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Life as a college or a university student is never easy. We understand how frustrating it is to spend hours working on an assignment and then ending up with average marks. Various surveys show that nearly one of out of every three students complained about feeling overburdened with coursework and assignment related pressure. If you look at the graph, it shows some shocking curves of increased number of college dropouts. According to a report, Persistence in Post Secondary Education, which analysed data from Statistics Canada's Youth in Transition Survey, almost 14% of freshmen drop out from college within or just after the first semester. Reason: Quite understandable that many students balance family, social life, job obligation and assignments. It becomes harder for them when professors assign complicated coursework and that too within shortest deadlines.

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Unable to tackle escalating academic pressure? Put an end to all your struggles with homework help from’s aim is to alleviate academic pressure faced by students. At, we offer customised assistance on every individual order. Our writers work one-on-one with individual students. Our in-house professionals make sure that every assignment is written by adopting unique style. We have instructed our writers to follow student-specific guidelines and to produce 100 percent originally researched and well-written content that will stand up to any plagiarism tests.

While offering homework assistance, we follow college and university specific guidelines. Writing assignments as per given specification is mandatory for securing good grades. Finding it tough to comprehend instructions specified by professors? Take up homework guidance from us you to ease out of tricky situations related to writing assignments. By availing our homework writing services, you will get to understand all coursework requirements easily. In your papers, our writers explain every aspect of the paper in details so that students can understand how to work on similar types of assignment in future. So stop being confused, avail homework help from us and experience exceptional quality writing service.

We offer homework help on 100+ subjects and work on some of the unconventional subjects as well. Subjects on which we generally offer homework help are:

  • Nursing
  • Law
  • Bioinformatics
  • Biotechnology
  • Information Technology
  • Statistics
  • Finance
  • Travel and Tourism
  • Business Administration
  • Human Resources
  • English
  • Criminology
  • Mathematics
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • International Relations
  • Health and Community Studies
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Psychology
  • Communication Studies

To work on individual subjects, we have developed distinct groups of writers. To maintain the integrity of our homework help services, we make sure one writer never works on multiple assignments simultaneously. This helps them to concentrate fully on any particular task. We never use one tool to solve all types of papers. As per the specialisation and proficiency of our writers, we assign them various kinds of homework assignments. At, different groups of writers deal with different assignments.

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Other than writing complete assignments, we also offer segmented services to provide a variety of other services, including selection of topics to paraphrasing already written assignments.

  • We offer basic homework help to students and help them in selecting topics for tricky assignments. Selecting topics can be tough for students because of not having a clear idea about on which topic the assignments can be written on. At, students will get clear instruction about selecting the right topic for his or her pending assignment.
  • Other than choosing the topic, we also render research related homework help. In case you are stuck with a tough assignment, do not know from where to get relevant information, you can hire our main homework help services to get genuine well-researched information. We do not gather information from the internet, to assemble relevant information; we use our centralised information bank which journals, research papers, etc. So are you unable to gather authentic data? Hire our qualified professionals to get reliable data based on your requirements.
  • Don’t know how to structure your homework? Take homework help from us, and our experts will frame a coursework structure as per your exact needs.
  • Don’t have any clear idea about referencing and citation? Get homework help from us and let us help you with prolific referencing and citation style. Without compactly referencing your copy, you cannot expect to get good grades. Faulty referencing can lead up to accidental plagiarism, so it is better if you have any doubt in mind regarding referencing your copy or how to cite all sources, get homework help from us.
  • Want to use the already published information to write a fresh copy? Then you need to paraphrase it. Paraphrasing requires a lot of trickery on student’s part. If you are not well-versed with tricks of paraphrasing, then it is high time for you to hire our paraphrasing homework help. We follow some basic guidelines to paraphrase an already written assignment. Like adding up fresh content will introduce a new concept to the copy, we also reshuffle paragraphs. To cancel even the slightest chance of plagiarism, we rewrite many portions of the assignment.

At, you are assured to get an unmatched quality of write-up and tailored assignment solution. You have not started working on your assignment or done writing one, in both cases, you can avail our homework help and can make things easier for you instantly. Therefore, in case you are clueless about what to write in your pending assignments, then we are right here to offer homework help.

