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The Key Fundamentals of Passive Voice – A Detailed Overview with Examples

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Passive voice is basically a form or a set of different forms of verb where the subject undergoes the action of the verb. The use of passive voice in writing has been introduced to express interest in a person or an object that experiences a particular action rather than the object or the person who performs the action.

Since passive voice essentialities come with a lot of critical areas to acknowledge and meet, students often get confused in terms of the right usage of this grammatical component. In case, you too, are stuck in gridlock, and looking for tips for identifying and using passive voice verbs, take some time to read this informative blog. It shall guide you through the nitty-gritty of passive voice and its key fundamentals.

Here you go!

What is Passive Voice? An Analytical Dissection

As mentioned earlier, passive voice is a grammatical component used to determine and show interest in the specific subject currently experiencing an action. It is nothing but an element where the verb acts on the subject of the sentence.

Let’s take a look here to develop further insights into the explanation.

  • Apart from sentence, a passive voice is also considered as a clause.
  • The emphasis or focus of a passive voice is always on the “action”.
  • The subject, even though it remains present in the sentence, is apparently of lesser importance.
  • If you wish to identify the passive voice in a sentence, you need to focus on the event that occurred and who is responsible for the same.
  • Once you identify the subject as well as the action that followed subsequently, you will be able to arrange the sentence according to the passive voice order.

Now that you know what is passive voice and how to form sentences with passive voice, let’s delve deeper and move on to the next segment.

Why Do you Need a Passive Voice Identifier?

Pertaining to its complex structure and application, students find it overly complicated to go about sentences carrying voices. Moreover, most students fail to get the hang of how to identify the use of passive voice in a sentence. This is where the context of passive voice identifier gains significance. Well, there’s more to it than what you have known so far.

Take a look here to gauge the other significant reason to leverage the potential of a passive voice identifier.

  • The advanced application is said to offer customised solutions in no time.
  • As a result, you can save a lot of time and invest them in other essential academic activities.
  • All reliable passive voice identifiers are rich in algorithm and databases.
  • As a result, you get to refer to the latest applicational insights and examples of passive voice in sentences

Thus, if we consider each of the pointers mentioned above, identifying passive voice verbs in a sentence will simply get easier with such apps.

So, the next time you would face challenges or look for tips for identifying passive voice verbs in a sentence, rope in a reliable tool, include all essential entries and identify passive voice criticalities in a jiffy.

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How to Identify Sentences with Passive Voice?

Either you can use a passive voice sentence checker or decide to go about the task on your own; the choice is yours. However, if you choose the latter alternative, then here are a few tips that will come into play.

  • A passive sentence is almost the reverse of its active counterpart.
  • So, that way, it will be easier for you to identify sentences with passive voice.
  • Remember, if the person or the object is performing the action, then the sentence is in active voice format.
  • On the other hand, if you come across a sentence where the subject is simply a part of the action or receiving the action, then it is in passive voice format.

So, all you need to do is implement these suggestions and keep an eye on how the subject and the point of action work in a sentence.

What is Passive Voice Misuse? The Bigger Picture

Have you ever heard of the term “Passive Voice Misuse” in writing? In many cases, the use of passive voice is often maligned by academic experts and tagged as an improper way to construct a sentence. Teachers prefer active sentences due to the fact that they are more concrete.

Each of these complications results in students misusing passive voice by forcibly trying to mould the meaning and application of active voice with a futile attempt to create a passive sentence structure.

One cannot afford to overuse passive sentences or deploy the same in areas that don’t encourage the use of passive voice verbs.

A passive voice misuse occurs when students don’t acknowledge the right ways to construct passive sentences and end up ruining the meaning and grammatical accuracy of the existing sentence. In case, you would still find things difficult, rope in a passive voice misuse checker to identify the fallacies and fix the same on the go.

Passive Voice Examples

All said and done; let’s explore the facet further and get introduced to a couple of essential passive voice examples. Here you go.

  1. The house was cleaned by me yesterday.
  2. The city is polluted by harmful emissions.
  3. James was driven to college by his father.
  4. The money was stolen by the thief.
  5. The thief was caught by the cop, soon after.

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Jack Williams

I am Jack Williams, a Biochemist by profession. However, I developed a flair for writing while working on my Bio dissertations at university. So, I decided to take his passion to another level by stepping into the field of English essay writing. Ever since I have not only been learning the essentials of English writing but also been sharing my learning with students. My blog posts are intended to help not only students learn the technicalities of essay writing but also enable them to face related changes head-on. When I am not researching in my lab or sharing my valuable learning, you can find me playing soccer with my buddies or painting something that touched my heart and inspired me. 

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