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100+ Fashion Dissertation Topics and Ideas – 2024

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Your love for designs and passion for stitching brought you to your dream fashion institute. But you had the least expectations that here you may also have to write a dissertation paper. Well, this is the reality, whether you like it or not.

Now, instead of procrastinating, it is better that you start working on the dissertation as soon as possible.

It is understandable if you have questions regarding the same keep reading this blog to the end. It intends to give you an overall idea of doing a fashion dissertation alongside highlighting the core areas of the dissertation and the most relevant topics for you.

So, let’s get started.

Fashion and Its Importance

Although fashion is fleeting and doesn’t significantly contribute to social progress, it does fulfil two essential needs for most people.

The first is the need for “acceptance.” People often make snap judgments about others based on their appearance, including their clothing, hairstyle, footwear, and behaviour in public. Individuals may face rejection if they do not possess desirable qualities that align with societal norms.

The second is “novelty”. Creating a new fashion trend or adopting an established one is always welcomed and valued by society. People with these traits are seen to be progressive, trendy, and up-to-date, whereas society labels others who do not adhere to these trends as orthodox.

This should explain why research is important in fashion.

Significance of Research in the Fashion Industry

The fashion industry might look very glittery afar, but it is not always about the glitz.

As a fashion designer, your primary focus should stay on how to make beautiful fashion trends and live up to modern fashion needs. But alongside, you must also ensure you have the technical knowledge of the market, and only then will you taste real success. So, a fashion dissertation will be the perfect medium of digging deep using data and analysis techniques.

Moreover, the fashion industry is constantly changing and getting better, it is important to constantly evaluate your competition. Therefore, you must constantly be on the lookout for fresh trends.

Your final semester research paper will help you better understand your area of interest by letting you know what you can do and what work has previously been done in the field.

On that note, let’s discuss the scope for fashion dissertations and research.

  1. Evolution of Fashion

The late 1700s and the early 1800s saw the creation of some of the earliest examples of fashion design. For the French Queen Marie Antoinette, a dressmaker was employed. She ultimately decided to create her own store in Paris, where she sold her work to locals. The French Revolution caused her to flee to London, which jeopardised her fashion career.

The art of fashion involves designing various clothing items such as shirts, dresses, skirts, and trousers and selecting accessories, colour schemes, and materials to create a complete appearance. Fashion designers have different collections, but all follow a similar design philosophy. The ancient Egyptians and Romans were pioneers in perfecting their appearance and designing specialised clothing items to showcase their status, wealth, or profession. For instance, Roman ladies wore Pallas, shawls draped over their heads, while the men wore Togas, circular garments draped over their bodies.

Fashion design is thought to have started in the 19th century with a man named Charles Frederick Worth who sewed his own label sewed into apparel that he designed.

Worth decided on the course that fashion would soon take. Soon, the practice of designing began to grow, with artists creating sketches of garments for potential clients. These sketches are now created by designers who then create clothing samples for interested parties to try on. The affluent clientele ultimately decides if they want the item created based on these sketches.

