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One must have academic integrity to study and communicate new ideas while respecting the opinions and contributions of others. Academic integrity is the dedication to ethical behaviours and cond...

Best Guide on How to Write a Business Plan

You can have great business ideas, but there's more to building a business than just innovative ideas. Every business is set on a solid business plan. A business plan is the steppingstone of a busine...

An Illustration On How to Write A Critical Analysis

“How to write a critical analysis?” When you evaluate another's work in an essay, it becomes a critical analysis essay. But only evaluating will not work. You have to make a critical analysis...

How to Write an Assignment for University – 10 Tips for Success

Assignment writing, despite the love-hate relationship you share, there’s no escaping it. As a critical part of the modern academic curriculum, you have to complete countless assignments during eve...

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An Insight into the Effective Ways to Compose an Effective Conclusion

Conclusions can do wonders if written perfectly. From evoking interest in the topic to questioning the various possibilities to find answers, conclusions force readers to rethink everything. While mo...

The Art of Active Listening – 10 Winning Strategies

In a world where everyone is busy putting across their opinions and keen on proving a point, it is important that we listen to others. Unless we listen to what the other person has to say, how can we...

How to Write a Paper : A Comprehensive Guide

Do you have no idea how to write a compelling introductory paragraph for your history research paper? Are you striving to back up your arguments with strong counterarguments in your essay? Desperatel...

Understanding The Taboo & The Applications of Taboo Words

Taboo is a socio-cultural phenomenon. Any taboo, be it some action or a spoken word, is a socio-cultural rule/regulation/restriction imposed to adhere to the norms and practices of a particular socie...

A Role Model: The Leadership Qualities of Bill Gates

Bill Gates is a prominent inspiring figure in technology, business, and a renowned philanthropist. Born on October 28, 1955, in Seattle, Washington, Bill Gates co-founded Microsoft, one of history's ...

Five Reasons to Avail Assignment Help Services

Writing an assignment might not be the most exciting task in the world. But it is a necessity that you cannot postpone indefinitely. It’s as ever-present as breathing in your life until you graduat...

Using Examples in Your Assignment

Your professor has asked you to include more and more examples in your assignment, and you are now wondering how many examples are too many example! Well, using examples to demonstrate what you cl...

9 Ways to Make School Day Fly By In a Blink of an Eye

You are in class, blankly staring at the whiteboard and pretending to listen to your teacher. Your mind is distracted by random thoughts like how to get through school faster, and you silently wish t...

How Many Pages is 300 Words? A Lucid Guide

Assignments come in different shapes and forms. From dissertations to case studies and coursework to essays – it’s an endless list. Now, things tend to get all the more complicated and somewhat c...

What Is Fundamental Accounting Equation – Examples And Solutions

Accounting is a critical aspect of any business, regardless of size, fund, structure, and industry. The fundamental accounting equation, also known as the balance sheet equation, calculates the relat...

9 Tips On How To Write An Outline

An outline is a great way to reflect on and summarise ideas well. Those who are good at creating outline formats can project their ideas better. Although many underestimate this step, it is vital in ...

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