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Two-Minute Speech Topics for Students By

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Two Minute Speech Topics

A lot of people experience fear of public speaking. It is considered one of the most common fears that people have. The best way to overcome public speaking fears is to do it a lot. The more you come in front of large gatherings, the more you gain confidence in speaking. Eventually, one will become comfortable and accustomed to speak in front of the public.  This is for this reason that public speaking is essential at school and college levels.

Two-Minute Speech

The 2-minute speech is a way to increase confidence among children and adults, mostly used in classrooms. Every student in the class gets the opportunity to stand and speak in front of the whole classroom on a particular topic.

It is important to give interesting topics to young-aged children for public speaking to overcome their nervousness. The topic can be such that the students may have a keen interest to speak upon or something funny, which helps relieve their stress of public speaking. For young-aged children, the topics must be simple, funny and something on which they can come up independently. The topic should be such that it does not require much preparation. While engaging students in public speaking, the educator or teacher must ensure that the focus should be on teaching how to speak in front of a group effectively and comfortably. The content of speech is of not much importance for young aged-children.

For teenagers and high school students, speech topics should be related more to personal and in-depth descriptions. However, it still needs to be a motivational speech, demonstrative speech, informative speech topic, persuasive speech topic, or funny topics to captivate the audience. The topic may be dependent on the subject of the class. It should be closely related to the topic taught in class. It is important to consider that teenagers may also get nervous while speaking in front of a group. Sometimes, high school students become more nervous than young children because teenagers worry more about what other people think. Choosing the topic is an important aspect of a two-minute speech. There is no point in speaking on a topic in which the student does not have any idea.

Writing and presenting a thoughtful and captivating speech requires a selection of good topics based on the speaker’s interests and that of groups. The student needs to gather information and develop a personal opinion on a particular topic to express it better. School students are often asked to speak on contemporary topics to become good public speakers in the future and learn the art of expressing themselves in a better way.

Speeches are all about one’s thoughts, and they should not be copied from somewhere. It should be based on the personal thoughts of the speaker regarding a particular topic.

This content contains a list of different topics and some tips and tricks for effective public speaking. A list of speech topics of different types of students are presented below:

For School-Aged Children

  • My favourite Video game.
  • My favourite Animal
  • The Best Day of My Life.
  • My favourite Dish.
  • The best toy ever.
  • The smartest cartoon character.
  • How to build with Lego.
  • The Best place to go in Winter.
  • How do I spend my summer vacation?
  • If I had a Superpower.
  • The worst nightmare.
  • My favourite Cereal.
  • A new rule I would make.
  • My Favourite subject.
  • A fruit I loved the most.
  • When I grew up.
  • My favourite movie.
  • Why is the sky blue?
  • Best things to do in recess.
  • Most Dangerous Animal.
  • If I had $1000.
  • How to have fun in the Rain?
  • My favourite T-shirt.
  • How to eat pancakes?
  • How to manage time?
  • It is the funniest thing to do with mom and dad.
  • Who is my Hero?
  • The tastiest fruit.
  • Chunky or creamy peanut butter?
  • The hardest thing I ever did.
  • The best Pizza topic.
  • The most horrific incident.
  • What is thunder?
  • When I learned to tie my shoes.
  • Which one is better, crayons or markers?
  • Sandwiches, with or without crusts.
  • The best thing about having a pet.
  • My Halloween costume.
  • My favourite Ice cream.
  • My favourite Animal, at the zoo.
  • My favourite book.
  • My Best friend.

For Teenagers

  • How to survive a zombie apocalypse?
  • The most annoying thing is done at school.
  • The most dramatic event in the family.
  • How to effectively fake being sick.
  • Which one is better, tablets or textbooks?
  • The biggest lesson learned in life.
  • My ideal person.
  • If time travel were real.
  • A much-needed invention.
  • The thing which I feared the most.
  • The best book I have read.
  • The stupidest rule made by my parents.
  • Hoe to teach grandparents to use smartphones.
  • Which one do you prefer, Twitter and Facebook?
  • My favourite sandwich.
  • Most horrific news.
  • The best life hack I ever had.
  • The impact of social media on one’s life.
  • My Dreamwork profile.
  • My Dream Car.
  • My favourite Snapchat filter.
  • Class learning or online classes.
  • My biggest fear
  • Pineapple on Pizza
  • Best toppings for a burger.
  • Android or iPhone.
  • Benefits of Video Games.
  • Pandora vs Spotify.
  • The Most Disgusting household core.
  • The Worst Superpower.
  • What superpower you would like to have, and what you will do with it?
  • The greatest purchase you ever made.
  • Which one will you prefer, chatting or calling, and why?
  • Bad date Ideas.
  • Worst day of your life.
  • One movie that has a great impact on your life?
  • If I had $10,000.
  • How to ask someone on a date.
  • Pros and cons of Online learning
  • I wish I were______.
  • How to tackle bad habits.
  • Environment Conservation
  • Benefits of Yoga
  • Social Media- Bane or Boon?
  • My Favourite Hobby.
  • Why should everyone vote?
  • Importance of Books in Our life
  • Extroverts’ vs introverts.
  • E-books or paperbacks.
  • Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
  • Importance of Kindness.
  • Should sign languages be taught in schools.
  • How to recycle food.
  • How books are better than movies.
  • How to make learning fun.
  • Why the colour pink is associated with the female.
  • Importance of Extra-curricular activities.
  • How to prevent bullying.
  • Smart Work or hard work.
  • The coolest invention ever made.
  • Things I learned in Lockdown.
  • Should exams be banned?
  • Thought on the current educational system.
  • How to improve the education system.

List Of Topics Based On Concepts And Contemporary Issues

Persuasive Topics

  • How to deal with low self-esteem?
  • How schools should improve the quality of teaching.
  • How the poverty rates can be improved.
  • Seat belts in school buses increase the safety of students.
  • Setting goals is important.
  • The student should be allowed to ask questions.
  • Every college needs a mentor.
  • A student should not drink or smoke just to fit in.
  • Student Should spend more time on the school campus.
  • Campus placement is beneficial for the students.
  • Students should avoid stress by being well organized.
  • Pros and Cons of the internet in student life.

Informative Topics

  • Scientific breakthroughs and chemistry experiments.
  • Famous painters from Golden Century.
  • My plans after graduation.
  • Procedures for horse racing and betting.
  • Dining etiquettes.
  • What is your favourite career field?
  • Clothing styles for different occasions.
  • Your worst campus activities.
  • Ways to enhance campus life.
  • The travels of Marco Polo.
  • Possibility of the multiverse.

For Higher Education

  • How to communicate effectively.
  • Pros and Cons of organ donating.
  • How to cope with an autistic person.
  • How to cope with anxiety in life.
  • Effect of increased alcohol consumption in society.
  • Ten rules for achieving success.
  • High tech industry job opportunities.
  • My goals for the student council election.
  • How to boost confidence in public speaking.
  • Human services in health care.
  • What I will do when I retire.
  • The Free Speech Movement.

Public speaking is essential to lead a comfortable life. There can be an infinite number of topics that can be used in a 2-minute speech. However, speaking in front of large groups help in building confidence among students in the early stage of their life.

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