Here’s a glimpse of the fashion through the years –

1920sThe introduction of sparkle and glamour marked the fashion history of the 1920s. Despite the simplicity of shorter dresses, basic designs, and casual suits, a great deal of style was present during that time. One’s wealth and social class were not determining factors in being fashionable during the 1920s. Anyone could be just as fashionable as the next person.
1950sDuring the post-World War II era, women’s roles changed significantly. With many husbands serving overseas, women were expected to step up and provide for their families, often by working outside of the home. This newfound independence was reflected in fashion trends, such as shorter skirts, lower-cut blouses, and fashionable prints. Meanwhile, men’s fashion also evolved during the 1950s, becoming more comfortable and casual with a greater variety of colours and styles. This shift was largely influenced by American fashion.
1960sFashion during the 1960s was marked by innovation, particularly in women’s clothing. Women often wore ornate hats in the afternoon, paired with simpler dresses featuring broad sleeves and a slimmer silhouette. To complete the look, jackets were frequently layered over the top. Evening wear featured low-waist dresses, blouses, and voluminous skirts for a slightly different appearance. Men often opted for two- or three-piece suits to mix and match their style for both day and night.
1970sMany fashion statements during the start of the 1970s resembled what was popular on the streets in the late 1960s. Thankfully, as the decade went on, a lot of fashion changes happened. Though many styles were similar in many ways, things started getting more flashy and risky.
1980sBright neon colours, intricate patterns, prints, and daring clothing choices were popular during this time period.
1990sFor fashion, the 1990s were an exciting decade. There were numerous various fashion fads that came and departed. There were numerous things happening at once. Because of the slip design, dresses were made easier. This greatly altered the intricate fabric layers that were popular in the 1980s. Graphic t-shirts, loose clothing, and unstyled appearances dominated.
2000sThe 2000s saw the emergence of a variety of fashion trends, including ethnic wear, music, movies, and more. In the 2000s, athleisure, casual, and independent and hip-hop clothes gained popularity.
  1. The Social and Cultural Impact of Fashion

Fashion plays a number of roles in society since it has integrated seamlessly into human civilisation. When a farmer is seen wearing skin-tight pants, it is clear that fashion has affected the village’s residents as well as the community at large. On the other side, if celebrities and other Haute couture designers are influenced by the ethnic clothing of a certain region, then society has influenced fashion and vice versa.

According to a recent study, more than 50% of the younger crowd closely follows the most recent fashion trends. They are also the ones that buy first and help a new fashion design become fashionable.

But everything has a positive and negative side. So does fashion. The same is discussed below –

Positive Impacts of Fashion

  • The ever-evolving fashion trends foster an environment of healthy competition that motivates the following generation of fashion designers and other related professionals to put in a lot of effort and produce innovative and relevant new ideas.
  • It opens up new work prospects for a large number of aspiring fashion students.
  • The wearer’s appearance is improved by the modern, fashionable formal attire, which also gives the wearer the assurance needed to perform well, particularly in an interview.
  • An average individual might become extraordinary thanks to the latest fashion trend.
  • In order to avoid being unrecognised, it provides the wearer with identification.
  • Last but not least, it offers a chance to meld many cultures and traditions.

Negative Impacts of Fashion

  • Traditional design and accompanying culture are vanishing as a result of an obsessive focus on the latest fashion trends.
  • The Western fashion culture has a far greater impact on the younger generations.
  • The latest fashion trends, which are largely influenced by Western and Bollywood culture, cause confusion in the minds of the younger generations, leading to a lot of them engaging in antisocial behaviour.
  • These new fashion trends also impact younger generations’ psychology; hence, if they do not adopt them, it negatively impacts their minds and increases their likelihood of developing psychological problems.

Ethical and Sustainable Considerations in Fashion

Ethical and sustainable fashion is a method of sourcing, manufacturing, and designing clothing that focuses on providing benefits to the industry and society while minimising environmental harm. Ethical and sustainable fashion begins in cotton fields and ends in the consumer’s wardrobe.

Sustainability is no longer simply a theory; it is a way to conduct business. Ecological and ethical fashion forerunners include companies like NOIR and Stella McCartney. Nowadays, a lot of businesses have adopted and incorporated the idea of sustainability. These businesses are aware that integrating issues related to society and the environment into their operations will benefit them in the long run.

Today, blogs, ethical fashion forums, and fashion shows are all centred on the idea of sustainable fashion. Profits and business are both factors in going green. It’s crucial for companies that promote sustainable and ethical fashion to honour their pledge. By doing so, they may uphold the business’s ethical standards and gain the confidence of the customer.

Explore Our Trendy Dissertation Topics to Write a Fashion Thesis with Flair

Whether you want to craft a flawless paper on the evolution of luxury brands or the cultural importance of streetwear, choosing the right topic is important. To make things easier, you can take a look at our collection to choose fashion dissertation topics that resonate with your passion and scholarly pursuits effectively.

