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Ella Thompson

Hi, my name is Ella Thompson, I am 28, and I am a scriptwriter based in Melbourne. I have been passionate about English Literature and drama ever since I was at school and used to participate in the annual programme. My passion lead me to make a career in the same. I have a masters degree in Dramatic Literature. I am living my dream, working as a scriptwriter for one of the top media houses. I also work part-time as a writing expert at, assisting students who have a dream similar to mine. When I am not busy working or helping students grab their goals, I am probably spending some quality time at one of the animal shelters, somewhere in town. I am an animal lover, and I so wish I could just adopt all of them. 


A-Z guide about the usage and features of AMA citation with examples

UserElla Thompson time24 July,2019

Did you know that 11 out of 50 cases of plagiarism are due to lack of proper citation and errors in referencing list? However well you write your paper, you will not be able to make a mark with your...


Simple Guide for Balancing Chemical Equations

UserElla Thompson time26 April,2019

A chemical equation is a symbolic representation of a chemical reaction. The reactant chemicals remain on the left side of the equation, and the product chemicals are on the right side of the equatio...


Tips to Write a Brilliant Assignment on Cellular Respiration Equation

UserElla Thompson time08 April,2019

Cellular respiration equation is a very tricky subject to deal with. Students of Chemistry and Biology may have come across this topic often. There are multiple instances when students find it quite ...


A Complete Guide to Writing a Position Paper

UserElla Thompson time22 February,2019

Writing a stellar position paper can be a difficult task for many students. You need to conduct thorough research and choose an argument that you will defend. If you are struggling to write a stellar...


Transition Words and Phrases

UserElla Thompson time22 October,2018

List to write the Perfect Conclusion Even if your essay has all the right information, no grammatical errors or punctuation mistakes, it might fail to hold your reader’s attention. This usua...


Check Plagiarism In Your Assignments

UserElla Thompson time25 June,2018

3 Best Ways A common problem among students is submitting a plagiarized assignment to the university. Almost 80% of students today copy content from the Internet and paste it into the assignme...


10 Excellent Tips To Make Your Essay Longer Than Usual

UserElla Thompson time10 May,2018

Essays generally come with a specified word count, meeting which gets tough, especially if you’re going back and forth between multiple essay papers. In this case, a common practice among students ...


Good Topics for Captivating Compare & Contrast Essays

UserElla Thompson time23 February,2018

Now that you have been assigned to write a compare and contrast essay, you must at first learn the basics of what such an essay usually entails. A compare and contrast essay is one of the most common...


Online Assignment Help Can Make or Break Your Grades. Is This True?

UserElla Thompson time05 February,2018

So what exactly are assignments? Did you say they are papers that students have to write when they are into any academic course? Well, in literal terms they are so but the term ‘assignment' is enou...


Incredibly Affordable Master’s Programs in 8 Expensive Cities/States

UserElla Thompson time03 November,2017

The thought of joining an international college has crossed all our minds at least once. And why wouldn't it? The thought itself is so fascinating; so imagine, how the real experience can be. Well, e...


7 Expert Tips To Ace The Discussion Essay

UserElla Thompson time14 August,2017

Critical discussion essays call upon students to use their intellect and discuss certain opinions, statements and arguments. Well-written college discussion essays showcase a writer’s intelle...


Essay Writing Forecast: 7 Epic Trends Students Should Follow For Success

UserElla Thompson time11 August,2017

Final grades are out! And it is same as last time. Not satisfactory at all! But wait, this time, you were super careful while reading all requirements or even browsing journal articles in the researc...

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