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100+ Best Debate Topics For Students in 2024 – An Ultimate Guide!

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“For good ideas and true innovation, you need human interaction, conflict, argument, debate’. – Margaret Heffernan

Debates are an intriguing and thrilling process. Hearing both sides of a heated or passionate argument on a specific issue can be an eye-opener and even enable you to change others’ perceptions.

However, choosing unique debate topics can be a little daunting. You need to tick off the list of countless critical factors to select an outstanding one –

  • Are the debate topics debatable?
  • Are you genuinely intrigued by the topic?
  • Is the topic brilliant enough to impress the audience?

Go through today’s comprehensive post to get answers to all the essential questions baffling you. Also, make sure to check out our extensive list of good debate topics that are sure to spark your next discussion.

Ready? Let’s get started!

What is a Debate? A Quick Overview

First things first, before you go knee-deep to comprehend how to choose the perfect things to argue about, it is significant to get the hang of what a debate truly is. Here’s a molecular look at it –

  • A debate implies a formal discussion about a subject or issue where two sides present opposing perspectives.
  • Every debate follows a specific structure – each party is given time to speak for or against a topic.
  • In a scholarly and academic environment, it is believed to be an activity that simultaneously enlightens and engages the audience, adding to their knowledge.
  • As a debater, you must know how to structure and present an argument clearly. The crucial skills you acquire as a debater will help you with everything from college admissions to job interviews.
  • For example, you can be asked to speak for or against issues like ‘Abolishment of letter grades’  or ‘The age for voting should be reduced to 16’   etc.

Got the hang of it? Alright then, let’s go to the next section to find out the different types of debates you will need to encounter.

Explore the Variations: Different Debate Types

Debates can be of different kinds. All of them are conducted distinctly and could take place for various purposes.

Let’s take a look at each one of them –

  • Lincoln – Douglas Debate – This kind of debate is generally used in formal societies for debating. It is also popularly known as ‘value debate’ and requires two people to argue against each other on ethical and virtuous issues.
  • Cross-Examination Debate – Here, questions are posed by a party when they are presenting their arguments in the speech, and the opposite party is given time to answer the questions.
  • Rebuttal Debate – This type of debate takes place between two participants. Every individual is allocated a specified amount of time to present their arguments and develop a strong case against the perspective of an opposition.
  • Oregon-Oxford Debate – This debate starts with a predetermined motion or statement. Each participant requires arguing either for or against the motion.
  • Public Forum Debate – In this type of debate, two teams need to compete against each other on a subject with their respective cases.
  • One- Rebuttal Debate – This kind of debate is exactly like to cross-examination debate. However, there is an exception that every speaker is given only one opportunity to rebut the argument of the opposition,

Regardless of what type of debate you are taking part in, you will require an out-of-the-box subject for it. Hence, your chosen debate questions must be relatable and intriguing for your audience. On that note, let’s go on to the next section to figure out certain exceptional ways to select good and controversial debate topics!

Find a Huge Collection of Trending Debate Topics

The most common problem students face while generating debate topics is generalisation. Writing on too generic topics won’t fetch you the grades of your dreams. So, if you are unsure of deciding one for yourself, check these out.

Best Debate Topics For Students in 2024 Example

Check This Debate Topics For Students Example

View Sample

How to Choose Good and Fun Debate Topics: A Step-by-Step Guide

Good debate topics are the ones that enable both the audience and participants to gain in-depth knowledge of both sides of an issue.

Take a look at certain crucial factors you should consider when choosing the next ideas for debates –


Since you need to write and deliver the debate to your audience effectively, it is significant for you to be interested in your topic. Choosing a topic you’re interested in will make the preparation phase of the debate fun and exciting. It also makes the debate livelier.

Targeted Group of Audience

Always remember that you should choose such things to argue about that are on par with the intellectual level of your audience. It is only in this way they will truly be able to comprehend what you’re attempting to deliver in your debate.

