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Oliver Smith

Hi, I am Oliver Smith, a certified Health Communication Specialist. I appreciate you for stopping by. Though I opted for Bio as a major subject at university, I always had a flair for writing ever since my teenage days. I have a passion for English language and specialize in English essay writing. Working as an essay expert at, I have helped several students get a step closer to their academic goals. When I am not working or helping a student out, you can probably find me sailing to places with my wife and my cute little kid. 

The Impact of Change Management on The Successful Implementation of Product Lifecycle – APPLE INC

Background Of The Study Developing innovative and quality products and services are the core business strategy of Apple Inc. Innovation and qualities both are not only helping the company to stay ...

120 Controversial Topics Teens

Controversial Topics For Teens The internet has turned into a battlefield of several conflicting opinions on numerous topics, particularly now when people are locked inside their house because of ...

Proposal Speech Example

What Is a Proposal Speech? A proposal speech is a speech which is delivered a person whenever he or she is proposing his or her partner for marriage. It is very important that the person speaks fr...

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A Guide to English Punctuation Rules

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Studying Social Studies In Singapore: An Overview

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