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Funny Speech Topics – A 360-Degree Guide

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Being funny is a serious business! No, I am not talking about those silly humors or a rather ticklish way to establish a “not so funny” fact. If you want to make somebody laugh their heart out, then you should observe things closely, pick unique ideas from our daily life chores, keep things relatable and quirky for your target audience. Having said that, coming up with funny persuasive speech topics for high school and college students isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Well, it’s no rocket science either. Now that you are here, willing to figure out the bigger picture and know how to develop and go about funny demonstrative speeches, the catch is right here.

Invest some time in reading this blog and know how to go about your next set of funny speech topics. 

Here you go!

What Is A Funny Speech?

First things first, to begin with, one must get the hang of what exactly is a funny speech and what it sounds like. You cannot spark humor out of every random topic and idea. Even if you can, it has to be good enough for your readers, so that they can relate to the same.

No matter whether you are supposed to develop funny speech topics for college students or high school projects, implementing the following suggestions will always help you make a mark of absolute academic excellence down the road.

  • A funny speech will essentially poke fun at daily life instances and people we usually come across.
  • But that doesn’t mean it will sound rude, offensive or cringy in any aspect.
  • It should be entertaining, smart and neutral. There is a thin line between being funny and making fun of others.
  • The purpose of a funny speech topic is to amuse the audience with organic jokes, a good humor and emotions that could connect across a wide audience base.
  • The tone should be less formal and shall primarily focus on communicating a message through funny speeches.

Simply keep referring to more such useful references, insights and ideas on the go and never miss out on approaching your next set of funny speech topics like a pro. Afterall, once you get the hang of the basics and the fundamentals, going about the real game will no more be a major reason for concern.

How To Write A Funny Speech?

Now that you are aware of what exactly are funny speech topics and what essential elements contribute to the same, you must be eager to know how to write a funny speech.

Take a look below, go through the suggestions mentioned and know how to go about random funny topics with precision and absolute flawlessness.

  • Find An Ideal Topic

The task of choosing an ideal topic for funny speeches is said to be the most challenging part of the entire scenario. Unless the topic isn’t credible enough to go about, you cannot expect the final draft to be appreciated down the road.

Here are a few suggestions for you to consider and implement in this matter.

  • Try and think of topics you are genuinely interested in and the fact that it would allow you to come up with enough hilarious stances across the final draft.
  • Create a list of things you know about and subject matters that are relatable and relevant to your area of studies and specialization.
  • Now, narrow down the subjects you are familiar with – especially the ones you think are funny and the fact that they will provide you with enough scopes to introduce and elaborate on the elements of humor and fun.
  • But, you need to acknowledge the fact that one cannot pick subjects such as domestic violence, child abuse or poverty for funny speech topics.

So, basically the idea is to choose you cards well, consider each and every factor as mentioned above and initiate a funny speech with a bang.

  • Keep Your Audience In Mind

Well, this is as important as anything. You need to think about the ones who’s going to read the speech or the audience base you are about to cater to. Take note of the following suggestions and know how to prioritize your audience and write the perfect speech.

  • Think about what you will speak and who all are going to read the speech.
  • Figure out what your readers have in common?
  • Decide on the type of speech you will be coming up with?
  • Now, figure out the kind of humor your reader base will be interested in
  • Determine whether your audience will be interested in funny yet informative speeches or the ones that are purely humorous.

It is only after a thorough evaluation of each of the factors, checkpoints and aspects mentioned above, you should proceed with the task of finalizing the speech topic and how to go about the same.

  • Decide On Your Primary Perspectives

Once you are done narrowing down a topic, you should decide on the primary perspectives and the main points to come up with.

Here are some suggestions for you to take note of.

  • Make sure the main point of the discussion or the idea isn’t way too broad or too narrow for you to proceed with.
  • You should ideally choose a topic you can elaborate on, and of course with the right reasonings and rational perspectives.
  • Once you are done deciding on the main point, then there’s no looking back.
  • You are supposed to stick to the perspective and develop the same with a humorous take on the subject matter.
  • It is imperative that you understand the difference between being funny and being satire.
  • A funny speech will have clean intentions, absolute transparency and words that can be easily comprehended.

Keep referring to more such ideas and references and never miss out on securing a straight A+ in your next semester.

  • Create A Speech Outline

This is again one important point to be noted when it comes to landing brilliant papers on funny, entertaining speech topics. Unless you outline the paper and brainstorm across the main points to be discussed or elaborated on, things will not fall into place. Take a look below to get the hang of how to create the perfect speech outline.

  • It should begin with a clean and clear introduction.
  • The introductory note will be followed by Main Point 1, 2 and 3.
  • It should end with the perfect conclusion, where you are supposed to restate the thesis and establish a strong correlation with the main points.
  • Also, you may choose to add up a couple of key takeaways for your readers to dig further.
  • Begin With The Perfect Hook

This is essentially your playground. Unless you have a hook that is really funny and entertaining in its truest sense, things won’t turn out to be interestingly engaging for your target readers.

