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100+ Emergency Nursing Dissertation Topics and Ideas (2024)

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Patients with trauma, damage, or serious medical issues that require immediate treatment are treated by emergency nurses (Yoon 2021). These professionals are expected to instantly determine the best strategy to stabilize patients and reduce pain because they operate in emergency circumstances (Boswell and Cannon 2018). Hence, it is highly important for emergency nursing students seeking Nursing dissertation help to delve deep into their research topics so that they can best implement those interventions into their practice (González-García et al. 2020). In the following section, a few dissertation topics will be highlighted.

  1. The significance of a geriatric emergency department at hospital constructed in a remote region.
  2. The role of the most recent advancements in Emergency Stroke Care in hospitals across the United States of America.
  3. A case of cardiovascular patients and the influence of patient – centred medical care in emergency nursing home care.
  4. The Interconnection between missed nursing care and emergency nurse’s teamwork from the perspective of Covid-19 cases.
  5. To find out how emergency room nurses’ perceptions and feelings about patient safety.
  6. In emergency settings, how might a relationship-based care standard of practise increase patient satisfaction?
  7. To Investigate the behaviour of emergency nurses towards safety of the patients.
  8. Investigating the processes of injury linked with spinal injuries in adults aged 30 to 50 in the United Kingdom, as well as how they are handled in emergency departments.
  9. The significance of a geriatric emergency department at a Chinese hospital constructed in a remote region.
  10. The role of the most recent advancements in Emergency Stroke Care in hospitals across the United States of America is being investigated.
  11. An evaluation of the long-term effects of heroin on emergency response in men aged 25 to 40 years old.
  12. A study of the test tools used to assess an emergency nurse’s stress levels in the COVID-19 emergency ward.
  13. What is the impact of nurse-physician collaboration in the emergency room? The need of cooperation in a hospital’s emergency room is highlighted.
  14. What is the nursing care needs of elderly patients admitted to an emergency room?
  15. What is the scope and need for emergency medicine nursing studies in the United Kingdom?
  16. The evidence- based measures to be used in an emergency room to enhance the patient’s reaction to the injury are highlighted.
  17. How do nurses’ actions in the emergency room might help a miscarriage patient’s emotional health?
  18. What kind of training should a nurse in the United Kingdom get in order to cope with paediatric trauma and parent behaviour?
  19. In the United Kingdom, emergency nursing strategies for rescuing drowning victims are to be evaluated.
  20. What can emergency nurses do to help people better prepare for natural disasters as well as other emergencies? – A critical assessment.
  21. The perspectives of emergency nurses regarding variables impacting the occurrence of medicine delivery mistakes in internal bleeding patients are being investigated.
  22. The importance of good patient evaluation in identifying life-threatening injuries in children.
  23. How promoting partnership care is a best practise for increasing patient happiness?
  24. An example of why so many youths get injured: Games and hobbies that are dangerous
  25. Why do so many children under the age of four die as a result of child maltreatment?
  26. Things to keep an eye out for, as well as some suggestions for overcoming compassion fatigue.
  27. Identifying the damage mechanisms linked to spinal injuries.
  28. Damage control objectives of metabolic acidosis, hypothermia, and coagulopathy.
  29. Considering the advantages of a geriatric emergency room.
  30. Investigating the most recent advancements in Emergency Stroke Care.
  31. Effects of heroin on emergency response in the short and long term.
  32. An examination of the eye-testing parameters.
  33. The consequences of a lack of self-care, as well as how it affects emergency response.
  34. How can you tell if a patient is prepared for an emergency?
  35. In the Emergency Department, the use of an implanted venous access device.
  36. The best test tools for assessing an emergency nurse’s felt stress in the emergency department were examined.
  37. Understanding emergency nurses’ attitudes and knowledge about patients who have been hospitalised for alcohol misuse or use.
  38. A case study of the degree of care given to patients by emergency department nurses.
  39. What can be done to improve emergency room patient care even more?
  40. In hospital emergency departments, the importance of stroke care improvements.
  41. Additional emergency departments and nursing services are needed in underserved areas.
  42. A case study of emergency reactions to guys who have become addicted to heroin.
  43. What nursing approaches can be utilised to help a patient who is really distressed?
  44. The most effective approach for calming a frightened patient in the emergency room.
  45. A thorough examination of the methods utilised to save drowning victims.
  46. What safeguards may be done in the event of a major medical emergency?
  47. How to control emergency nurses’ stress levels during the COVID-19 epidemic.
  48. An examination of nursing practitioners’ training in doing an acute patient evaluation to detect life-threatening injuries following a trauma.
