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Financial Statement Analysis Assignment Canada is the top choice of most students seeking to avail help for financial statement analysis assignment in Canada. Financial statement analysis is a process that is conducted to identify the financial position and weakness of an organization. It involves reporting, summarizing and recording of transactions for an accurate and unbiased picture. The financial position of the organization can be estimated by preparing a balance sheet and income statement. The statement is presented in the format of a report. This report helps the management to make a decision related to the functioning of an organization. For preparing a financial analysis, students need to have extensive subject knowledge and analytical thinking ability. Since they have to prepare other assignments simultaneously, they may not be able to focus on financial analysis assignments completely. By availing assistance from our academic experts, they can get it done within the due time.  

What are the types of financial analysis for which our writers provide financial statement analysis assignment help in Canada?

Financial analysis focuses on the financial statement of an organization for evaluating its performance. The statement is revised at regular intervals to keep it updated. This requires the evaluation of past performance, current financial status and position of liquidity. The various types of financial analysis for which our experts provide financial statement analysis assignment help in Canada are:

• External analysis

External analysis is done in the view of financial statements that have been already published. This type of analysis is done by general public, stock holders, creditors and banks. They don’t get access to the detailed accounting information of an organization. Our accounting experts offer financial statement analysis assignment help in Canada with such analysis.

• Internal analysis

Internal analysis is conducted by the accounting and finance department of an organization. The primary aim of such an analysis is to provide detailed information related to financial position of the organization to the top management. This assists the management in decision making process. We have a team of academic writers who can help students prepare assignments on internal analysis.

• Short term analysis

Short term analysis deals with working capital analysis. It involves the analysis of the current resources of an organization and its current liabilities. Through short team analysis, the liquidity of an organization can be determined. By availing assistance from our financial accounting assignment makers, students can get their task done in quick time.

• Horizontal analysis

This type of analysis illustrates the revisions in the amount of financial statement of an organization over a length of time. It is the most useful financial analysis tool for evaluating the trend situation. For such analysis, the statements for two or more periods are used. It may be conducted for income statement and balance sheet. Students can take help from our scholars for assignments involving horizontal analysis.

• Vertical analysis

It is the correlative analysis of financial statement. It demonstrates each item on a statement as a percentage of the base figure within that statement. The total assets and liabilities of stock holders’ equity are used as the base figure. And for conducting the vertical analysis of income statement, sales figure is used as the base figure. To prepare financial statement analysis assignments in Canada students can avail help from our writers anytime.

Our scholars provide step-by-step guidance so that students are able to prepare such assignments themselves. They can also communicate with our scholars directly for better understanding of a complex concept on financial statement analysis.

What are the techniques of analysis used by our experts for providing financial statement analysis assignment help in Canada?

An array of techniques is used by our accounting scholars for providing help with assignment on financial statement analysis in Canada. These are:

• Comparative financial statements

This method is used to draw comparison between two financial statements. Coming under the technique of horizontal analysis system, it is suited to both income statement and balance sheet. The comparative statement of income statement shows the operational performance of an organization whereas the balance sheet illustrates the effects of operations on the liabilities and assets. Our accounting experts use this technique for analysis for preparing financial statement analysis assignment in Canada.

• Statement of changes in working capital

The main aim of this analysis is to extract information that is related to working capital. For calculating the amount of working capital, the total of current debt is deducted from the total of current assets. This statement provides detailed information about the working capital between two financial periods. It is a useful technique used by our academic scholars for analyzing a financial statement.

• Common size statements

For this technique, our scholars convert the figures of financial statement to percentages. For doing this the total balance sheet is considered as 100. The items of balance sheet are expressed as the ratio of each asset to overall assets and ratio of each liability to overall liabilities. Our scholars use this technique while providing help with assignment on financial statement analysis in Canada.

• Trend analysis

This is an effective tool of horizontal analysis used by our academic writers. In this type of technique, the ratios of the different items present in the financial statements are calculated and accordingly the comparison is presented. The analysis over a period of several years indicates the trend or direction. It is a useful tool used by our accounting scholars to determine whether the financial health of an organization is improving or deteriorating over a period of time.

• Ratio analysis

One of the best ways of analyzing financial statements is by computing ratios. It is an effective technique used by our assignment experts. While establishing a purposeful relationship between the individual items or groups of items of income statements and balance sheets, this tool focuses on the key performance indicators like profitability and liquidity of an organization. This technique is used by our financial accounting scholars in such a way that the process of comprehension of financial statement becomes much simpler. Simultaneously it also discloses the changes that have taken place in the financial condition of an organization.

Our efficient scholars provide financial statement analysis assignment help in Canada by evaluating the past performance of a business entity and its current financial position. Through the analysis of financial statement our writers are able to estimate the ability of an organization to earn profits while sustaining both long term and short term growth.

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