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A List of 100+ Business Law Paper Topics

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From wearing seatbelts while driving being a mandate to legal age for drinking, we are bound by law. With 1.3 million lawyers in the US, it can safely be assumed that the field has not lost its importance.

Businesses are also bound by various legal rules and regulations. Needless to say, corporate lawyers play a significant role in helping businesses overcome major legal problems. The subject, business law, takes into account the various principles and set of regulations necessary to control business operations.

Business law papers are used to evaluate a student’s understanding of the subject and help them climb the academic ladder. Choosing the right business law topics for a research paper is crucial in the process of writing these papers.

We understand how you get lost when asked to choose a topic for your paper. So, to help you avoid the hassles and find various business law paper topics at one place, we have curated a list of more than a hundred topics to write a paper for business law in this post.

Tips to Choose a Perfect Business Law Paper Topic

Most students make the mistake of selecting a topic that is complicated just to impress the professor. Now, it is impossible to score well in the papers if you fail to comprehend a topic. There are many business law research paper topics available online, and you need to know the best ways to choose a perfect one for college paper writing. Here are a few tips for choosing business law paper topics:

  • Choose a topic you are interested in
  • Narrow down the topic to something manageable
  • Go through the guidelines for topic selection
  • Refer to class notes and texts to refresh your knowledge
  • Discuss research ideas with your friends
  • Analyse who, what, when, where, and why questions

Selecting a business law paper topic will be much easier once you start following these tips. You will be able to craft a perfect paper if you have a topic that interests you. But where to find one?

Get all the best business law paper topics here.

Let’s get started!

Top Business Law Paper Topics for Exam

Understanding the applications and interpretations of contract law in corporate deals

An insight into the significance of copyrights and trademarks in business deals

An analysis of the role of business organisations in relation to business law

Legalising advertisements: An insight into online advertisements and its compliance with the law

An analysis of the law of contracts concerning verbal and non-verbal agreements

How contract law plays an important role in learning corporate transactions?

A deep dive into legal positivism and natural law in business

Copyright acts in the US and India: A comparison

A discussion on the differences and similarities between copyrights, patents and trademarks

A discussion on ratified treaties and general rules

Best Business Law Paper Topics

Critically analysing the Anti-trust law

Discussing how contract law can establish a legal obligation

Understanding the significance of intellectual property laws

Advantages and disadvantages of custodians in the banking business

Understanding the reasons a country’s business law differs from another

Comparing the most important business laws

A discussion on the role of business law

A look into the common malpractices business owners get involved with

Identifying the law regulating the peaceful environment in workplace

Evaluating the Companies Act, 2006 and the UK Corporate Governance Code

Highlighted Business Law Paper Topics

Understanding the impact of business law on commercial transactions and licensing

A comparison between two landmark copyright infringement cases with respect to the United States

A discussion on the laws one must comply with while doing business in the UK

An insight into the Anti-trust law

Critically analysing the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)

How do government laws and regulations affect business organisations?

A deep dive into Age Discrimination as stated in Employment Act, 1967

A discussion of the laws that can be applied to international business

An insight into the business laws that all Singapore-based companies must know and abide by

Critically evaluating the business laws in India

Exclusive Business Law Paper Topics

Understanding if the concept of barring is beneficial in Anti-Trust laws

A deep dive into Abercrombie and racial discrimination

A look into the ways to deal with and treat workplace accidents

Approved action programme

An insight into the Age Discrimination Act and how it is important

Understanding the various ways to apply Age Discrimination Act in the workplace

A deep dive into the application of censorship with respect to

A look into sexual harassment legislation and its applications in companies

Finding the best ways to identify bankruptcy fraud

Understanding the concept of collective bargaining

Good Business Law Paper Topics

Developing countries and provisions of judges: How business law is getting corrupted?

A discussion on the ways a country’s immigration law affects the businesses in that country

Understanding the differences between a business negotiation and litigation

A look into the concept of mediation with respect to business law

A discussion on the various types of mediation and their application in business

An overview of contract laws concerning their application in non-verbal and verbal communication

A discussion on the significance of employment law as a driver of business growth

A look into the ways of running a new business effectively

Advantages and disadvantages of tort reform

A critical discussion on the concept of product liability

High-Quality Business Law Paper Topics

An understanding of an Executive’s judicial norms and its impact on business legislation

An application of the doctrine of separation on commercial law

Understanding the ways the High Court and the Court of Appeal handle business malpractices

Critically analysing the ADR principles with respect to legal business battles

A discussion on trademark infringement

Understanding the ways to justify an illegal use of a trademark

Should penalties be applied to smokers?

Understanding if piracy can affect an organisation’s profit

Listing the ways to evaluate the legal methods to look over gambling websites

A critical analysis of the importance of Trademark and Copyright rights

Business Law Paper Topics You Can’t Avoid

Analysing the Sarbanes Oxley Whistle-blowers

A look into the Sarbanes Oxley Act, 2002

An overview of the Fairbanks Capital Corporations and the Schlosser

Understanding the functions of alternative dispute resolutions in businesses

A look into the ways cooperative societies form business laws

Critically analysing if business law is sufficient to handle cybercrime

An insight into the defamation law and its application in the business sector

Understanding if it is necessary to involve employees in developing business law

An evaluation of the methods to solve breach of business agreement

Who should be held responsible if there’s a breach of contract?

