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Grace Turner

Hi, my name is Grace Turner, I am 26 and I am a Academic Blogger based in Melbourne. I started writing and blogging from a young age and most of my write ups are based on real experiences and self taught. Currently I write Academic Blogs for Students all across the Globe at


A Comprehensive Guide To Writing a Winning Welcome Speech Essay

UserGrace Turner time18 July,2019

Have you been asked to submit a welcome speech essay to host an upcoming event at your school or college? If you love to host events, then you are in luck for we have brought you all the essentials of a winning welcome speech. A good welcome speech can...


How to Choose Interesting Biology Research Topics?

UserGrace Turner time01 June,2019

Biology, the world of Charles Darwin, David Baltimore and Erwin Chargaff is indeed fascinating. There are so many things to explore. From physical structures of the living organisms to molecular interactions and chemical processes, the subject encompasses extensive areas and scopes for conducting in-depth research. When it comes to...


Reliability Vs. Validity- Everything You Need To Know

UserGrace Turner time28 May,2019

Reliability and validity are two essential parts of any successful research. Many research scholars have come up with insightful ways to shed light on reliability vs. validity. When you write a dissertation, the quality assessment of your research is based on two factors. According to the experts, the measurement...


Doing an Assignment – The Experts Approach

UserGrace Turner time06 May,2019

Focus on the topic. Our tutors while working on student’s assignments have most of the times been unhappy over the way students treat the topic. The major problems that students face while handling topic is Not understanding the topic Working on a different topic than the one provided. Working...


Teacher’s Appreciation Day, Get Amazing Discounts and Perks

UserGrace Turner time14 May,2018

“A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning”                                                                    – Brad...


50 Good Topics for Fashion Dissertation

UserGrace Turner time09 April,2018

To begin with, it is to be stated that according to several professional dissertation writing help providers,  fashion dissertation is all about coming up with elaborative and self-evaluated derivations, notions and content addition based on thoroughly conducted research on the particular topic. This clearly means that selecting a proper...


Elucidating On The Qualities Of Assignment Writers Justifying Their Role As A ‘Backbone’

UserGrace Turner time19 March,2018

At this present point of time, the rat race between the students has shot up the scale. Thanks to the extremely rapid change of the world in all aspects and up gradation of human beings. The education sector has to come up to the mark to produce the perfect...


150 Topics to Draft an Effective Persuasive Essay

UserGrace Turner time17 January,2018

A persuasive essay, as you may know, is a type of writing that aims to persuade the readers into believing that the argument or claim made in the essay is correct. Even though there are quite a few similarities between an argumentative essay and a persuasive essay, the latter...


Your One-Stop Guide for Writing Essays on Globalization

UserGrace Turner time05 January,2018

Crafting essays with precision requires certain skills and an organized mindset. Accumulation of sufficient information and data is also a major priority. Talking of writing essays on globalization, it is to be noted that the topic itself has various aspects of discussion. Thus, one shouldn’t commence the task of...


12 Most Hilarious Dissertation Topics you’ll come Across Today

UserGrace Turner time11 December,2017

“A college education shows a man how little other people know.” – Haliburton, Author It seems people have taken the above quote too seriously and went on a crazy hunt to narrow down some of the weirdest dissertation topics to work on. Dissertation writing has always been associated with...


17 Ways to Structure Your Thoughts and Ideas before Writing an Assignment

UserGrace Turner time08 December,2017

Students need to brainstorm, organize and cultivate ideas to put them down on to paper. Many students would not spare considerable time for planning and would rather dive into writing their assignments. However, there are some students who do indulge in this habit of putting their thoughts on paper...


Make the Most of a Supervisor-Scholar Relationship by Striking the Perfect Balance

UserGrace Turner time10 November,2017

“Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction.” John C. Crosby, American Politcian The pursuit of academics is noble and fulfilling as it follows suit of the innate human desire for broadening the vistas of knowledge and wisdom. The ones...

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