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Finance Dissertation Topics And Tips

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Finance Dissertation Topics

Students who are pursuing MBA in finance typically find it challenging to select dissertation topics. Keeping this in mind here, we had discussed a few tips on how you can choose a topic and an extensive list containing finance topics. You can select anyone according to your choice for writing your dissertation.

How To Find Dissertation Topics On Finance

Choosing a dissertation topic can be tricky; your dissertation is a significant piece of work that counts for many credits in an undergraduate or postgraduate degree program, so you want to make the best decision possible.

  1. Select an interesting topic
  2. Don’t be vague or narrow
  3. Research well
  4. Try to remain objective
  5. Take your tutors advice

Here you can find a list of dissertation topics in finance:

Finance Dissertation Topics

  1. Examining the cash policies of public and private companies.
  2. Government’s Local Body Tax: Success or Failure?
  3. Value Added Tax vs. Sales Tax (comparative analysis)
  4. Does a Strict Capital Requirement Increase Capital Costs?
  5. Access to Finance and Corporate Social Responsibility
  6. Rethinking Your Retirement Strategy
  7. Long-Term Investors Face New Challenges
  8. Mutual Fund Investing (cost and benefit analysis)
  9. The phrase “let the buyer beware” isn’t enough to protect investors.
  10. Microfinance Institutions’ Role in Small and Medium Business Financing
  11. Financial Policies of the Corporation (comparative analysis)
  12. Is profit a “Direct Goal” for you? Overhyped
  13. Foreign Institutional Investors’ Role in the Development of Domestic Firms
  14. Mergers and Acquisitions SWOT Analysis (any case study)
  15. NSE in the Post-Globalization Era
  16. The performance of the Indian stock market following the introduction of LPG
  17. FDI’s Impact on the Insurance Industry
  18. Cooperative Banks as a Source of Funding for Small and Medium Businesses
  19. Entrepreneurship and Financing Constraints
  20. Is Public Equity Ownership Beneficial to Earnings Quality?

Microfinance Dissertation Topics

  1. Examining the fast-paced growth of international microfinance.
  2. The expansion of microfinance in the banking industry in the United Kingdom.
  3. A strategic study, discussion, and recommendations for assessing the need for collective investment plans in the United Kingdom.
  4. What are the barriers to the UK developing a full-fledged microfinance market?
  5. A study of microfinance’s influence in developing countries.
  6. What role do credit and other financial services play in growth and investment?
  7. Microfinance’s contribution to poverty eradication and economic progress.
  8. What has been the impact of public-private cooperation on microfinance?
  9. An empirical study of the Eurozone on poor people’s access to financial services includes microfinance and credit.
  10. Microfinance’s influence on SMEs is being evaluated.
  11. Several factors determine microfinance institutions’ success.
  12. Is microfinance helping women all across the world?
  13. Microfinance’s impact on child labour.
  14. Microfinance’s impact on women’s empowerment
  15. Microfinance is a component of national savings.
  16. Microfinance’s impact on the income of poor rural households.
  17. Microfinance’s impact on emerging agricultural countries.
  18. The impact of the global economic downturn on microfinance institutions.
  19. The role of microfinance in the development of the national economy.
  20. Microfinance’s impact on the industrial sector of third-world countries.

Commercial Banking Dissertation Topics

  1. Future Internet banking advances in the United Kingdom.
  2. A comparison of internet banking services in the United Kingdom.
  3. Transaction security in electronic banking.
  4. Analysis, discussion, and recommendations on the marketing of internet banking services in the UK banking industry.
  5. Online banking’s economic and financial ramifications
  6. A comparison of digital innovation in the banking business in Europe and the United Kingdom.
  7. Is there a link between financial services and internet banking?
  8. Changes in the banking industry as a result of digitalization.
  9. Is digitalization disrupting the financial industry?
  10. Transactional impact of banking digitalization
  11. Will Fintechs be able to thrive in the long run?
  12. Financial Inclusion, Digital Payments, and Their Effect on Worldwide Income and Tax Revenue
  13. Online banking and online transaction security best practices.
  14. What impact has the internet and mobile banking had on the corporate landscape?
  15. Use of the internet for banking: a comparison between the young and the old.
  16. What are some of the forces that are causing retail banking hubs in the United States to change?
  17. What function do microloans play in today’s financial industry?
  18. What role do retail banks play in providing financial services to rural areas in the United Kingdom?
  19. How does the banking system in a controlled economy like China vary from capitalist nations like the United States?
  20. How does the concept of fiat currencies alter as a result of online currencies like Bitcoin? Will these currencies be around in ten years?
  21. In the banking industry, CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is essential.
  22. Is the existing supervision of banks necessary? If not, what is the reason?

Finance Exam Dissertation Topics

  1. The impact of foreign investment on Zambia’s economic growth
  2. The effect of corporate assets on the community’s economic development
  3. Do microfinance institutions truly assist the poorest of the poor?
  4. Saudi Arabia’s economic reforms and their implications for foreign direct investment
  5. Comparing and contrasting financial developments in Asia and Europe
  6. Microfinance’s harmful effect in developing countries
  7. In the previous ten years, have banks aided the growth of SMEs in the UK?
  8. Financial regulation’s detrimental impacts on the banking system in the United States
  9. Advanced mobile banking technology has both risks and benefits.
  10. Effects of population expansion on economic growth in China
  11. Brazil’s banking sector restructuring: a case study
  12. What are the challenges that financial institutions face in emerging markets?
  13. The popularity of mutual funds and index funds is growing: here’s why.
  14. Examining the 2007 economic catastrophe – Is it possible that it could have been avoided?
  15. The benefits and drawbacks of investing in private equity in the European Union
  16. What exactly is relationship banking, and why is it so crucial?
  17. Are we truly ready to demonetize the planet with cryptocurrency?
  18. Why do banks fight digital currency so vehemently?
  19. In the digital age, the United States’ financial sector has innovated.
  20. The elderly have issues with digital banking.
  21. Is there a relationship between business strategy and capital structure?
  22. In 2018, the retail industry had a significant impact on the UK’s economic growth.
  23. What is Groupe Societe Generale’s cash flow management strategy?
  24. Examining VISA and MasterCard’s financial statements

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