caring for refugees and immigrants
  • The contribution of community health nursing to global health initiatives
  • Effective strategies for addressing the health needs of LGBTQ+ communities
  • The impact of community nursing in caring for individuals with disabilities.
  • Nurses and health promotion in case of healthy workplace, burnout, stress
  • The significance of community health nursing in community-based interventions for occupational health.
  • What is the impact of community-based interventions on environmental health outcomes?
  • Explain the role of community nursing in addressing global health disparities.
  • How community nursing is controlling infectious diseases in low-income communities
  • In-depth analysis of the project of addressing the global health needs of vulnerable populations
  • Effective nursing strategies for community nursing in community-based interventions for elder Care

Nursing Dissertation Topics Critical Care

  • Examine the impact of nurse-led practices on accidental cases.
  • Research on the significance of timing and decision-making in critical Care unit
  • A literary overview of the last five years’ critical nursing analysis
  • The role of nurses working in a critical care unit for an individual older than 60 years
  • How should a nurse handle the situation of child patient death?
  • Research on different pain assessment tools for critically ill patients
  • Male vs. female Patient care in ICU
  • Do pain management strategies work for heart patients?
  • Research on the nursing strategies for preventing ventilator-associated incidents in the intensive care unit
  • Explain the challenges and difficulties nurses face in critical care.

COVID-19 Medicine and Nursing Research Topics

  • Proper assessment of the impact of covid 19 on pediatric patients and identifying the roles of pediatric nursing education for mental support of those children
  • Nurses and medical staff worked as ‘angles’ and ‘heroes’- A critical investigation on it.
  • Scars of COVID-19- An In-depth Analysis of Nursing Practices
  • What was the contribution of nurses during the time of COVID-19?
  • Nurses play a significant role in hospitals. How did they balance their personal life?
  • Australian nurses under investigation are appealing for an end to violence, sanitizer theft, and mask theft-why?
  • An essay on USA elderly homes and the coronavirus
  • Explore and evaluate emergency Coronavirus recommendations for nurses and medical staff globally.
  • Nurses and medical experts help parents and children overcome their mental health issues during a COVID crisis- How?
  • An Investigation of USA healthcare professionals’ experiences of working during coronavirus
  • The psychological approach of child inpatients suffering from COVID-19
  • Exploring the ethical dilemmas faced by healthcare professionals during COVID-19: Establishing policies for best practice.

Evidence-Based Practice Nursing Dissertation Topics

  • The leadership roles of nurses in an emergency department
  • Evidence-based guidelines in emergency pregnant women
  • Nursing leadership in providing medical services in the intensive care unit
  • Emergency decision-making on utilizing oxygen for palliative Care: nasal cannula vs. masks
  • Prepare research papers on how to treat drunk patients
  • The proper nursing practice on heart failure discharge and readmission rates
  • The effectiveness of stress reduction for those patients who are suffering from mental health problems
  • Nursing practice on aromatherapy to manage agitation in patients with dementia patients
  • Nurses’ contribution to the reconciliation of medication errors and adverse drug events
  • What are the obstacles to Evidence-based practice for New Nurses?
  • The effectiveness of music therapy to manage pain in post-operative patients
  • Step-by-step guide on SNAP participation linked to dietary patients

Elderly Patients Nursing Dissertation Topics

  • The effectiveness of nurses for elderly patients
  •  How to analyse patient outcomes in this fast-paced environment?
  • What is the mental health condition of senior citizens staying in old age homes?
  • Developing effective nursing strategies for geriatric healthcare decision-making
  • The effectiveness of social Interaction on the cognitive Function of Older Adults
  • Depression in senior citizens was the most common mental health problem in almost all developing countries- why?
  •  What is the mental health service provision for nurses who are working in senior patients’ intensive care units?
  • Researching the causes of older patients’ non-adherence to their treatment regimens
  • Essay on the educational programs that affect the health of older individuals’ family carers
  • Depression, substance abuse, dementia, anxiety, frequent mental distress, and suicide- how mental health nurses are working on it?
  • Research paper on mental health counseling on the senior citizens in the USA who stay alone
  • Essay on the examination of the incidence and treatment of delirium in elderly hospital patients

Children’s Health Nursing Dissertation Topics

  •  Understanding of social cognitive theory and the promotion of health-related behaviors among child
  • The significance of taking Care of the mental health of a child
  • Let them fly through tech support- A in-depth research analysis for the special child
  • Diagnosis and Medication for those special children having mental health problems
  • How should the world treat especially disabled children?
  • A nurse’s guidance to a new mother on how to take Care of an infant
  • What is separation anxiety? How is it affecting a child’s mental health?
  • Heavy breathing, shaking, and high level of heart rate- explain panic disorders in your own words
  • Children’s Mental Disorders
  • Why is basic nursing education required while taking Care of a child?
  • Exploring the application of health promotion and palliative care in children.
  • How are mental health nurses contributing to child health nursing?

