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How to write your assignments?

UserMark time08 May,2019

(A) Before Creating the First Draft.

  1. Before creating the first draft after you have gone through various online and offline resources is to map how your ideas and the answer will be written.
    For this you can create a concept map or a flow chart.
    The best way is to highlight the relevant parts of questions you need to address and create sub-points to be dealt under the same
    Prepare a 2,500 word report on Porter’s Five Forces Framework. With the aid of clearly drawn diagram explain the key elements of Porter’s Five Forces Framework. What are the principal benefits and challenges in using this framework to inform strategy?
How to write your assignments?
  1. After creating the concept chart, one need to form an outline of which has to be represented in what order.
    For the above question, the order may be
  2. Introduction comprising of who proposed the model and the macro environment considered.
  3. A diagrammatic representation of the Framework
  4. Explanation of the Framework
  5. Explanation of the key elements involved in the framework
  6. Explanation of how these elements correlate to decide market attractiveness.
  7. The principle benefits of the model
  8. A brief description of every principle benefit with a case study reference
  9. Challenges of the model- A brief overview
  10. Case studies to justify the challenges
  11. How the model helps in company strategy formation? ( With examples)
  12. Criticism of Porter’s Five Forces Model
  13. Deciding the number of paragraphs to justify all the points and word weightage to be considered in each paragraph.

( Note: In the first draft, you may omit the ‘ word weightage determination’ as it would hinder with flow and clear depiction of all points.)

(B) Changes to be induced in the second draft

In the second draft , you link the paragraphs more properly, reduce the word count in specific paragraphs and determine weightage according to the importance and the vividness of the points dealt.

For example, you may allot maximum number of words to deal with explanation of Porter’s five forces Model, principle benefits and challenges that the question may demand and reduce the word count for others.

It is just like a seesaw balance. You cannot tilt more on the side of what the question demands and hence it is an important stage determining relevance of your answers.

After deciding this, you modulate the first draft to create your precise, relevant answers in the second draft.

  1. Editing the solutions

Go to a place where no one distracts you or close yourself in your room. Start reading each word and line with care. Don’t read the entire solution at one go.
There is a factor called ‘ Cognitive boredom’ which should be taken into account.
Even your glial matter needs rest
So the concentration with which we edit any long piece varies like the graph shown

It is recommended to provide certain breaks where you let your mind refresh during the entire editing process.

(C) After modifying the second draft

  1. Take second opinion
    After you have edited and framed the new content, ask any of your friend in the same level of education to go through it. It often happens that simple errors which are missed by a person may be weeded out by other person.
  2. Proofread and Format the Answers according to University Guidelines.
    It is necessary to go through each and every guidelines that your teacher provides for the answers.
    Jot them down as points and while proofreading ensure that all the guidelines have been followed.

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