Data Availability

Know it is the data that will make your argument more robust. So, you will want to go for such controversial debate topics, which comprise ample empirical data that you can pull from to reinforce your arguments.

Argument Potential

Try to choose such ideas for debates that have solid argument potential. If you select a topic that has only one side right or if there is limited information available, you will strive to craft an incredible debate.

Now that you have become well-versed with the effective guidelines for choosing argumentative essay topics or good debate topics let us spoil you with some of the most remarkable debate questions. With these fantastic topics at your disposal, you will be prepared like a soldier for a battle.

Here you go!

An Extensive List of Unique and Inspiring Debate Questions

College Debate Topics on Education

  1. Private schools vs. Public schools – Which one is better?
  2. Present your views on schools that must restrict popular social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.
  3. Do you think uniforms should be made mandatory in schools?
  4. Discuss – Every school must have armed security guards
  5. Present your views on all public colleges must be made tuition-free
  6. Do you think all educational institutions must offer an internship?
  7. Every student must learn at least one foreign language – Express your views.
  8. The contemporary grading system works perfectly – Do you agree or disagree?

Political Topics to Debate

  1. The US constitution is a living document – Do you agree or disagree?
  2. Do you think it is suitable for governments to limit the freedom of speech of their citizens?
  3. Taxes that increase at increasing rates are fair – Explain
  4. Do you think the judges of Supreme Courts must be appointed for a prior determined fixed duration?
  5. Advantages and disadvantages of gay couples adopting children
  6. Do you think all citizens should have a universal basic income?
  7. Juveniles must be tried and treated as adults – Discuss
  8. Do you think it is essential for a political leader to become active on social media?

Social Debatable Questions

  1. Euthanasia must be made legal – Do you agree or disagree?
  2. Do you think drug addicts require assistance or punishment?
  3. Having an abortion in the early stages of pregnancy is completely ethical – Discuss
  4. Cloning is ethically acceptable – Do you agree or disagree?
  5. Nationalism in the context of globalization – Useful or dangerous?
  6. Do you think the government must offer free birth control – Present your views
  7. We are residing in a dystopian society – Agree or disagree?
  8. Do you think children from broken families have to suffer countless disadvantages?

Environment Debate Questions

  1. Mining should be banned to safeguard the environment – Discuss
  2. Did the Basel Convention effectively prevent dangerous waste exportation?
  3. Vegan diet helps combat global warming –Discuss
  4. A stop should be put to the sale of fur immediately – Express your views
  5. Present your views for or against organic farming can be a sustainable food production method for the future
  6. Countries must allot more lands for national parks – Do you agree or disagree?
  7. Present the huge impact tourism has on the environment
  8. Role of organic farming in the future of agriculture – Discuss

Controversial Questions to Ask About Parenting

  1. Should children be allowed to use smartphones without the supervision of parents?
  2. Parents should be allowed to choose the genders of their future children – What is your thought on this? Is it ethical?
  3. Should parents allow teenage children to make autonomous decisions?
  4. Present your views on teenage girls having complete access to various birth control methods without proper parental supervision – Agree or disagree?
  5. Parents must decide the career their children will pursue –  Present your views for or against.
  6. Present your views on parents must keep an eye on their children’s activities on social media.
  7. Do you think parents always make sure to treat their children fairly? Put your arguments for or against this topic.
  8. Parental support can be crucial for children’s future success – Agree or disagree?

Debate Questions on Health

  1. Present your views on birth control must be available for sale over the counter.
  2. Do you think vaping must be banned completely?
  3. Discuss for or against – The legal drinking age must be 18 years old
  4. Present your views on healthcare must also cover cosmetic operations
  5. Do you think attention must be given to the healthcare sector universally?
  6. The government must be allowed to compel parents to take their children who are sick to the hospital – Do you agree or disagree?
  7. What is the connection between antibiotics and modern healthcare?
  8. Taking mandatory vaccination is constitutional – Discuss for or against it.

