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Oliver Smith

Hi, I am Oliver Smith, a certified Health Communication Specialist. I appreciate you for stopping by. Though I opted for Bio as a major subject at university, I always had a flair for writing ever since my teenage days. I have a passion for English language and specialize in English essay writing. Working as an essay expert at, I have helped several students get a step closer to their academic goals. When I am not working or helping a student out, you can probably find me sailing to places with my wife and my cute little kid. 


A Cohesive Guide On Collective Nouns

UserOliver Smith time18 June,2021

The English language is marvelous from many perspectives. It is amazingly flexible, adaptive, expressive, and laconic. The Latin and Germanic roots of the modern English language are the reasons behi...


Phrases and Clauses: Are They The Same Thing?

UserOliver Smith time09 September,2019

Why noses run and feet smell in English language? A 'fat chance' and a 'slim chance' mean the same in the English language. English is indeed a language of mystery.  From tricky spelli...


How to write a Technical Report?

UserOliver Smith time04 September,2019

An engineer’s life is anything but easy. From executing complicated practicals to implementing the right calculations, everything about engineering is overwhelming. And to add to the pressure, ther...


Specialized Cells Types and Functions

UserOliver Smith time29 April,2019

The General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) is an academic qualification pursued by pupils of secondary education in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Students pursuing GCSE are often as...


A Guide to English Punctuation Rules

UserOliver Smith time08 February,2019

Punctuation is the essence of good language that can help you bring the best, out of your writing. Using the correct English punctuation rules wherever necessary, can add meaning to words, thus helpi...


Studying Social Studies In Singapore: An Overview

UserOliver Smith time18 September,2018

Isn’t society the word that comes to your mind when you hear “social studies”? True that! To be precise, social studies refers to the branch of academic sub-discipline which deals with the stud...


how to write a conclusion for an essay

UserOliver Smith time11 July,2018

Finishing an essay in style is a cherry on the top for the writers. The conclusion of an essay does not account for the maximum marks but is an integral part which adds essence. If you do not have a ...


The Impact of Commonwealth Games on the Local Businesses

UserOliver Smith time07 May,2018

The world was witnessing with bated breath as the sportsmen at the Commonwealth Games, 2018 were creating waves with their record-breaking performances and historic wins. But Gold Coast, Australia, wh...


Know When You Should Get Assignment Help & The Benefits That You Reap From It

UserOliver Smith time25 January,2018

Time has been the witness to innumerable changes. Time has seen the development and birth of several institutes of education where again with the progress in time several new courses are added each y...

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