Take note of the following suggestions and come up with some amazingly interesting hooks down the road.

  • You can consider including hilarious personal anecdotes, entertaining real-life examples, relatable references, funny surprising revelations and the likes.
  • The idea is to keep things precise and avoid overly lengthy and convoluted sentences.
  • Do not go haywire with your ideas or end up losing track of the hook or the key context of humor.

All said and done, it is not always about how you choose to develop a topic, or go about funny speeches. At the end of the day, you should ensure the fact that you are successful in picking the right topic. Now, this can turn out to be challenging at times, especially when there are some many similar topics and generic ideas gulping down the creative minds.

Don’t worry! We have got you covered with more than 50 funny speech topics for high school and college students.

Here you go!

50+ Funny Entertaining Speech Topics For You

Funny Entertaining Speech Topics

  1. Do men gossip more than women?
  2. The fun and not so fun facts about dating
  3. Why should I marry Penelope Cruz?
  4. Are cats sassier than dogs?
  5. Should we burp often?
  6. Are we all weird or are they just limited editions?
  7. What makes the clowns scary and ghosts funny?
  8. Is it really necessary to calculate how many hours of sleep should we get?
  9. Why work all day and feel sleepy while you can sleep all day and work at night?
  10. Will you get horns if you mess with the bulls?

Funny Argumentative Speech Topics

  1. Should we blame our dogs for everything?
  2. Is it wiser to pet a dog than a cat?
  3. Don’t sugarcoat things unless you are Willy Wonka
  4. We all had a life before Instagram
  5. Will humans be able to digest dinosaur meat?
  6. Are aliens smarter than human beings?
  7. Why do we need to breathe for oxygen?
  8. Why kids should not crack jokes in front of adults?
  9. Why is being an adult not an easy task anymore?
  10. Autocorrect can ruin our career and lifestyle

Topics For Funny Demonstrative Speeches

  1. Father is the boss of the house until the mother walks in
  2. Why certain things are so hot that they are actually cool?
  3. When should we start raising questions on the existence of this universe?
  4. Why are marigolds better than roses?
  5. Love at first sight simply does not exist.
  6. Pigs are way more mannered and disciplined than many humans
  7. Nobody wants a pet Orangutan
  8. Thirteen is no more an unlucky number
  9. We make repetitive mistakes just in order to be sure
  10. How to deny something without sounding rude?

Random Funny Speech Topics

  1. Are holidays a funny culture across many countries?
  2. What is the inception or the origin of cuss words?
  3. Female brains are smarter than male brains
  4. Are words really hard to say while drunk?
  5. What would happen if men had a menstrual cycle?
  6. The worst nicknames you have ever come across
  7. Are Gen-Zs annoying?
  8. Elaborate on personal bloopers and embarrassing moments
  9. Ten ways to gatecrash weddings and get away with it
  10. Why is it not a wise decision to listen to your advices?

Funny Speech Topics On Politics

  1. Are aliens smarter than some politicians?
  2. Should politicians be allowed to drink and smoke? ‘
  3. Are all politicians millionaires?
  4. What is an ideal background score for a lazy politician?
  5. Why are some politicians too funny for their profiles?
  6. Should all politicians get married sooner or later?
  7. Can stupid people become the most successful politicians?
  8. Can zombies become great politicians ever?
  9. Should aliens form their own constitution?
  10. Is the friendship between a politician and a dog unusual?

Funny Speech Topics For High School Students

  1. The ninja techniques for preparing for last minute assignments
  2. How to look smarter than what you actually are?
  3. Why did the chicken cross the road?
  4. Why do dogs bark at people?
  5. Is there an escape route for getting out of a depressive mind?
  6. Is there an unusual friendship between dogs and ducks?
  7. Ten things you better not utter during an ongoing exam
  8. Sleeping with friends on the terrace
  9. Can we live inside a refrigerator?
  10. Do elephants aspire to have wings and fly someday?

While these are only some of the most sought-after and talked about funny speech topics, you should ideally keep an eye out for other topics related to a plethora of subject matters under the sun. These include History, Geography, Humanities, English Literature, Science and Technology and more.

Most Frequently Asked Questions By Students

What Are Some Funny Ways To Introduce Yourself In A Speech?

Here are some funny ways to introduce yourself in a speech.

  • Use personal anecdotes and other elements of humor.
  • Keep things precise yet interesting at the same time.
  • Do not go over the top with your sense of humor.
  • Use relevant and real-life instances in order make the introductory speech all the more interesting.
  • See if the ideas projected or the perspectives put across are rational, healthy and the fact that they are in no way controversial.

