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An Essential Guide On How To Write A Bibliography

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For students writing a Bibliography is a hectic task that needs to be done for almost every assignment. In addition, listing, managing and rectifying the correct sources can be pretty troublesome.

We at take sole responsibility for decreasing the pressure on students by doing the writing a Bibliography  for them. We have experts and scholars who know how to write a Bibliography of various styles. So, they will do the needful as per every student’s requirement.

What Is A Bibliography ?

A Bibliography is a term which we use to list the sources used to write a document. This can also be called a reference list. For every assignment, we take help from other sources.  A Bibliography contains the list of those sources arranged in an order.

A Bibliography can be used to list websites, journals, books, URLs, and so much more. Apart from mentioning the sources, the other purpose of writing a Bibliography  is to avoid plagiarism. Not providing credits to original works can lead to copyright issues.

Different Kinds Of Bibliographies

A Bibliography may seem like one word, but it has various styles of listing. Here are some of the majorly used types of Bibliography :

  • Enumerative Bibliography

An enumerative Bibliography is a style that follows the principle of short and simple. Hence the listing is kept restricted to the author’s name, title and year of publication. This is mainly used by students while writing a Bibliography . It keeps the matters concise and straight to point.

  • Analytical Bibliography

Analytical Bibliography is a detailed Bibliography where most of the information related to the source is listed. These include information about the book’s publication source, place of publication, booksellers, printer used, a manuscript from which it is evolved etc., it is lengthy. Nevertheless, it provides quality information about the source in depth.

  • Annotated Bibliography

Annotated Bibliography involves the listing of books, articles and documents written by the author. It mentions the author’s work related to the subject in an arranged manner. Each citation is followed by an explained detail of the work done by the writer whose work is taken as inspiration. This is the lengthiest Bibliography out of the three.

So, if you are having any trouble and do not know how to write a Bibliography , or do not want to mess it up, hire our experts to do the job for you. If you need Annotated Bibliography Assignment Help from experts then you can take that also.

Bibliography Examples For Students

Different Bibliography examples have different styles of citation. Almost every citation involves the following contents:

  • Name of author
  • Title of book, journal etc
  • The volume of the book, if it has multiple volumes
  • Date of publication
  • Name of publication

The style of listing might differ, but these are some common elements incorporated in every Bibliography style.

How To Refer To Different Sources In A Bibliography ?

Let’s look at some examples of writing a Bibliography  using a different citation style.

1. MLA Citation Style

In MLA citation style, the Bibliography is done as follows:

  • Authors last name
  • Authors first name
  • Title of article/journal etc
  • The volume of article/journal etc
  • Date of publication
  • Page number

2. APA Style

In APA citation style, the Bibliography is done as follows:

  • Authors last name
  • Authors first initial
  • Publication date
  • Title of the source
  • Volume number, if any
  • Page number

3. Harvard Style

In Harvard citation style, the Bibliography is done as follows:

  • Authors surname
  • Authors initial
  • Publication year
  • Title of the article
  • Day and month it is published
  • Page number

4. Chicago Style

In Chicago citation style, the Bibliography is done as follows:

  • Authors last name
  • Authors first name
  • Book title
  • Book edition or volume, if any
  • Year of publication

These are some examples of how to write a Bibliography  for different reference styles based on their guidelines. If you are not familiar with any of them and find it confusing, connect with us for expert guidance.

What’s The Difference Between A Reference List And A Bibliography ?

Many students have an idea thinking that reference lists and bibliographies are the same. But there is a difference in both, which is not known to many. So let us break it down for you in detail.

Reference List

A reference list consists only of information regarding the source used in the paper. This includes only the citations which are directly involved in the paper. For example, it can be URLs, name of author etc.


On the other hand, the Bibliography consists of all the related information linked with the source relevant to the context. It is more detailed information on the work by the author. It also talks about the other pieces of the author.

