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Harrison Walker

Hi, I am Harrison Walker. I am an avid traveller, a fiction blogger, and passionate writer. I hold a PhD degree in English literature and work as a full-time English essay expert for Over a span of 10 years, I have helped students from various universities with their essay writing requirements irrespective of the academic level and topics. I have written guest blogs for prominent academic writing sites that guide students on English essay and assignment writing. When I am not busy imparting knowledge, I am probably reading an impeccable piece of some classic literature or partying with my gang. 

How to Get into Boston University: Tricks, Eligibility and More

Boston University, one of the famous and renowned institutions in the USA, holds the rank of 42 in America. It is highly recommended for its course in business management, media and film studies, IT ...

Dependent Clause: What is it and how to use it?

The dependent clause falls in the class of advanced grammar learning. Why? Because identifying a dependent clause can be challenging for many students, especially the novice. The basic that differ...

Need Help You With Accounting Dissertation Topics?

Accounting Dissertation The subject of accounting is one of the most complicated academic sub-disciplines. It comprises of a plethora of subject matters. From taxation to financial accounting; the...

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Sum Up Lectures Like Your Boss; Use Cornell Note taking Method

Growing up, we all read detective stories. Our favourite detectives have their own methods of deduction. Sherlock shuts himself off in his "mind palace." Hercule Poirot gives his moustaches a twirl, ...

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