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Pet Peeves Speech Topics

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Pet Peeves Speeches

It is speech topics on consultant’s bugbears, new fashion trends, and grievances on promo points. It is something that other people do that is annoying and bothering. The speech is made about the people who render peevish reactions among other persons who do things or acts against the will of other people. Some examples of Pet peeves informative speech topics are listed below: 

  • Drivers who do not utilize the car mirrors when they change lanes 
  • Slow drivers on a fast land which is one of the biggest annoyance in traffic 
  • Slow service offerings at restaurants or having to wait for long to be served in a hotel or restaurant 

The Pet peeves speeches can also be about awful and unpleasant people who lock their pets in the car. People who follow bad fashion trends and parents who let their children shout and cause annoyance in public places. The speeches can also be about certain movies, films at the movie theatre, or people who are overly optimistic and happy. 

Pet peeves speeches are very small speeches about 2 minutes on something that annoys or bothers the speaker or a group of people. The audience wishes to see the passion and exact cause of annoyance. There must be fully developed reasons and causes to support the topic for the speech. The speaker has been quick about the topic of speech along with short examples to ensure that the speech is interesting and engaging within two minutes. 

Speech Requirements

Components Of Speech

Introduction – An introduction of the topic for discussion is spoken to grab the attention of the audience and the main points of the speech. 

Main body – It involves two main points of speech and the speaker explains what pet peeve is and the main points to explain the solution. The pet peeve is described and the solution is also provided in the speech to the audience. The points must be clear and easily understandable to the targeted audience. The arguments must be supported with examples or evidence to make them valid and relevant to the public. 

Conclusion – The concluding speech provides a summary of the main points and speaks a memorable closing statement. 

Speaking outline – A speaking outline can be created to remember the points during speech. 

The Basic Structure Of Your Pet Peeve Speech


  1. Attention-grabbing title or topic
  2. Preview of your Main Points 

Body – Main Points 

  1. Main Point #1 – The main topic of the Pet peeves speeches. The topic can be presented to the audience in the form of a story, a definition, an explanation, or a description. 
  2. Main Point #2 – the solutions to the problem or the issue are presented to the public. The ways to address the issue can be listed and spoken to the public along with examples to support the explanation  

III. Conclusion: 

  1. Overview of your Main Points b. Memorable Concluding Speech 
  2. Sample Pet Peeve Speech
  3. When you think of football players, you generally think of a built guy unless it is flag football where there is usually a female or younger man. What if I tell you that there were females who play football in high school and college as well as in minor leagues? Would you be astonished or support them? One of the biggest problems society faces is stereotyping and gender role discrimination. For example, when men put women in the category of ‘not fit’ ‘not strong’ ‘not suitable’ as sports and the place remains ‘in the kitchen’. 
  4. I am extremely tired and frustrated by such stereotyping and discrimination in society. People often tend to look at someone and judge them by their looks and personality which is a major problem faced by every people as it reduces their self-esteem and motivation. The majority of the people who are discriminated against suffers from anxiety and depression in fear of what society might call them. This type of incident happens on daily basis. 
  5. A wise man once said, “The loneliest people are the kindest, the saddest people smile the brightest, and the most damaged people are the wisest. These people don’t want other people to suffer the way they do”. I am also no stranger to stereotyping and have faced similar issues of discrimination, me being a girl from the rural study village area. In the past year, I have faced really bad depression and would like to speak against stereotyping and discrimination to ensure that others don’t feel bad because of us. Therefore, we need to stop discriminating and judging people for who they are and accept them the way they are. 
  6. I would like to conclude that stereotyping and discrimination of any kind is evil in society which leads to major health care public  service issues, Each and everyone in the society is responsible for being kind and nice to one another as we do not know the story of the other person or the battle they are facing in their life. It is an individual responsibility to support a good cause and be kind to other people. The person needs to think before one speaks and ensure that the words spoken do not hurt the other person. However, as a responsible friends, relative to other people we must show the needy person the right direction and ensure that they don’t go astray. 
  7. Pet Peeves Speech Topics
  8. Every student wants to give a good speech, but it’s easier said than done. They need to choose unique topics and conduct extensive research to give a speech that earns immediate applause from the audience. If you are searching for intriguing and impressive pet peeves speech topics that are the right blend of controversial and relevant- has precisely what you require.

Have a look at certain pet peeves speech topics our stalwarts offer whenever you seek assistance-

  1. Slow drivers
  2. A friend who is always late
  3. Discuss your views on people who speak on their cell phones in public places
  4. Explain what you think about slow walkers
  5. What are your views on people who text while driving?
  6. People who always seem to insist on ridiculing things you like
  7. People who tend to violate personal space boundaries, i.e., standing too close in lineups or elevators
  8. Write about the people who monopolise conversations
  9. Speak about people who don’t hold the door open for others
  10. Speak about people who lack special awareness, i.e. standing in the middle of a busy sidewalk to scroll over the phone
  11. Speak about drivers who don’t use turn signals
  12. What do you think about foot tapping?
  13. Leaving dishes in the sink
  14. People who order something else and then want your food or drink
  15. Discuss people who burp in public
  16. Write about people who never offer to split the bill
  17. Speak about people who constantly keep on clicking pens to drive a co-worker nuts
  18. Speak about people who leave dishes in the sink
  19. Speak about people who purposely ignore boundaries
  20. Write your views on strangers calling you ‘Honey’ or ‘Sweetie’
  21. Speak about people who always seem to insist on criticising things you like
  22. Discuss your views on people clapping at the end of a movie
  23. Write about people who speak while others are
  24. Write about people who constantly talk about their diet
  25. Do you feel bad hearing the sound of chalk on a blackboard? Speak about it?
  26. What do you think about people who treat waiters badly or tip their waiters badly?
  27. What do you think about dinner dates loudly crackling their knuckles throughout the evening?
  28. What do you think about people who speak during the movies?
  29. What do you think about people who drive close to the car in front, causing road rage accidents and incidents?
  30. What are your views on people who cannot help themselves but give unsolicited advice and recommendations?
  31. What do you think about people who cut lines?
  32. Discuss your views on people who clear their throats and make coughing noises in public constantly.
  33. Give your views on people who talk on video calls without putting on headphones.
  34. Speak your views on people who crack gum in the mouth
  35. Write about people who steal your food constantly.
  36. Express your views on strangers standing too close
  37. Do you think our current culture is a bit more self-obsessed than previous generations?
  38. Speak about people who always tend to speak in a passive-aggressive tone
  39. Write about people blocking entrances or exits
  40. Do you think people who say literally every time they make a statement is annoying?
  41. Availing of pet peeves speech topics from is the smartest decision you can ever take. Simply share your concerns and be assured of receiving unique ideas from us instantly.

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