Technology Debate Topics

  1. Do you think the radiation of cell phones is dangerous? Should it be restricted?
  2. Do you think humans must invest in technology to unearth and colonise other planets?
  3. Present your views on whether individuals must own their DNA
  4. Do you think AI must be developed to aid humanity? Agree or disagree?
  5. How can social media improve human connection?
  6. Can robots enhance the quality of people’s lives?
  7. Do you agree or disagree that current developments in technology can transform the lives of people effectively?
  8. Present your views – Technology is helping people become wiser or dumber.

Historical Debatable Topics for Students

  1. Atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki by the USA – Do you think there was any justification?
  2. Interpretations of World War II by various historians – Discuss
  3. Do you think acquiring profound history knowledge enriches the worldview of an individual? Agree or disagree?
  4. Culture of ancient Romans vs. contemporary – Present a detailed analysis
  5. Do you think Winston Churchill is perhaps the best Briton to ever exist?
  6. What are the causes and events that led to the Second World War?
  7. Do you think feminism is a misplaced or noble concept?
  8. USA vs. Somalia – Present a detailed comparison between the economic and political scenes of the two countries.

Life and Ethics Debatable Topics & Questions

  1. Do you think smoking should be allowed in public places?
  2. Regardless of the situation, torture is never justified – Discuss
  3. Present your views on how social networking sites are used for stalking rather than communication
  4. Do you think beauty pageants are setting absurd societal standards? Agree or disagree?
  5. AI and robots must be used to take care of people – Do you think it is ethical?
  6. Use of persuasive and psychological strategies in advertising – Is it ethically and morally wrong?
  7. Usage of military force for humanitarian intervention – Is it ethical and justified?
  8. Do you think religion is the final and ultimate source of morality?

Fun Debate Topics

  1. Present your views on whether men are stronger than women.
  2. What do you know about life and gender expectancy? Discuss the crucial factors that explain the gaps in life expectancy.
  3. Werewolves or vampires – Which one is the most dangerous?
  4. Agree or disagree – The elves of Santa Claus must be paid minimum wages
  5. Do you think it is necessary for Facebook to introduce a ‘Don’t Like’ button?
  6. Do you also agree pepperoni is the best topping for a pizza? If not, why?
  7. Do you think playing ‘Call of Duty’ will change your life eventually?
  8. Present your views on people who don’t go to college are billionaires – Agree or disagree?

Current Debatable Topics

  1. Social media greatly contributes to the suicide of teenagers – Discuss
  2. Social media of the modern era makes people less socially active – Agree or disagree?
  3. What are the ways to prevent cyberbullying effectively?
  4. Present your views on the relevance of privacy over security
  5. Explain how abortion, as claimed by many, is a murder
  6. How do various drugs hugely affect the mental health of people?
  7. Present your views on same-sex marriage and its relevance in the society
  8. Do you agree or disagree that juveniles must be treated as adults?

Trending Controversial Debatable Topics to Talk About

  1. Present your views on human gene editing. Is it good or bad?
  2. Do you think educational institutions must be used to promote nationalism?
  3. Performance-based funding policies can help address the issue of college dropout – Agree or disagree?
  4. Do you think the US should implement the gun buyback program?
  5. Present your views on if the world is better off with or without genetically modified foods.
  6. Breeding of pedigree is an unethical practice – Discuss
  7. Is it crucial to incorporate nutrition classes as part of elementary and high school lessons?
  8. Marijuana must be considered a medicine – Agree or disagree?

Good Debate Topics for High School and Middle School Students

  1. Can AI take the position of an educator? Discuss.
  2. Present views on how appropriate it is to enable tracking devices on the ID cards of students
  3. What can help students improve their knowledge bank – books or movies?
  4. Studying Shakespeare in educational institutions is not helpful – Agree or disagree?
  5. Do you believe an outstanding way to prepare for the future is to gain an in-depth knowledge of the past?
  6. Present your views on schools that must be permitted to design their curriculums.
  7. Do you agree or disagree that all children must be allowed to use iPads in schools?
  8. Present your views on kids must not be permitted to wear religious symbols while going to school.