Fashion Dissertation Example

Check This Fashion Dissertation Example

View Sample

Fashion and Technology

Technological advancements in both design and manufacturing have made it possible to develop new materials and production methods. This has led to innovative fashion designs and the use of more environmentally friendly materials. Social media and online shopping have completely transformed the way consumers find and buy clothing. Virtual try-on technology has changed the way they choose what to buy. High street retail is no longer dominating the shopping process, and this shift may be irreversible. Fashion companies now rely on social media channels to promote their products and engage with customers.

Advancement of technology has brought in the following innovations in the fashion industry –

  • Clothing and accessories made using 3D printing now feature detailed and complicated designs that weren’t possible to make with conventional production techniques.
  • Thanks to technology, it is now possible to make biodegradable materials, which can be utilised to make more environmentally friendly and long-lasting clothing and accessories.
  • With the help of technology, one can now create recycled materials such as recovered polyester and repurposed plastic. These materials can be used to produce eco-friendly clothing and accessories.
  • With the ability to make personalised prints on cloth, digital printing enables designers to produce distinctive and striking designs.

Fashion and Globalisation

Globalisation has allowed consumers in Western countries to access a wide range of clothing options from large retailers who can easily update their inventory, negotiate international trade agreements, and easily distribute products worldwide. As a result, consumers tend to be more interested in corporate brands such as Nike, Victoria’s Secret, or Abercrombie & Fitch rather than the actual clothing itself. These brands use extravagant, pervasive, and hyper-visible marketing on high-tech electronic media to spread images of sex appeal, athletic prowess, coolness, or carefree happiness that consumers want to buy. However, the impact of globalisation on fashion creation is not as obvious.

Fashion images spread rapidly across the world through various media channels such as magazines, music videos, movies, the internet, and television, creating a global style that surpasses national and cultural borders. Blue jeans, T-shirts, sports shoes, and baseball caps are now worn by people all over the world, from Manhattan to African villages. The fashion systems of Asia, Africa, and the West all borrow stylistic and textile elements from each other. In rich countries, large malls offer a wide range of these fashion styles to customers of all ages, genders, races, careers, and subcultures, resembling modern global bazaars.

Fashion and Body Positivity

One of the biggest protests against the fashion industry’s lack of diversity and favourable self-images is the body positivity movement. The body positivity movement opposes how society promotes unattainable beauty standards and upholds the notion that all people should have a positive body image. The movement promotes the portrayal of all ethnicities, genders, sizes, and physical abilities.

The majority of models used by the fashion industry to promote new collections in publications, on TV and other media, and on catwalks have been young, female, and of the white, slender, and feminine kind. Sample-sized clothing in the fashion industry is normally between a size 0 and 4, which is not indicative of the regular body type. People began rebelling when studies and numbers began to emerge, demonstrating how people were being adversely affected by all of this.

The movement for body positivity is not the first to call for accepting all body forms. One of the earliest of its kind, the Victorian Dress Reform Movement, which took place between the 1850s and the 1890s, sought to eliminate the practice of forcing women to alter their bodies through the use of corsets. Women also pushed for the right to wear trousers at this time.

But today, the positivity movement is at its peak. Around the globe, models are working in the fashion industry of all shapes, sizes, and colours. Dresses are being made to suit all body types. The idea is to make everybody feel included. The most amazing fact is that today influencers are making a career out of it.

E-commerce and the Fashion Industry

The fashion industry is a major contributor to the global economy and has seen significant growth through eCommerce. With more companies going digital each day, competition in niche sectors is on the rise. This expansion surprises many, as the industry’s growth and sales have been impressive. The retail industry’s top priorities are exploring trends to boost sales and developing lead-generation strategies.

The fashion industry is experiencing major changes due to factors such as globalisation, technological advancements, and shifts in consumer behaviour. This article analyses relevant data and factors that will greatly affect the eCommerce fashion industry in 2022 and beyond to provide insight into its current and future state.