What Are Some Hilarious Prank Ideas That Can Be Incorporated Into A Speech?

Here are some amazingly hilarious prank ideas that can be used in a speech.

  • Hide one thing and tell them that you have hidden three things
  • Ask your friends to come downstairs and run away by the time they reach downstairs
  • Splash a bucket of cold water at your friends or cousins
  • You send your friends a fake email over something serious
  • Of course, the funny spider prank never goes out of fashion  
  • Put sugar in a salt shaker and let the fun begin

How Can You Use Humor To Break The Ice During A Speech?

Here’s how you can use humor in order to break the ice during a speech.

  • You need to use humor in an absolutely smart and sleek manner.
  • Do not overuse the elements of humor or end up sounding rude instead of keeping things funny and healthy at the same time.
  • Try and use real-life examples and instances in order to make things all the more engaging for the readers.
  • See if there is enough scope for you to introduce or insert the element of humor in the first place, if not, the create one.
  • The ice breaker should be precise yet interactive and in no way it should sound biased or rude.

What Are Some Funny Stories Or Anecdotes That Can Be Shared During A Speech?

Here are some funny stories or examples of anecdotes that can be shared during a speech.

  • Tell a story of an alien encounter or experiencing something that was hilariously frightening
  • Share your experience of a ghostly encounter which actually ended up hilariously.
  • Describe your idea of a dream tour with some of your favorite pets  
  • Have you seen an alien before? Share your experience
  • Your encounter with a famous singer and how did you figure out that he/she is not actually a great singer

How Can You Use Humor To Make A Serious Topic More Interesting In A Speech?

Here is how you can use humor in order to turn a serious topic into something more interesting in a speech.

  • For example, if the topic is way too serious or dark, then refrain from using negative words or phrases.
  • Rather, keep things precise and humorous and of course in a light-hearted manner.
  • Use comic relief or funny ideas that can be incorporated in order to make a serious topic humorously interesting in the eyes of your readers.
  • Observe as many daily instances as you can. Most of the times, the daily life events come up with the greatest humors of all time.

What Are Some Funny Ways To End A Speech And Leave A Lasting Impression?

Here are some of the funniest ways to end a speech and leave a lasting impression on your readers.

  • Try and establish a strong correlation between the introductory notes and the main points.
  • Explain why do you think the topic or the final draft is funny or humorous for your readers.
  • Add a few takeaways and crack a good, relatable joke while concluding the speech.
  • Remember, you should not end up hurting somebody’s sentiment in your attempt to make things funny and humorous.

What Are Some Funny Comparisons Or Analogies That Can Be Used In A Speech?

Here are some funny comparisons and analogies you can use in a speech to make it all the more interesting.

  • A comparison between a male and female cub
  • Draw a comparison between the IQ of humans and that of aliens
  • Comparing how a dog laughs with that of humans
  • Comparing a bad vocabulary with the worst one
  • Comparison between a male and a female cheerleader

How Can You Use Humor To Connect With Your Audience And Keep Their Attention During A Speech?

Take a look below and know how to use humor in order to connect with your audience and keep their attention intact during a speech.

  • Keep the choices and preferences of your audience in mind.
  • Not everyone will laugh at the same joke or relate to your anecdotes or elements of humor.
  • So, you need to be quite careful here and come up with good humor – the one that will connect well with your reader base.
  • Use humors in a clever and interesting way instead of coming up with something larger than life, only to realize the humor is way too good to be true or relevant for your readers.

What Are Some Funny Visual Aids Or Props That Can Be Used In A Speech?

Here are some funny visual aids and props you can use in a speech.

  • PowerPoint
  • Video Clips
  • Charts and Graphs
  • Clipart
  • Flip Charts
  • Overheads and more

How Can You Incorporate Current Events Or Pop Culture References Into A Speech To Make It Funnier And More Relevant?

Take note of the following suggestions and know how you can incorporate current events and pop culture references into a speech in order to make it more relevant and funnier.

  • Try to come up with a comical spin-off while drawing pop culture references or talking about your favorite characters.
  • Focus on the “What ifs”. This way you will always get a chance to create an alternative reality and insert a few good comic element in order to enhance the sense of humor and fun.
  • Use daily life instances and try to merge the same with popular pop culture characters and their stories.

Harrison Walker

Hi, I am Harrison Walker. I am an avid traveller, a fiction blogger, and passionate writer. I hold a PhD degree in English literature and work as a full-time English essay expert for Over a span of 10 years, I have helped students from various universities with their essay writing requirements irrespective of the academic level and topics. I have written guest blogs for prominent academic writing sites that guide students on English essay and assignment writing. When I am not busy imparting knowledge, I am probably reading an impeccable piece of some classic literature or partying with my gang. 

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