If you are still confused about the difference between both, then you can consult our team for advice and assistance. If you need Bibliography Maker To Cite A Book In MLA Format then you can try our free tool.

Why Students Choose Our Service?

We understand that completing lengthy assignments and writing a Bibliography  for them can be highly time-consuming. With this blog, you can finally learn how to write a Bibliography . And often time students have difficulty doing it right on the first attempt. Due to this, we offer unique perks to our fellow students. Some of them are:

  • Assistance from specialized subject experts
  • Global help serving everywhere
  • High quality paper with extensive research
  • Authentic citation with no plagiarism guaranteed
  • Free revisions for changes in a Bibliography
  • 24/7 customer assistance
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If all this sounds exciting and you don’t want to risk your grades, connect with us to achieve excellence with how to write a Bibliography .

How To Write A Bibliography For An Assignment?

Are you burning daylight to complete the bibliography section because you don’t know its format? Then, scroll down to learn the rules for writing a bibliography for different sources.

How To Write A Bibliography For The Website?

When writing a bibliography for the website, include information in the following order:

  • Name of the author responsible for the site
  • Year (the date last updated) 
  • Page title in italics 
  • Name of the sponsor’s site
  • The day you have viewed the site
  • Internet access to the site is in brackets

How To Write A Bibliography For Books?

When writing a bibliography for books, you can maintain the following order:

Write the name of the author. Make sure to write the last name and the author’s first name. The author’s name will be followed by the publication year, city of publication, and the book’s title. 

How To Write A Bibliography For A Journal?

The basic format followed to reference journal articles is:

  • Write the author’s surname followed by first initials
  • Mention the publication year
  • Write the title of the article in single inverted commas
  • Mention the volume of the journal
  • Write the issue number of the journal
  • Lastly, write the page range of the journal

How To Write A Bibliography For A Dissertation?

Generally, a dissertation’s bibliography should include the following:

  • The name of the author
  • The title of your dissertation
  • Publisher’s name, along with the name of the place where the dissertation was published
  • The date on which the dissertation was published 
  • The page numbers of your source (in case the page numbers are part of multi-source volumes)

How To Write A Bibliography For A Research Paper?

Write the bibliography for your research paper in the following format:

  • The name of the author and/or editor
  • Published Date
  • Publisher’s name
  • Website 
  • Volume
  • Page numbers 

In case you don’t understand the format even after going through this section, you can ask our experts to explain the same to you. 

Frequently Asked Questions By Students

Ques 1. What Is A Preliminary Bibliography ?

Ans. A preliminary Bibliography is a rough Bibliography that you create listing all your sources. It is just like creating rough data for your final paper. This is not the final Bibliography that you submit. It is just for guidance which can be updated later.

Ques 2. How To Alphabetize A Bibliography ?

Ans. The main criteria for alphabetizing the Bibliography is by using the author’s name. The name of the author is arranged alphabetically, following the citation criteria used.

Ques 3. How Do You Write A Bibliography For A School Project?

Ans. For a school project, the Bibliography steps are as follows:

  • Name of author
  • Title of book, journal, article etc
  • Volume   of source
  • edition of source
  • place of publication
  • date of publication

Ques 4. How Do You Write A Bibliography Example?

Ans. Different citation styles have different rules for writing a Bibliography . The significant elements like author name, source’s name, the title of publication and year of publication remain the same. However, the arrangement may vary based on guidelines of different citation styles.

Ques 5. What Does A Bibliography Look Like?

Ans. A Bibliography looks like a list of sources. This list contains all the sources which are used to compose a paper. The length of the Bibliography various depending on the kind of tasks assigned. For example, it will be short for projects and lengthier for dissertations.

Ques 6. What Is A Bibliography Page Example?

Ans. A Bibliography page is how a specific Bibliography page looks like. It should consist of the following:

  • author-name
  • title of publication
  • date of publication
  • place of publication
  • volume of source
  • page number in the paper

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