Fashion eCommerce pertains to the buying and selling of clothing and accessories through online platforms. This has provided a means of livelihood and has elevated the fashion industry among sellers, designers, producers, and merchants. The convenience and benefits of eCommerce have made it popular among retailers and consumers, especially during times of lockdown due to the pandemic.

The areas discussed above are the most relevant research areas in the field of fashion. You can also go for something else, like material selection for fashion, but the only advice for you is to make sure whichever area you choose is relevant enough to the industry’s needs.

The Most Relevant Fashion Dissertation Topic.

35 Interesting Fashion Dissertation Topics

  1. Fashion trends’ development in the 20th and 21st centuries.
  2. The effect of social media on marketing tactics in the fashion business.
  3. Influencers and fashion bloggers’ impact on consumer behaviour.
  4. The relevance of traditional dress in non-western cultures.
  5. The moral implications of rapid fashion and its environmental effects.
  6. The origins of haute couture and how it influenced modern fashion.
  7. How did the fashion scene of the 1990s start?
  8. What kind of fashion sense was exhibited by the youth of the 1960s?
  9. Are leather clothes progressively disappearing from the scene?
  10. What is the evolution of leather jackets’ history?
  11. Do animals play a significant role in the fashion industry? How far is it acceptable?
  12. How did ties and bow ties come into being?
  13. The psychology of cross-dressing: What is causing such high levels of transgender activity in contemporary society?
  14. During the Cold War, opulent and royal fashions were popular.
  15. Describe the impact of the media on what individuals dress.
  16. What connection exists between fine art and expensive clothing?
  17. What effect is the LGBTQ community having on the modern fashion industry?
  18. How music has inspired Fenny Beauty’s effective operation is the subject of an icon case study.
  19. How much of an impact do celebrities have on fashion trends: Beyoncé as a case study
  20. Exceptional fashion brands’ Effects on prevailing fashion trends
  21. Looking at whether the entry of designer goods in the fashion market has made them more affordable or if there is a market leak.
  22. The development of high-ankle boots and leather
  23. Lady Diana’s dress choice and its impact on society at the time
  24. How is the modern smartphone influencing young fashion?
  25. Is Justin Bieber the newest teen superstar and youth fashion icon?
  26. Which old and new films have had a significant impact on society’s sense of style?
  27. The impact of haute fashion on street style.
  28. The psychology of fashion choices made by consumers.
  29. Celebrity endorsements function in the fashion industry.
  30. Political events’ effects on fashion trends.
  31. Nostalgia’s impact on current fashion trends.
  32. The connection between art and fashion.
  33. Social movements’ effects on current fashion trends.
  34. The development of menswear.
  35. The portrayal of diversity in media and advertising for fashion.
  36. The part gender plays in the fashion world and how it affects consumer behaviour.

Fashion and Culture Dissertation Topics for 2024 

  • How is fashion reshaping western cultural values? Could you share your thoughts on it?
  • What is the reason for the increasing demand for natural fabric in 2021?
  • Impact of COVID-19 on the fashion industry
  • Difference between occasional shopping and obsession with shopping.
  • Comparative analysis of the fashion of royal families around the world.
  • The role of the fashion industry during coronavirus pandemic
  • The strong influence of western culture on political and cultural ideas of the current era
  • Influence of traditional wears on a society
  • Determine the relationship between culture, fashion and identity
  • Influence of western fashion on people across the globe
  • Share a significant connection between fashion and religion.
  • Crossover trends in the fashion industry
  • Influence of celebrations on the fashion industry
  • Impact of ethnic clothing on fashion trends in the UK and USA.
  • Tracing the social and cultural history of fashion to examine the fashion of modernity n the 21st century
  • Analyzing the clothing of reputable fashion writers
  • How eastern countries are adopting western fashion trends
  • The evolution of fashion trends in Eastern countries
  • Influence of western culture on the preferences and living standards of Asian consumers
  • Fashion trend introduces by the members of famous brands The Beatles.