Some More Business Law Paper Topic Ideas

A list of steps to be taken in order to avoid sabotage of commercial legislation

Understanding how succession laws affect businesses

An insight into the changes made in business law

A deep dive into Penal Code and Business law

Understanding how consistency influences commercial law on a global scale

A deep dive into the disabilities and features of business law

A look into the business law origin

An explanation of the exceptions of a recruitment purchase deal

Understanding the ways international business and transportation law affects businesses

Understanding if property law can affect business organisations

Final List of Business Law Paper Topics

Understanding the functions of the oversight committee for fraud detection in bankruptcy cases

A discussion on the legal ramification for excluding a few businesses from anti-trust law

Penalising employees at work: Is it necessary?

Understanding the procedures and impact of the current legal system on small businesses

A look into the best ways to keep the company solvent by avoiding lay-off

Understanding the role of private lobbyists in representing the company’s interest and influencing politics

A discussion on the stress small and mid-size companies face when they partner with big companies

A critical analysis of the ways rules for apartment buildings affect legally

A deep dive into the organisational crisis management

Understanding the significance on business ethics

List of Trending Business Law Paper Topics

Understanding the pros and cons of sole proprietorship

Understanding if an increase in wages can boost productivity

An insight into the ways social media is affecting modern-day business

A deep dive into how advice plays a significant role in driving a company’s sales revenue

Understanding the impact of economy on trade wars in a country

Job guarantee affects employee’s work rates: Do you agree?

How war affects businesses?

Understanding if a company can earn profit as a result of war

A look into the ways to handle conflicts in workplace

How organisational culture affects employee morale?

Job expansion guarantees employee motivation: Do you agree?

Understanding the aftermath if a company’s design, production, and sales departments are aligned

Controversial Business Law Paper Topics

Businesses must provide paternity leaves for fathers: Do you agree?

Analysing the meaning of tort reforms

Tort reform can provide more protection to small businesses: Agree or disagree?

Can applying penalties limit bad human behaviour in the workplace?

Understanding how contract law plays an important role in business transactions

An insight into the role of legislature in interpreting contracts

The role of business entity in commercial law

Analysing commercial law connotations

An insight into business law’s impact on licensing and commercial transactions

A look into the function of business wills to ease business law transactions

To end with,

Business law covers a lot of aspects of business, and one has to be well-versed with each section to grab the right opportunities in the future. Academics have to prove themselves, and business law assignment & essays play a significant role in the process. Choosing a topic becomes crucial in each of these tasks. So, refer to the topics listed above to ease the process and write a perfect law research paper.

Discover: Diverse Business Law Topics

Receive high-quality, original papers, free from AI-generated content.


Most Frequently Asked Questions By Students

1.What are the topics under business law?

The basic topics or areas covering business law are:

  • Contract and Tort law
  • EU rights
  • Contemporary issues in business
  • Business and financial information
  • Legal systems
  • Legal research and writing
  • Immigration law
  • Cyberlaw
  • Business ethics

2.What is the main act in business law?

You will come across a lot of acts when you start studying business law. However, the Contract Act is considered to be one of the most crucial ones in business law. It is impossible to handle business law problems if you don’t understand all about contracts and the law regulating the same.

3.Which subject is the best for law or business law?

There are many things to understand in business law. You have to know how businesses operate and how law plays a major role in their daily operations. Here’s a look into the common subjects of business law:

  • Contract law/ Commercial laws
  • Company law
  • Competition law
  • Laws of arbitration and international arbitration
  • Banking laws
  • Insurance laws
  • Labour laws
  • Taxation laws

4.How many chapters are there in business law?

Business law is not restricted to a specific number of chapters. There are close to 266 sections in business law, and you have to learn all about them to excel in the subject. In general, business law books cover all these sections in 53 chapters. Yet, it depends on the university or college you have enrolled yourself in.

5.What are examples of business law?

Business law deals with all the aspects of businesses, and you need to know them well. Contract law, the Sale of Goods Act, and the Partnership Act are three of the most important parts of business law, and you have to learn about them well before you move forward. Students fail to understand the important aspects of business law and are unable to ace the tasks.

6.What are some of the topics for international business law?

Most of the international business law topics are based on the following:

  • Arbitration
  • Banking
  • Canon law
  • Comparative civil procedure
  • Constitutions and constitutional law
  • Criminal law and criminal tribunals
  • Elections and political participation
  • Environment

7. How do you write a business law essay?

Here are a few tips to craft a perfect business law essay:

  • Find a good topic
  • Conduct extensive research
  • Create an outline
  • Follow the correct law essay format
  • Proofread and edit
  • Cite your sources
  • Check and remove traces of plagiarism

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