Wondering how our experts offer help with homework? They follow a step-by-step method to do your homework

At, we strive to produce A+ quality work in the fastest way possible. To enhance students’ experience with us, we repeatedly reshape our existing homework help services. Writers working with us are all professional writers with high qualification and years of experience in writing quality assignments. Their language proficiency and abilities to deliver quality content has made us the leading name is the assignment-writing industry. In following points, it is explained how our writers offer homework help

  • They start with reading guidelines

While working on any particular assignments, our writers start with reading guidelines specified by students. The writer working on a specific assignment starts with making a proper plan and then by executing the step-by-step plan, they complete the paper before time.

  • After that, they perform through research

After making a proper plan on how to write the assignment, our writers start with researching on the topic. For research, they don’t use any unreliable source; they conduct research depending on journals, other research papers, other trustworthy sources as well.

  • Next, comes organising data

After collecting all the relevant information, our experts start with organising and demonstrating data. At, we assist with homework on the various level, and while writing complete assignment, we follow some certain stages. After organising data, our writers decide on which information to write in the paper and which can be skipped. While planning what information to include and what not to, they accurately follow the instruction given by your professors.

  • Preparing a structure

After sorting out which information to include and deciding on the sources from which to take information out to write an authentic write-up, they start working on the structure. The structure is the first thing that professors notice in a write-up. Therefore, the structure of paper needs to be proper and compact. While offering a guide with homework, our writers pay distinct attention to the framing the structure of an assignment.

Stuck with structuring an assignment? Do not know how to format the paper? Then it’s high time for you to hire our homework help. After preparing the structure, we send the structure to students to get it approved by the professor. On getting a green signal from students, we start with working on the first draft of the assignment.

  • Write the first draft

Our writers first start working on the first draft of an assignment. This is the first copy of the assignment, which includes all raw information in it. The first draft is all about ideation on how to make the copy unique. A raw copy of an assignment is meant to be unorganised, so soon after completing the first draft, our writers start working on necessary changes to give the assignment a final polished look.

  • Make proper amendments and fact checking

We never deliver any paper, without verifying all significant information. Our writers after making the first draft, double-check every relevant information and make necessary changes to give the assignment a complete look.

  • It is time for the final draft

After making all the necessary modifications and amending the assignment for the final time, our writers start framing the final refined draft.

  • Editing and Proofreading

Have already written the paper? Not have enough time to edit your assignment? Facing time crunch for the final revision? Avail our editing and proofreading homework help, to make sure your professor get a superior quality assignment from you. In case even after properly revising your copy, you are not confident that your assignment is error free then we can assist you in this matter as well. We boast a team of professional editors, who have years of experience in editing different types of copies. Our in-house editors know every trick of editing a copy while maintaining a professional standard. Take our editing and proofreading service and get your paper revised in no time. Our editors will rectify all mistakes in your copy and will make it stand apart from rest of the assignments.

What are the types of papers covered under our homework help service in Canada?

We offer homework help for every kind of assignment. To deal with different types of assignment, we have dedicated writers and experts’ team. Looking for extensive homework assistance in Canada? Get overall 360-degree homework help from us now and experience world class writing services under one roof.

  • Essay writing Help

At, we work on all the key types of essay assignments. Narrative, Descriptive, Expository and persuasive essays are mainly worked on.

  • Case study assignment help

We offer elite case study homework guidance in Canada. Worried about your case assignments? Take homework help from us to earn your teacher’s appreciation. At, we mainly work on

  • Illustrative case study
  • Exploratory
  • Cumulative and
  • Critical instance case study.
  • Research Paper Help

We cater distinct research paper homework support in Canada. Our experts mainly work on all seven types of research papers. We mainly focus on-

  • Argumentative paper
  • Analytical paper
  • Definition paper
  • Compare and contrast research paper
  • Cause and Effect research paper
  • Report based paper and on
  • Interpretive paper.

Not only on a research paper, but we also offer homework help on two main types of research studies; dissertation and thesis paper as well.

