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A Comprehensive Guide To Writing a Winning Welcome Speech Essay

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Have you been asked to submit a welcome speech essay to host an upcoming event at your school or college? If you love to host events, then you are in luck for we have brought you all the essentials of a winning welcome speech.

A good welcome speech can set the ambience for an event, and therefore, determines the success of the event. So that puts even more pressure on you to ensure that the welcome speech you write is an engaging one as well as one that gives an overview of the event. Moreover, while writing the speech, you also need to establish the right tone and make sure that the welcome speech is within the set time limit.

If you do not know where and how to start your welcome speech essay, then our essay experts have come up with all the essentials of writing a welcome speech.


Step 1 – Greeting the Audience

  • Get the tone right

Depending on the audience, you need to use the correct language and tone in your welcome speech essay. If it is a formal occasion, then you need to use serious language. An appropriate greeting would be something like “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen” followed with a phrase such as, “It is my pleasure to welcome everyone to this venue today.” Remember to keep the tone formal but at the same time keep it breezy. Refrain from cracking any inappropriate jokes.

  • Make it personal

Address each of the guests separately so that each of them feels special. Include the names of the guests present in the audience. Learn the names of the guests by heart. Forgetting the name of a guest can be embarrassing for you as well as the guest. Also, make sure that you pay attention to the spelling of their names. It may be Kristine and not Christine. For example, you could say, “We’d like to extend a hearty welcome to our guest of honour, Mr. Salman Rushdie, who will be speaking later tonight.”

  • Introduce the event

While writing the greetings for the guests, you can also set out the purpose of the event for the audience. Provide a short introduction about the event in the welcome speech essay. Throw light on the name of the event and the objective of it. You could also write a little about the organisation that will be hosting the event. For example, if it is for a literary meet to be held in your college, you could say, “We are so excited to have all of you here to participate in the 10th annual Literary Meet, organised by the Students Association of XYZ College.”

Step 2: Forming the Body of the Speech

  • Acknowledge the important people

Every event stands on the shoulders of a handful of people who have made it possible for the event to take place. So mention the names of those people and the role that each one of them has played in turning the idea into reality. A classic welcome speech example for acknowledging the important people is by saying, “We could not have pulled off this literary meet without the determination and dedication of the staff of the college, our organisers, and those who have worked relentlessly from the first day trying to make this event a successful one as it is today.”

  • Mention the crucial parts of the event

Every event has a period allotted for a special piece – be it a special performance by an artist, or a speech by an eminent personality. So make sure that you write about the special event and when is it going to come up to give the audience an idea about the event. Let us go on with the example of a literary meet that your college is hosting. You could write something like, “Right after we announce the winner of the “Weave with Words” competition, we will have the honour of hearing it straight from the world-famous author Salman Rushdie about his latest novel.”

  • Reiterate your welcoming line

Welcome the guests once again, but in a different way so that your speech relates to the overview that you have mentioned in the welcome speech essay. For example, you could say, “I’m excited to be in the presence of so many bibliophiles under one roof just as each one of you are about today’s event. Or, you could also include a smooth transition for the next part of the event.

Step 3: Ending the Speech

  • Pass on your warm wishes

In the end, write that you hope that the audience enjoys the rest of the event. For example, for the literary meet at your college, you could write, “I hope that you all enjoy the exciting insights that our honorary guests have to offer about the magic that rests in literature!” You could also say that you hope that people attending the event take something away from the meet. Something like, “I hope that today’s event inspires ideas in all the budding writers and motivates them to make this world a better place with their words!”

  • Thank the audience for attending

Say one or two brief sentences expressing your gratitude for the presence of the audience attending the event. Keep it short and precise. For example, you could simply say, “Thank you to each one of you who took time out of their busy schedules to attend today’s event. If today’s event is a success, it is because of you.” You could also again mention the guests, but this time you could miss out on the titles and designations. For example, something like, “Heartfelt gratitude to Mr. Rushdie, who took out time to attend this event and sharing his anecdotes to all the literature-loving souls.

So now that you know the welcome speech essay format and the steps to go about the task, start gathering the details and start writing an engaging piece. And if you still cannot understand how to go about writing a speech essay, then here is a welcome speech sample that you can refer to.


Introduction with greetings:

“Good morning to every one of you who have made time to attend the 10th Literary Meet hosted by XYZ College. On this auspicious occasion, I, Alexis Abbott, stand before you all, as a representative of the English Literary Association of my prestigious institute.

Purpose of the event:

Like every year, we are gathered here to bring out the best talents and help them gain ground in the magical realm of literature in the presence of the best stalwarts.

Introducing the Guests:

Taking it further with the event, I heartily welcome the notable author and the Guest of honour, Mr. Salman Rushdie. Mr. Rushdie is not only a writer but also an educationist and the winner of the prestigious Booker Prize. Mr. Rushdie has his latest novel up for release, about which he will be in conversation with all the budding bards.

Thank the notable people:

Before I leave, I would like to mention Professor Kubrick and Madam Greene, without whom this event would not have been a reality.

Pass on your wishes and gratitude:

I hope that you all enjoy the insights that our honorary Guest has to offer about the spell of magic surrealism that words can cast. Thank you all for coming to the event and making it a success!”

You can surf through reliable website for more examples of welcome speech essays. Most of them have free welcome speech templates for students categorised according to events and institutes.

In the end, remember to keep the welcome speech within the given time limit. The event should dictate how long it will be appropriate to allot for the welcome speech. You need to craft your speech accordingly. Since you do not want to bore out people right at the beginning, keep it as short as possible. And before you submit the speech, make sure that you read it over and over again to detect errors. You can also practice your speech in front of your friends or a teacher to see how it sounds. If you find the process overwhelming or want professional assistance, you can utilize speech writing services to ensure your speech is engaging, error-free, and resonates effectively with your audience.

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Grace Turner

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