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110+Original Oratory Speech Topics

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To present a thought-provoking persuasive speech, you, as the speaker, must decide which oratory topics are worth your attention. Your primary aim must be to ENGAGE, INFORM, and PERSUADE the target listeners. For a high school/college student, the post explains how to choose an informative speech topic and shares a list of oratory themes in several categories.

What is The Meaning of Persuasive Speech?

A persuasive articulation (much like a persuasive essay) looks to convince listeners to accept the orator’s viewpoints on a specific subject to perform a desired action.  

After choosing one from the sorted interesting persuasive speech topics, the speaker uses verbal and non-verbal messages and visual aids to guide the listeners through their thought process.

110+Original Oratory Speech Topics

How to Choose an Original Oratory Topic for Your Speech?

Picking original oratory topics is often the most confusing aspect for a high school/college student. Pick something that intrigues you.

For example – choosing interesting oratory speech topics fills you with enthusiasm and allows you to share your opinion confidently.

1. Ask Yourself These Questions

 However, when sorting oratory speech topics, ask yourself these

  • What are my special talents or preferred hobbies?
  • Which profession intrigues me?
  • What interesting things have I done?
  • Which fascinating places have I visited?
  • What books/magazines and newspaper articles do I enjoy reading?
  • Which famous individuals do I respect and look up to?
  • What have I been curious about since childhood?

2. Evaluate All Possible Topics

After sorting out some original oratory topics, evaluate them and see which one you’re comfortable with. For that, ask these questions –

  • Why does the topic interest me?
  • How much can I make it interesting for the audience?
  • Will I get enough information for an engaging speech?
  • Does the topic seem appropriate for the situation?

3. Consider Topics Relating to The Audience

While asking yourself these above questions when sorting oratory speech topics, remember that the theme must relate to the target audience.  

However, don’t pick something controversial that hurts your listener’s sentiment when choosing persuasive speech topics. Nor should it be something that triggers anger and hostility among the audience.

4. Narrow Down the Topic

Novice orators often try to cover far too many points in one speech. That makes their speech writing long and boring for the readers. So, narrow down a good persuasive speech topic from your selected list per the time limit and filter out what you intend to express in the allotted time limit.

5. Determine the Purpose  

Determine the purpose of the persuasive speech topic or what message you want to share with your listeners. It could be their health, life goals, career prospects, etc. Whatever you choose, aim to inform, persuade, and entertain the listeners.

6. Use Relevant News or Trends  

Also, be aware of all relevant news and trends, which can help refine your speech topic. Even if you have a shortlist of potential oratory speech topics, staying up-to-date with the latest happenings worldwide and bringing them up when speaking makes the speech more relatable and impactful.

7. Decide and Commit to It

Eventually, you must pick one topic after choosing from several original oratory speech topics. Trust your instincts and go with the topic you trust.

110 Original Oratory Topics to Use

Now you know how you choose the bestpersuasive speech topics

Of course, to make it easier for you, we suggest a comprehensive list of oratory speech topics/ideas for your upcoming speech. Follow closely!

A. Social Media Persuasive Speeches  

  • What is the right age for kids to be on social media platforms?
  • What punishments must be reserved for cyber harassment?
  • Are selfies and groupies increasing self-centredness and confidence among youngsters?
  • Should schools teach students safe social media education?
  • How does Social Media negatively impact society?
  • Should hate speeches and explicit content be censored?
  • How does social media promote healthy/unhealthy lifestyle habits?
  • Are folks increasingly getting more addicted to social media?

B. Arts and Culture -Best Persuasive Speech Topics  

  • Does watching films about suicide prevent or encourage such actions among youngsters?
  • Is art and music therapy more effective than talk therapy?
  • How do art and culture cause holistic development?
  • Should art classes become mandatory in schools/colleges?
  • What is the most important book every high school student in the USA should read?
  • Importance and relevance of teaching HS students classic literature in their everyday lives
  • Graffiti – Art or Nuisance?

C. Sports Successful persuasive speech

  • Should female sportspersons/athletes get equal pay as male athletes in similar sports?
  • Should schools incorporate swimming lessons in extra-curricular activities?
  • How does parental pressure impact young athletes?
  • Should professional sports betting be prohibited?
  • Is baseball more popular than cricket?
  • Playing competitive sports teaches us a lot about life – is it true?
  • Can cheerleading be regarded as a form of sport?
  • How does playing sports benefit our mental well-being?

D. Economy and Occupation Amazing Speech

  • Can introverts make excellent leaders?
  • What causes energy prices to increase?
  • Should there be bonuses for those who walk or cycle to work?·        
  • How does capitalism impact the economic system?·       
  • Should everyone get paternity leave and paid maternity?·        
  • Can productivity increase with 3-day weekends?
  • Is working from home the new norm?
  • Does the rise of e-commerce prove harmful or beneficial to small communities?