  1. Dissertation Paper Help

Concerned about writing dissertation paper? Avail our research paper homework help and experience high grades in no time. We work on big projects on short notice, and that is why we have become the most preferred homework help provider in Canada. We mainly work on three major types of dissertation;

  • Empirical
  • Non-empirical
  • Narrative dissertation papers.
  1. Thesis Paper Help

Thesis writing is another extended research base study, and we cater high-class thesis help as well.

  • Literature review assignment help

Literature review involves finding relevant issues and writing description, summary and critical evaluation of any literary work. We at offer extended help to write a literature review while maintaining all given guidelines.

  • Reflective journal assignment help

Reflective journal writing revolves around describing an event and underlying cause and effect of that event. It is mainly written to reflect upon any particular situation. We offer extensive homework help to complete five types of reflective journals, which are -

  • Key phrase journal
  • Double entry journal
  • Critical incident journal
  • Three part journal
  • Directed writing Journal.
  • Critical review or analytical review assignment help

Critical review demands unique and in-depth analysis of a literary work. It is one type of literature review, but we specially mention it here because unlike many other types of literature review, it requires more than a plain explanation of any literary piece. Students should have higher writing skill to manage a critical review efficiently. In case, any critical review assignment is giving you a hard time, then we are here to help. 

  • Annotated bibliography assignment help

This also demands a special mention, as the majority of the students face issues while preparing an annotated bibliography. The Annotated bibliography involves writing 2-3 line summary on each entry. The purpose of providing this annotation is to provide readers with a short evaluation of each source.

  • Lab/practical or Report writing assignment help

We at, we provide homework help on all types of report writing. You may be asked to write the report on a research paper, on a project work that involves finding fact and evaluation. While writing reports our writers concentrate on discussing clear aim and objective of writing the report, maintain clear and concise structure and layout.

Want to get something extra along with homework help? Hire us and experience a host of services free of cost

We are striving to deliver quality service offer customised solutions based on given guidelines. Along with proper subject specified homework help, we also offer the additional facility.

  • Free unlimited sample available on our site

On our website, we have uploaded plenty of samples based on multiple subjects. From those samples, students are likely to get additional ideas on how to write their assignments. Unlimited samples are available on your website, and students can consult those samples to frame their assignments on their own. However, these samples aren’t meant to submit directly; these are only for reference reading purpose.

  • Free SMS update of order status

At, we understand that even after submitting their assignment request with us, they can remain tensed about the status of their order. At MAH, we understand every concern of students and deliver free SMS update to students about the latest status of their order.

  • Free consultation on which service to choose

Our support and customer care team make sure that every student chooses the right service for him or her and that is why our customer care executives provide proper consultation on which service to choose as per students’ requirements. After submitting an assignment-writing order with us, students get a call back from our customer care team. After knowing all requirements, our customer care executive will suggest his or her which service to choose and which writers are available to take up that assignment.

  • On-demand plagiarism report

Against every completed project, we prepare a plagiarism clearance report. We keep those reports with us and only provide them on demand. By attaching this report, you will be able to increase the credibility of your assignment.

  • Unlimited revision and rework facility

We rarely get rework and revision requests, but we understand that students sometimes may not be satisfied with the delivered task, they can always ask for rework and revision. Unlike our competitors, we do not create an issue with rework and revision requests. While reworking and revision of delivered task we follow through instruction and make things more prominent.

  • Easy registration process

We at, we understand that students avoid hiring cheap homework help services because of the lengthy registration process, we have designed a short registration form on which you just need to fill up your requirements and information. So the registration process takes only a few minutes of your time.

  • Guaranteed security of your personal details

In case you are worried about your personal details shared with us, we suggest you not to. We maintain 100% security of shared details with us. We never share any of these details with any third party. We have designed a high-end firewall protection system, which ensures that no information gets leaked from our centralised database.

  • Round the clock live homework help

Our customer care team is always online to offer homework help online, so you can always get in touch with us anytime you want. You can contact our customer care team through the live chat box on our website, or you can always mail us your queries and demands.