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Emma Jones

Hi, I am Emma Jones, a Genetic Counsellor by qualification, CDR writer by profession who has a flair for writing. Quite an interesting profile to stop by, isn't it? Well, being a CDR was a decision that was born out of necessity. My field of qualification requires one to create appropriate CDRs to land suitable jobs. Since I was struggling too hard to create one for myself, I decided to take it up as a challenge and trained myself to nail the art of CDR writing. Now, I work as a full-time CDR writer and English essay expert to help students who have to face similar struggles. When I am not working, I like surfing or trying foods in different places.

Original Oratory Topics

Literature A speech in which a speaker persuades his audience to change their views on a controversial issue is a speech in which a discussion is based. Although a persuasive speech may focus more...

Robert Hayden Essay

Robert Hayden was an American essayist, poet and educator who was born on 4th August 1913 in Detroit, Michigan, United States as Bundy Sheffey and later changed his name.  Hayden served as ...

Student Council Speech Ideas

Student Council Speech Ideas It is not easy to come up with good student council speech ideas. However, someone is in the right place if they have chosen to bite the bullet&nbs...

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