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50 Topics to Get Started with Your Due Nursing Dissertation

User Ethan Martin time17 March,2018

Dissertations are like Mondays. Most of the people don’t find them interesting. They take forever to end (figuratively), and you no matter how much you hate them, you can’t avoid them for long. Whether you are currently pursuing an engineering course or enrolled at a nursing program, you must agree to the fact that drafting a dissertation is one of the most daunting tasks that the students need to perform in their academic curriculum. And if you are not told which topic to work on, the situation just becomes worse than it already is.

Nursing Dissertation

Most of the academic institutes believe that enabling the students to choose the dissertation topics on their own may help them perform better, but unfortunately, it burdens the students with the additional responsibility to choose the right topic for their dissertation papers. For nursing students, who are grinding themselves studying the subject both theoretically and practically, picking a fresh topic for the dissertation paper is not exactly a cakewalk.

The idea of choosing your own dissertation topic may seem liberating, but, a number of factors you need to consider before deciding the final topic. Since the paper will be graded, you can just write the paper on any random topic and expect higher marks. Ideally, one should pick a topic that covers the interest of the reader (the instructing professor) as well as the paper writer (you). Also, you need to be absolutely certain that the topic you are choosing is relevant and deals with an issue where you have the scope to find something new.

If you are not able to find the right topic for the due nursing paper, don’t panic. Here’s a list of some amazing suggestions that can help you get started on your next nursing dissertation paper.

  1. How can the nurses develop a proper environment in the hospitals to treat the elderly people?
  2. The challenges of treating the injury of a diabetic patient.
  3. What measures should be taken by a nurse during extreme weather at the hospital?
  4. Effective ways to reduce the stress levels of a teenager in the hospital environment
  5. The challenges of returning to the nursing profession after a long break
  6. The effectiveness of nursing models in various conditions
  7. Which services should be ideal for private nursing?
  8. Determining the means of nutrition improvement at the old-age homes.
  9. Does the appearance of a nursing professional have any influence on the service she/he offers?
  10. Identifying the responsibilities of a nurse while treating a patient with Cancer
  11. The role of psychological skills in the nursing practice
  12. The common traumatic factors in professional nursing
  13. The influence of housing conditions in the recovery of a patient at home
  14. How does a person bridge the gap between nursing theory and nursing practice?
  15. How should a nursing professional cope with the fear while practicing at a correctional home?
  16. What steps should be taken while taking care of a difficult patient who is suffering from mental illness?
  17. How does a nurse’s behavior influence the recovery of the patient?
  18. Can the nurses improve the image of hospital-based care on a large scale?
  19. The effective ways of dealing with food refusal of the elderly people
  20. The factors responsible for burnout in the field of psychiatric nursing and ways to deal with it
  21. Do the people with good intuitions make better nursing professional?
  22. The challenges of non-verbal communication while dealing with a special category of patients
  23. The significance of complementary therapies in the management of Schizophrenia
  24. What is the influence of sexual orientation on preference for a same-sex advisor?
  25. Do the Asthma self-management programs function better when the family of the sufferer is involved?
  26. The effectiveness of telephonic consultation in primary care
  27. A comparative study of trained nurses with other hospital staff on the basis of the degree of empathy experienced by the patients
  28. Does listening to the content of “head voices” help in managing a Schizophrenic patient?
  29. A study on the value of family therapy for adolescents with eating disorders
  30. Should nurses be allowed to prescribe medicine?
  31. The role of parents in the care of a child with congenital heart disease
  32. The influence of client-centered approach on the users of mental health services
  33. The evolution of HIV/AIDS care over the years
  34. Identifying the impact of laughter therapy on holistic health
  35. The challenges in the care of a patient with Alzheimer
  36. The role of decision making abilities in the nursing profession
  37. The challenges of balancing work and life of a nursing professional
  38. Identifying the difference between kind and caring in nursing
  39. The significance of the interaction between nurse and physician during emergency
  40. The current scenario of pain management in pediatric nursing
  41. The challenges of treating a child who has lost his parents recently
  42. The emotional challenges of losing a patient
  43. The significance of in-house child health nursing facilities in private schools
  44. How to manage depression among younger children?
  45. What measures should be taken while treating an elderly person in extreme weather?
  46. How does nursing professionals cope with work-related stress?
  47. Handling social problems faced by a patient with Parkinson’s
  48. The nursing requirements for the care of an autistic child
  49. The importance of a nurse as an assistant to a medical practitioner
  50. Describing the conceptual model of critical care nursing

Dissertation paper writing can become a lot easier if the dissertation writer is confident about the topic at hand. If you find some of these topic suggestions interesting, you can evaluate them based on your knowledge and the scope of exploration. Also, ensure that there’s enough information available on the topic that you decide.

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