  49. A study demonstrating the effectiveness of relationship-based nursing care in improving young patients’ compliance.
  50. A nurse investigation on the many ways that teens might become harmed while participating in games and activities.
  51. Identifying early signs of compassion fatigue and how nursing practitioners may assist patients in overcoming it.
  52. From 2000 to 2020, a comprehensive investigation of the number of children in developing nations who died especially as a result of malnutrition.
  53. An innovative study aimed at determining the mechanism of harm in spinal injuries.
  54. An investigation of how the body’s response to harsh events aids in damage management.
  55. For nursing professionals, an examination of the evolution and innovation in caring with emergency stroke victims.
  56. A thorough investigation of the establishment of a distinct geriatric emergency department at all of the UK’s major hospitals.
  57. The short-term vs. long-term impacts of drug usage among male emergency responders are being investigated.
  58. An examination of how hospital eye evaluation procedures and protocols have changed in recent years in the United Kingdom.
  59. Examining how people with chronic diseases’ lack of self-care affects their ability to respond to emergencies.
  60. A new research focuses on minimising stress and anxiety among nursing personnel who work in emergency rooms.
  61. A study of how to discover the optimal nurse-to-patient ratio in emergency rooms at all times in order to cope with any type of emergency.
  62. A new study looks at how successful venous implanted existing features are in assisting emergency departments.
  63. How might the time it takes to respond to an emergency impact the patient’s life expectancy?
  64. Use of digital tags for each chronic disease patient that preserves their medical history so that in the event of an emergency, nurses and paramedics have access to all of the patient’s vital medical information.
  65. For nursing practitioners working in the United Kingdom, an examination of how emergency response protocols have altered since World War II.
  66. Without the presence of senior doctors, a study on the effectiveness of nursing personnel in dealing with trauma crises was conducted.
  67. Investigating creative approaches to bridging the communication gap between doctors and nurses during an emergency situation.
  68. A study of how nursing practitioners are educated to clean exposed wounds during a trauma emergency.
  69. The World Health Organization conducted a research from 2000 to 2020 on changes in nursing staff practises.
  70. An investigation of nursing ideas about emergency situations and how helpful they are in contemporary pandemic conditions.
  71. The responsibility of nursing management in ensuring the rights and safety of nursing professionals working as first responders in emergency circumstances.
  72. An examination of the mental health of nursing staff working in emergency rooms.
  73. A study to see if critical care nurses can build resilience.
  74. A phenomenological investigation of how critical care impacts a nurse’s personal life and that of her family.
  75. In critical care, established models are utilised to measure the efficacy of pain evaluation.
  76. A look at how the nurse-to-patient ratio in the ICU affects care quality.
  77. A qualitative study of how critical care nurses’ workloads are managed throughout the Christmas season.
  78. Are critical care nurses well-equipped to monitor acute secondary health concerns that arise from primary care difficulties?
  79. A comparison of critical care nurses in private and public institutions working in cardiac units.
  80. Is there a lot of misunderstanding between doctors and nurses in the critical care unit?
  81. How does gender influence the efficacy of critical care nurses in hospitals?
  82. A comparison of critical care nurse pays and benefits throughout the world.
  83. What methods do critical caregivers use to communicate with ICU patients?
  84. What function do critical care groups play in the country?
  85. comparing and contrasting different medical schools in Europe that provide critical care courses.
  86. How to avoid blood transfusion issues in ICU patients?
  87. An examination of the roles of important carers in rural and urban locations.
  88. Nurses should be aware of the relevance of stress and energy exhaustion.
  89. What can critical care nurses do to increase communication?
  90. How to avoid ventilator-associated pneumonia in critically sick patients is a major concern.
  91. The link between actual and hypothetical danger while using catheters.
  92. Open abdominal wounds are managed using a variety of nursing approaches.
  93. An evaluation of the efficacy of dietary treatment for seriously unwell children.
  94. How to engage with the relatives of a critically sick patient more effectively.
  95. Incorrect insertion of peripheral catheters has been linked to medical consequences.
  96. How to avoid medical issues in people who are at risk for heart attacks and high blood pressure.
  97. There are a variety of reasons to seek a profession in emergency care nursing.
  98. The nursing management’s obligation for guaranteeing the rights and safety of nursing professionals who operate as first responders in emergency situations.
  99. An investigation on the mental health of emergency room nursing staff.
  100. A research project to investigate if critical care nurses can improve their resilience.

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