E. Education

  • Should boys and girls have separate classrooms at school?
  • How does bullying impact young people?
  • How to stop bullying at school campuses?
  • School cafeterias must offer healthy food options than junk snacks and sugary drinks!
  • Should public schools/colleges incorporate meditation breaks in their extra-curricular activities?
  • Should students be permitted to use smartphones during school hours to prevent more harm?
  • Why do students choose online learning or in-school teaching?
  • Should the government grant free education to underprivileged children?

F. Ethics

  • Is it ethical to conduct inhumane animal experimentation?
  • Is raising children without getting married illegal?
  • Why do notions of ‘Right and Wrong’change for cosmetic surgery?
  • Has cosmetic surgery risen to a level that exceeds good sense?
  • Is cancel culture a positive thing and likely for folks to be emotionally invested in?
  • Should beauty pageants for kids be prohibited?
  • Is there scope to improve Special Children’s Rights in the USA?
  • Must there be strict restrictions on using body cameras?

G. Health

  • What are the pressing issues of Genetically modified foods?
  • Why tobacco addiction is extremely difficult to let go?
  • Should the genetically modified fast food industry be banned?
  • Does excessively consuming meat affect health?
  • Home secrets to lose weight during work week- Share examples
  • Is acupuncture a valid medical technique?
  • How important is it to have a good sense of one’s health in this fast-paced world?
  • Mobile phones emit dangerous radiation – should their usage be reduced?
  • Should terminally ill patients be granted the right to assisted suicide?
  • Should art and music therapy be covered by health insurance?

H. College and Career

  • Should online teaching be given equal importance
  • Are same-sex colleges antiquated or beneficial?
  • Should one pursue their career based on the earning potential or passion?
  • Is higher education overrated? Give personal-level examples!
  • Are there any benefits to taking a gap year before beginning college?
  • Should college athletes receive the same pay as professionals?
  • Do violent video games impact mental health?
  • Should homework be reduced in colleges?

I. Environment

  • Should there be a ban on fuel-run vehicles?
  • Should animal theme parks should be closed permanently?
  • What is the best option for renewable energy?
  • Is population boon the biggest threat to the environment?
  • Does it seem all right to own exotic animals as pets?
  • How does reduced paper consumption benefit nature?
  • Is climate change a potential threat to the environment?
  • How Google’s self-driving cars will change everything in the future?
  • The dangers of oil spills in oceans

J. Religion and Family

  • Importance of a good community in raising kids
  • Is it right to tell naïve kids to believe in myths like the Tooth Fairy or Santa Claus?
  • Must minors take their parent’s approval to receive birth control?
  • Most effective parenting style and why?
  • Should cults be granted protection under freedom of religion?
  • How does knowing about family ancestors influence a kid’s present and future?
  • Should kids get physical and virtual privacy from their parents?
  • Should parents impose their religious beliefs on kids or allow them the dignity of their choice?
  • What are the advantages of being part of a religious community?

K. Government and International Relations

  • Should there be open borders in the United States?
  • How much should the federal minimum wage of a Supreme Court judge be?
  • Should the Death penalty be completely banned?
  • What must be the US government’s focus moving forward – reducing expenditure or increasing revenue?
  • Is the United States more dependent on importing or manufacturing goods from other nations?
  • Should governments tax sugary drinks and use revenue for public health?
  • How do trade relations assist in a country’s economic growth?
  • How essential is it to forge good relationships with other nearby nations?

L. Politics and Society

  • Do prisoners be granted voting rights?
  • Should military funding be increased or reduced?
  • Will it be better in the USA if younger politicians get elected?
  • How can we improve the existing and undocumented immigrant policy in the USA?
  • Should drug addicts be sent to hospitals for treatment rather than be imprisoned?
  • Should there be stricter penalties for celebrities who break laws?
  • Should global governments prohibit cigarettes and other tobacco products?
  • Can the government detain a suspected terrorist without going through the customary trial?

M. Science and Technology

  • Should there be a ban on animal testing?
  • Is AI artificial intelligence becoming a threat?
  • Organ donation – should it be mandatory or optional?
  • What is the most effective method of renewing energy?
  • Is it possible to build a colony on the moon?
  • Should the govt be stricter in regulating the Internet?
  • Should the military be permitted to use drones in warfare?
  • Exactly how much screen time is excessive?
  • Should parents be permitted to alter their kid’s genes?

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Captivating Oratory Speech Topic Selection

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What to Do After Choosing a Topic?

These persuasive speech topics will give you ample options.  

But What’s Next?

  • Research comprehensively on the persuasive speech theme.
  • Consider all key discussion points.
  • Get feedback from others
  • Personalize it per the audience’s emotional appeals
  • Consider your credibility when introducing the topic.

 Also, Ask Yourself These Questions

  • How much are you involved in the topic?
  • Do you see yourself as a lead character?
  • Have you contributed to this topic (via books, journals papers)?
  • Are you qualified enough to orate on the topic?
  • Do you possess personal insights on the coverage?
  • How long have you been interested in the topic area?

End Note

Always remember, the key to finding persuasive oratory topics is thinking hard about your passion and area of interest. For more tips and insights on persuasive speeches or essay writing help, feel free to contact us!

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