Wrapping Up

Debate is an exceptional way to polish your public skills. It also helps in practicing the crafting and defending of an argument. Undoubtedly, choosing good debate topics can be a battlefield for you. So, go through the extensive list mentioned above and pick one topic that sparks your creativity. You can also model your topic around similar lines to the ones we’ve provided. We ensure these topics will get those grey cells in your brain working overtime and are enough to make your next debate an easy winner!


What’s the most talked about subject in the world?

  • Crypto Insurance
  • Tech and social
  • Television and movies
  • Arts and music
  • Health and sports
  • Shopping and fashion
  • Drink, food, and travel

What are some controversial topics?

  • Gun control
  • Freedom of religion
  • Privacy Rights
  • Global climate change
  • Abortion
  • Free-market capitalism
  • Assisted suicide
  • Global influence in America
  • Alternative medicine

What are some good argument topics?

  • Should schools and colleges need to pay their student-athletes?
  • Should educational institutions restrict the usage of computers and other technology for students?
  • Do you think the US is ready for a female president?
  • Should everyone get free health care?
  • Do you think climate change is the greatest threat to the world?

What are some good debate topics?

  • Is AI dangerous?
  • Should the government ban tourism from safeguarding the environment?
  • Overpopulation is a huge threat to the government of any country – Discuss
  • Should Election Day be declared a holiday?
  • Do you think human cloning must be declared legal?
  • Technology is leading people to commit more crimes, or it is successfully preventing crimes – Discuss.

What are some fun debates?

  • Discuss – clowns are scarier than funny.
  • What are your views on the concept that aliens may be living among us? Do you agree or disagree?
  • Being good-looking or smart – What’s more important?
  • Men or women – Who are better educators?
  • Do you agree or disagree that students must be paid to attend educational institutions?
  • Should educators also need to wear a uniform?

What is a highly debated topic?

  • Should voting be mandatory for all citizens of a country?
  • Discuss – Abortion should be made available to all women
  • Present your views on companies need to employ 50% male and 50% female employees
  • Do you think the government of every country should offer free birth control?
  • Gay marriage must be legalized – Discuss

What are five examples of debate?

  • Do you think that religion does more harm than good?
  • Is it right for parents to use their children’s cell phones to track their location?
  • Do you agree reading books is much better than watching a movie?
  • Funding of the police  force must be redirected to social services – Discuss
  • Do you think marijuana should be made legal everywhere in the world?

What are the three great debates?

  • Liberalism/ Realism
  • Behaviouralism
  • Neorealism

What is the best debate topic?

  • Discuss – The death penalty must be abolished
  • Do you think all drugs must be legalised?
  • Animal testing must be banned – Present your views
  • Do you think plastic bags must be banned?
  • Present your views on juveniles who must be tried and treated as adults.

What is unique in a debate?

The ‘unique’ in a debate denotes an argument that explains something in the status quo.

What are the popular types of debates?

  • Team policy debate
  • Cross-examination debate
  • Lincoln-Douglas debate
  • Spontaneous argumentation
  • Public forum debate
  • Parliamentary debate

What is a debate for students?

A debate implies a process that involves formal discourse on a specific topic, often incorporating the audience and moderator. Usually, in a debate, arguments are put forward for common opposing perspectives.

What is the main topic in a debate called?

The motion is the key topic under dispute in a debate. It is generally given as a statement that each team must oppose or propose.

What are some political debate topics?

  • Mobile banking is not a secured procedure – Agree or not?
  • Do you think automatic weapons must be made illegal?
  • Present your views about religious churches, and schools must also be charged with taxes.
  • Do you think monarchy must end around the world?
  • Discuss – The concept of feminism is doing more harm than good.

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