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Studying Social Studies In Singapore: An Overview

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Isn’t society the word that comes to your mind when you hear “social studies”? True that! To be precise, social studies refers to the branch of academic sub-discipline which deals with the study of human society. This particular stream of study has always been an integral part of every academic curriculum, both in schools and in colleges. However, if we are to talk about the context of why social studies in Singapore are important, then we need to start from scratch. Here’s everything you should know.

What are Social Studies and Why Is It Important?

Before we move on to the context of social studies in Singapore, here is a quick overview of the basic concept behind pursuing this subject and why are social studies important for students at the end of the day. To study and analyze the various stages, dimensions and aspects of the human society is no child’s play.

It’s both interesting and complex at the same time. Hence, a social study is a medium through which an individual gets to learn, know and explore the different branches of the society we humans, live in. If we are to talk about the importance of social studies, then here are a few key points that you may like to think over.

  • Social studies help students read, learn and develop their own perspectives regarding real-world issues.
  • It helps them stay updated on the news and current affairs of the world.
  • Assists students by developing knowledge of various people belonging from different cultural backgrounds.
  • Social studies help students to develop knowledge concerning their nation’s history, glory, economic status and more.

It goes without saying that this particular stream of study is undeniably crucial for every student. From helping them develop insights on real-world issues to assisting them in the matter of building a thorough understanding of nation’s economy, history and people, this is one sub-discipline which is considered to be crucial in elementary schools and in colleges.  Did you get the drift of why are social studies important?

The Importance of Social Studies in Singapore

As per a statistic shared in the year 2016, Singapore has a total population of 5.61 Million, with a population density of 7,797 per sq. km. The country is known for having strong-bonded families, diverse, multiracial society and people from different castes, backgrounds, cultures and races. Social studies help students accumulate such information extensively, covering all aspects concerning the economy, historical background, people and more.

Every Singaporean student pursuing academic courses on Social Studies will be able to think critically and develop skills which are requisite for analyzing perspectives of different societal issues, the role of government in addressing those issues and the likes. Here is a comprehensive list displaying all prospective benefits and lessons that social studies could provide to the students in and around Singapore.

  • Helps students in developing a wider perspective of people and society: We all should explore, know and develop perspectives of the society around us and its people. This is where the stream of social studies comes in. It would help students in observing, analyzing, learning and understanding human behavior.

As students in and around Singapore would grow up to be adult citizens of the country, it would certainly be crucial for them to develop broader perspectives of the society, country and its history. Thus, a proper and extensive lesson on social studies is important for them to build self-accumulated knowledge on human behavior, values, cultures, ethnicities and more.

  • Students get to learn better and become a more responsible citizen: Different sub-discipline of Social Studies like Political Science, Economics and History are considered important when it comes to educating students with broader perspectives on different aspects.

These may include extensive knowledge of citizen rights and duties, constitutional laws, morals, political ideologies, so on and so forth. Thus, the sub-discipline of social studies helps students in accumulating sufficient information on each of the mentioned aspects. This, as a result, will help them to grow as a better and responsible citizen.

  • Social studies encourage critical thinking abilities among students: This is yet another crucial and a certain beneficial aspect of pursuing social studies. The young learners in and around Singapore are in need of resources and lessons that can teach them the art of mastering the skills of developing critical thinking abilities on society, global issues affecting their country, politics and the likes.

The stream of social studies precisely does the same. Learning about a nation’s caste system, communication, family cultures, settlements, transport, social reforms and the likes will help students to become aware of their social surroundings, based on self-analysis, theoretical knowledge and statistical references.

It is to be mentioned that for every progressive nation, citizens play a major role. Quite similarly, the students in and around Singapore are equally in a constant need to upgrade, accumulate and develop themselves with the knowledge of the society they live in.

How Social Studies Help Students in Singapore in Terms of Academic Learning?

Before we wrap up for the day, this is one vital context, including “social science assignment help,” that needs to be highlighted and discussed. Apart from helping students grow as a responsible and alert citizen, social studies in Singapore help students during the course of their academic days. Wondering how? Here’s what you need to know.

  • Social studies help students to develop reading habits, especially journals and reports concerning current affairs.
  • It is also responsible for developing the habit of watching and grasping knowledge on several socio-political documentaries, footages, audio and video clips and the likes.
  • Students get to stay updated will all current events happening in and around Singapore, along with detailed perspectives on social issues. The findings and accumulated knowledge on different aspects of societal situations will also help students draw references while composing assignments and practical projects.

From accumulating judicial knowledge to developing insights on the socio-economic background of the country, social studies help the students in Singapore to establish strong knowledge related to the various norms of the society, thus, helping each and every learner to lead a more meaningful, disciplined and civilized life.

Top Institutions in Singapore

Offering Social Studies and Media courses

  1. PSB Academy
  2. Singapore Management University ( SMU)
  3. Lasalle College of Arts
  4. National University of Singapore ( NUS)
  5. Nanyang Technological University
  6. James Cook University, Singapore
  7. Singapore Institute of Management
  8. Dimensions International College
  9. Management Development Institute of Singapore
  10. Kaplan Higher Education Academy
  11. Raffles College of Higher Education
  12. NIE Singapore
  13. Singapore University of Social Sciences
  14. ERC Institute Singapore etc

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