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Case Study Assignment Sample

It is quite challenging to compose an impressive case study as compared to other academic papers. Case study is basically an account of an individual or an organization. It presents a hypothetical or real life situation and all the probable complexities that are likely to be encountered. Students face several challenges (issues with structure, writing style, analysis of the problem, reference list etc) while writing a case study. They can consult our experts. We keep on uploading case study assignment samples prepared by our writers from Canada. Students can use those samples for reference. They can even have an idea about the quality of the solutions delivered by us from the samples.

Why Students Need to Check Case Study Assignment Samples Composed by our Scholars in Canada?

Students can get to learn the following things from the samples of case study assignment composed by our scholars in Canada.

  • Structure

A case study includes several chapters such as executive summary, findings, discussion, recommendation, etc. This structure has to be maintained. Students who have inadequate knowledge about the basic format of a case study can go through the case study assignment samples drafted by our experts from Canada.

  • Language style

A case study has to be written in a precise, simple and formal language. Students who are not familiar with the language style used for case study writing can check the case study samples uploaded in our site. They can also go through the case study assignment examples provided by our tutors from Canada to get acquainted with the writing style.

  • Methodologies

An effective research has to be conducted in order to prepare an informative case study. It is required to adopt proper research methodologies. Students can get to know about several methodologies from the case study assignment samples composed by our experts from Canada.

  • Analysis techniques

In a case study, it is required to analyze all the data. There are several data analysis techniques. Students can get to learn about those methods or techniques by going through the samples of case study assignment written by our scholars in Canada. Students can also read example of a case study assignment drafted by our writers from Canada for having an idea about the analysis technique.

  • Referencing styles

Referencing list is an integral part of a case study. There are various types of referencing formats. Students can also get to know about several types of referencing styles from the case study assignment samples drafted by our writers from Canada.

How Our Experts Draft Case Study Assignment Samples for Students in Canada?

Our highly-qualified academic writers follow the below mentioned steps while drafting case study assignment samples for students in Canada.

  • Select an issue or case

Our experts first do an extended research on the subject or field. Then they make a list of all the probable issues or cases. After that, they choose the most relevant and appropriate issues.

  • Read and analyze the case

Our writers first read the case several times. After that, they analyze the case thoroughly in order to find out the best solution.

  • Carry out a successful research

Next, our experts conduct an effective research on the case or issue for getting acquainted with all the major aspects. They adopt proper research methods and tools.

  • Collect data

Our scholars conduct surveys and interviews in order to collect primary data. They gather secondary data from our own database and other authentic sources.

  • Organize the collected data

Our writers crosscheck all the data in order to verify their authenticity. After that, they organize all the data.

  • Make an outline

Our experts make an outline before composing the case study help samples. This is the reason why the solutions provided by us are well-organized.

  • Draft a rough copy

Our scholars draft a rough copy first. They revise the copy several times and make necessary changes.

  • Write the final copy

After rectifying all the mistakes in the rough copy, our writers compose the final paper. After that, they structure the final solution properly.

  • Prepare a reference list

Next, they prepare a well-formatted reference list. They are well-acquainted with all the referencing styles such as APA, MLA, Oxford, Harvard and Chicago.

  • Edit and proofread the final copy

They edit the final copies several times in order to rewrite and omit all the ill-structured and irrelevant sentences. They also proofread the samples to remove all the unintentional mistakes.

Types of Case Study Assignment Samples Prepared by our Experts from Canada

Our experienced writers prepare the following types of case study assignment samples for students in Canada.

• Illustrative case study sample

Illustrative case study is descriptive in nature. The main aim of this type of case study is to give the readers a general account on the topic under discussion. We provide samples of for this type.

• Cumulative case study sample

We provide cumulative case study samples as well. Information from existing literature are collected for preparing this type of case study. To know more, students can get connected with our case study experts.

• Exploratory case study sample

This type of case study is prepared before the implementation of a large scale investigation. Our highly-qualified experts compose samples of exploratory case studies also.

• Critical instance case study sample

We provide critical instance case study samples as well. This type of case study is prepared in order to analyze a particular situation.

What are the Major Disciplines for which Students can Get Case Study Assignment Samples Drafted by Our Writers from Canada?

Students can get samples of case study assignments drafted by our scholars from Canada for the following disciplines.

  • Contract law

Contract refers to an agreement between parties for performing a service or providing a product. It is enforceable by law. There are several types of contracts such as express contract, implied contract, void contract, valid contract and many more. Our case study experts have vast knowledge about this field. They compose informative case study assignment samples on this area for students in Canada.

  • Organizational behavior

Organizational behavior refers to the study of human behavior in an organizational setting. There are three levels of organizational behavior - macro level, micro level and meso level. Students who are finding difficulty in drafting a case study on this area can take help from us. We provide case study assignment samples for this subject.

  • Business law

Business law is a broad area of study. It covers all the laws and regulations which dictate how to run a business. We provide case study assignment samples for this area also. We have formed a special team of business law case study writers.

  • Finance

Finance refers to that area of study which deals with investment and funding. Students who have been assigned to draft case studies on the topics covered under this field can avail help from us. We will provide them with samples prepared by our experts.

  • Public relations

Public relations is a vast subject. Management students are often asked to compose case studies on several topics covered under this field. They can get case study samples from our experts.

  • Strategic marketing

We provide case study samples for this area as well. Organizations or corporate houses use strategic marketing for creating a plan in order to gain more profit. We boast a team of experts who have expertise in this field.

  • Innovation management

Innovation management refers to the method of managing a company’s innovation procedure. Students who have been asked to draft assignments on this subject can use samples prepared by our experts for reference.

  • New product development

New product development refers to the process of launching a product or service in the market. This process involves several steps such as idea generation, idea screening, concept development etc. We provide case study samples for this subject also.

This is not an exhaustive list. Students can explore our site further for more information.

Why we are the Best in Providing Case Study Assignment Samples in Canada?

Students studying in renowned Canadian universities such as University of Alberta, York University, University of Waterloo etc refer to the samples composed by our writers while drafting case study assignments due to the following factors:

  • Informative and well-structured samples

Case study assignment samples drafted by our experts from Canada are informative. Students can get all the required information from there. The samples are well-structured as well. Our writers compose each copy from scratch. The quality of the samples is top-notch. Each sample of case study assignment composed by our experts from Canada undergoes three stages of quality check.

  • Well-formatted reference list

Samples uploaded in our website include well-formatted reference lists. Our writers follow all the instructions given by eminent Canadian universities while preparing reference lists. They are well-acquainted with all the types of referencing styles.

  • Plagiarism-free samples

We maintain strict policies against plagiarism as submitting plagiarized academic papers is considered as a serious academic offense. Our proficient writers produce original content. Samples uploaded in our site are 100 percent plagiarism-free.

  • Samples from highly-qualified experts

We boast an in-house team of more than 3000 PhD qualified experts. They have acquired their doctorate credentials from renowned Canadian universities. Our tutors have in-depth subject knowledge. They have excellent writing skills.  

  • 24x7 assistance for any sample related query

We provide 24x7 live help. Our support team works round the clock. Students can contact us anytime for any sample related query.

Students who want to compose an impeccable academic paper should go through the case study assignment samples composed by our writers from Canada once. We provide samples in PDF format. They can easily download the samples.