Iconography Dissertation Topics 

  • Influence of celebrity culture on high street fashion
  • The unique look of the Sixties and Beatle Mania
  • The rise of the sneaker
  • The role of plastic surgery play in the formation of an icon
  • List of celebrities as fashion icons
  • James Dean and the café culture
  • Personal signature looks of iconic fashion models
  • Punk, The Sex Pistols and Westwood
  • Why Kylie Minogues is known to have the image of the pop princess
  • Mad for Madonna: The high and low fashions of eighties pop culture
  • Fashion revolution bought by Audrey Hepburn in the society
  • Do you find Justin Bieber is the fashion youth for the teenagers
  • Evolution of ball gown in the society
  • The little black dress of Audrey Hepburn
  • Elizabeth Taylor: Queen of diamonds
  • Iconic feminine dress of Grace Kelly
  • Katherine Hepburn: The first lady of princess
  • Laurel Bacall’s seductiveness in pencil skirts, pleated trousers, blazers and silk blouses
  • Madonna: Costume culture
  • Marilyn Monroe: The Seven year Itch look

Fashion Design Dissertation Topics 

  • The historical importance of fur in the fashion industry
  • Influence of digital marketing tools on the modern fashion world
  • Tuxedo and the suite since 1980
  • The evolution of swimwear from early to modern wear
  • The evolution of ball gown from the decades
  • Use of alternative materials for clothing
  • The modish Victorian challenge to design a bodice
  • Check Vs. Plaid
  • Bright street style trends
  • Textile and apparel resting
  • The emergence of T-shorts
  • Nylon- Most ravishing fashion innovation
  • The origin of maxi and mini skirts
  • Why do you think leather garments are going out of existence?
  • The concept of school dresses and designing
  • Evolution of beach-wear
  • How do you think Sari came into existence
  • Investigate the decline of the tie
  • How is formal wear becoming less prevalent in workplaces?
  • The origin of the waistcoat

Children’s Apparel Dissertation Topics 

  • Twinning or mini-me trends
  • Athleisure
  • Unisex trends
  • Floral prints
  • Asymmetrical cut dresses
  • The role of a smartphone with designing fashion trends among children
  • Academic dress in the education arena
  • The demand of hair accessories like hair tiaras, hairpins, hair bands for children
  • Street style
  • Warm looks with embroidery
  • Impact of COVID-19 on children’s apparel
  • Ocean and sea themes for children’s apparel
  • Preference for easy movement, convenience and comfort in children’s apparel
  • Down Syndrome Toddlers: New face of UK fashion brand
  • Do you think personalised baby clothing is making its way to the forefront in the market?
  • Demand for organic clothing for young ones
  • Why are people shifting from fast fashion to children’s wear?
  • The obsession of trying adult look in children’s fashion wear
  • Boho-chic swimming costumes for the summer season
  • The origin of the motif

Fashion Entrepreneurship Dissertation Topics

  • State the factors affecting the performance of small and medium-sized enterprises in the culture industry and UK fashion. Explain it with a case study of any five enterprises.
  • Analyse iconic women entrepreneurs in the fashion industry
  • Developing a viable business plan for a fashion board
  • Social media marketing is the most effective tool for luxury fashion brands.
  • Fashion marketing and its contemporary issues
  • Describe the making of a female entrepreneur in the world of fashion
  • Challenges and opportunities of fashion design entrepreneurship
  • The role of trade fairs in the international fashion business
  • Discuss the challenges or issues faced by entrepreneurs in the fashion industry
  • The role of women in today’s fashion trends
  • Discuss the success and failure factors that are affecting the apparel business
  • Fashion entrepreneurship education: A guide on potential fashion entrepreneurs
  • The role of entrepreneurship in the fashion industry
  • Fashion design entrepreneurship: Necessary skills and solution for Creating a business
  • How clothes are becoming a way of showing the class of a person
  • Popular fashion trends followed by top entrepreneurs
  • What factors to consider for opening a new fashion business in the US or UK?
  • Influence of digital marketing tools on the growth of small businesses
  • Entering the era of liberalism: A closer look at the fashion trends of 1920s
  • Contribution of fashion entrepreneurship to the economic growth of the country

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