Nursing Dissertation Topics for College

  • The impact of antibiotics on childhood
  • Pollution and its effects on children
  • The ethical consideration of nursing practice
  • How to maintain authenticity and integrity in nursing practices
  • How should a nurse treat patients suffering from mental illness?
  • What is pain management and its impact?
  • Factors affecting nurses in taking Care of public health
  • Vaccination and its importance
  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion in nursing- explain,
  • Challenges of public health nursing education
  • What are the occupational health concerns? explain in detail
  • The power of nurses in managing palliative and end-of-life care in the ICU

Nursing Dissertation Topics for High School Students

  • What are the basic considerations of being a nurse?
  • How would to like to work on promoting mental health?
  • Important nursing aspects to keep in mind while working for public health
  • The Future of Nursing
  •  Eligibility criteria to consider to be a hard-working nurse
  • What is pediatric nursing?
  • If you get a nursing job, how would you like to treat mental health patients?
  • Essay on Child Health Nursing and its impact on rural areas
  • Why mental health counselling is required for depressed individuals?

50+ Nursing Dissertation Topic Ideas for Smooth Writing

  • How to provide a quality of life to mother and newborn
  • A logical explanation of how dopamine levels relate to autism
  • Developing the leadership potential in nurses- Involve in skill development.
  • The role of nurses in post-traumatic stress disorder prevention
  • The contribution of nurses who are supporting young starts for their positive mental health
  • The difficulties nurses in the USA encounter when working with female sexual abuse victims
  •  How to care for mental health patients softly and gently?
  • Which are the programs to teach nurses about combating the coronavirus pandemic
  • How do nursing staff handle mental illness? What is their state of mind to handle them?
  • Private and national healthcare systems in the USA
  • Challenges nurses are facing in dementia care
  • Overview of critical care nursing practices
  • A comparative study of community nursing and health care needs in addressing health disparities.
  • Why patient satisfaction is needed for the nursing journey?
  • The value of patient safety in the medical industry
  •  How nurses and hospital staff maintain the quality of life
  • Critical access hospital legislation and its impact on developed and developing countries
  • The value of nurses in the USA for intensive Care
  • Describe the roles of nurses for a heart failure patient in the primary healthcare setting.
  • Nurses’ long-term support for the blind young stars
  •  Why do older adults need extra care?
  • The future of the health care industry
  • How do health workers balance their personal lives through working 24*7?
  • Government nursing training for pediatric patients
  • The challenges nurses are facing due to wrong diagnoses of pediatric patients
  • Describe the barriers to doctor and nurse communication in the mental health unit.
  • Nephrotic syndrome in children – how nurses treat such matters?
  • Hemodialysis and children- pediatric nurses’ role
  • Research on the education of pediatric nurses in managing the pain of those children receiving chemotherapy
  • Chemotherapy of a child and his mental state- how to take care of it?
  • The duty of nursing staff to understand the mothers of those children released from the neonatal incubation phase
  • Child health nursing care of children post-surgery
  • Trauma care unit in the emergency department
  •  The knowledge of pediatric nursing care for post-operative nursing care for kids
  • An analysis of child health nursing facing Issues with intestinal blockage
  • Examine the mental effects of those children facing neurological problems.
  • A critical examination of the strategies and protocols that nursing staff are following in the burn unit
  • Why teamwork is required in the emergency department?
  • Research on the roles of nurses in reducing childhood obesity
  • The different perspective of managing older patients and young stars – the contribution of nursing staff
  • The role of supply chain management in the emergency rooms in hospitals
  • How nurses, doctors, and medical staff died to provide care to the patients
  • Is the quality of staff important while a heavy patient load is there in the emergency unit?
  • How will nurses take care of a patient who is suffering from unexplained fever?
  • The need to reduce emergency department usage for primary Care
  • Pain management methods in the pediatric department
  • Is it true that overcrowding the emergency department affects heart patients? Justify
  • Smell loss happened in Covid-19. Does the same thing happen with normal fever? justify
  • Healthcare Service Providers contribution during COVID-19
  • The major role of midwife in the current healthcare system
  • The impact of empathy in critical care nursing
  • Write on the ethical considerations of nursing practice.
  • Communication between nurse and patient in the surgical unit
  • Why patient satisfaction is required after every surgery?
  • How should a nurse communicate with the family members of the patient who’s dead?
  • A study of different approaches to the different perceptions of birth control
  • The roles of midwives in maternal Care after delivery
  •  How nurses can promote sexual and reproductive health for women in the USA
  •  Write different perspectives on registered nurses’ education, experience, and job satisfaction.
  • How is evidence-based nursing going to affect our Future?
  • Nurses roles in the evaluation while giving painkillers to patients
  • What are the misconceptions nurses have about evidence-based practice?
  • Write the concept of the commitment to patient advocacy in nursing.
  • How should nurses handle cultural sensitivity and awareness?
  • The competencies of nurses and medical staff in different emergencies
  • How do nurses handle the complaints from adult patients?


Selecting the right nursing dissertation topic is a crucial step toward academic and professional development. Choose a topic according to your interest, available resources, and field of study so that you can showcase your passion for nursing. Nursing contributes to the advancement of healthcare practices. With the right guidance and support from, you will definitely be able to achieve a good score.

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