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1000 Word Essay – Free Sample & Examples

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Avail Of The Best Writing 1000 Word Essay Help From Top Notch Experts

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1000 Word Essay On Critical Analysis Of Personality

It is easier to get the developmental perspectives of someone’s life by studying that person’s temperament and personality. This study should be conducted during the childhood of that person. The temperament and personality of a person can get affected by the person’s environment. It is easier to study a person’s personality in his/her childhood rather than in adolescence or adulthood. There are differences between the personality of different people because of the pace of brain maturation is different in different people. The cognitive abilities of a person which gets developed during childhood define how the abilities are going to shape the future of the individual (Baumert et al. 2017). The temperament and personality of a person get tested when the person grows up and gradually becomes more social. The road from childhood to adulthood is not smooth. During this time, a person experiences, physical, psychological, and social changes. Behavioral changes can be witnessed in every stage of an individual’s life. These changes take place because of the person’s personality (Brandes et al. 2020).

The traits of an adult can be described by studying the personality and temperament of the person which he/she developed since his/her childhood. According to some scholars, personality and temperament are more alike than different from each other. Temperament models are used to test the differences in personalities of the people. I took a temperament test to see what are my personalities. I found out that I have the characteristics of introversion, intuition, thinking and judging. According to the test, I am intelligent, competent, have great ideas and always look for finding conclusions. The test says that I am a natural leader and that I can adapt to a given situation (De Pauw 2017).

I am brilliant and I can convert a complex concept into a simpler one so that others can process it but I will be doing this only for those whose intellect I respect. I think that I can simplify any concept but if the other person is failing to understand it is because of their own limitations. People think that I am arrogant because I tend to rely more on my own intuitions instead of other’s suggestions. I do not like complimenting anyone because it is unnecessary. Whenever I get stressed, I see to it that my works are detailed and flawless. I like to work with talented people from whom I can learn something. I love working on projects that need more planning because I get to use my skills while doing those works. I am always impatient with my work because I expect fast results.

There are people who can bounce back relatively quickly from traumatic events while some others take time to recover from such incidents. This trait is known as resilience which is a process of taking something positive from every kinds of situation. These people are stable emotionally comparatively others. I took a test to analyse my position regarding the Big 5 characteristics. The result showed that I was in the mid-range on Extraversion, high on Agreeableness, in the mid­range for Emotional Stability, high on Conscientiousness and in the middle range for Openness. Since I am in the mid-range of Extraversion, I am alright with the company of others but I like balancing that with some time alone (Oshio et al. 2018).

My high score in Agreeableness shows that I like working in a good team atmosphere. I avoid arguments so that I do not get into conflict with anyone. I think that everyone is good and keep an optimistic view of others. I am in the mid-range of Emotional Stability which means that I face stress and pressure in my life but remain productive. I scored high on Conscientiousness which means that I am tidy and organized in my life. I am efficient in whatever I do and meet all my deadlines. I get frustrated whenever I fail to finish a work. I scored in the middle range for Openness which means that I like changes but I also appreciate stability in some fields. I like new experiences but also find comfort in familiar tasks.

Mental health is important and everyone should take care of it. People should train themselves to become resilience. They should stress more on positive psychology so that they get optimistic in their lives. People should support psychological processes to enhance their potential of resilience. I have taken a personal resilience test in which I scored high. This shows that I am a resilient human being. I know myself and what I can handle. I know what my limitations are. I face challenges in my life and like sorting them. I bounce back from a difficult situation and have a positive opinion about changes (Baker, Baker and Burrell 2021).

I am self-confident and people often think that I am arrogant whenever I do not consider their suggestions. I scored high on coping with change because I am very good at it. I view changes positively and like the opportunities and possibilities that come with it. I share my experiences regarding changes with others as it helps me to cope with my feelings. I scored high on problems solving because I face problems which I can solve. I take quick steps whenever I am faced with any problem which I should change about myself. My problem-solving capabilities helps me to become more resilient. I scored high on working with others which shows that I act confidently with everyone. I am good with building relationships with others. My score on support networks is high which shows that I am confident with receiving support from others.

Assertiveness means expressing ideas and feelings freely. Assertive people give messages that have a positive effect on the receiver. The expressions expressed by assertive people can be negative as well as positive. These expressions may lead to instrumental or personal goals. The test I took on my level of assertiveness showed me a high score. This shows that I am an assertive person and express my feelings. I am low on aggressive and passive scales which means that I am consistent with my behaviour. I am calm and creative which enables me to create a positive atmosphere in the workplace (Zeigler-Hill and Shackelford 2017).

I am calm and express my feelings in an appropriate way. Everyone respects my opinion. I get whatever I want without impacting anyone. I am clear of whatever I and others need and calmly try to need them. I always want to excel in whatever I do and I expect everyone to understand my perspective. I have the right of rejecting any work and I am not scared of expressing it. I say not to works if I do not want to do it and explain my rejection. I can control my emotions and never expose it in front of everyone.

I show passivity during my work but it happens very rarely. Most of the time, I never bottle up my emotions and express them. I am rarely aggressive and like acting dominant over others. I ignore people if I do not like them. I never hide my expressions while doing so.

Decision-making processes are very important as it helps the people to make important decisions in their lives. Decisions should not be made hastily and one should take a lot of time to decide on important subjects. Not all decisions can lead to a positive result nut one should be resilient at the face of negative outcomes of a decision. I have taken a sound decision-making test in which my score was 94. This means that I know how to analyse a situation and collect information according to the analysis. I am aware of potential bias that can take place around me (Judge and Talaulicar 2017).

I assess a range of options before coming to a rational decision. I can explain the decisions taken by me and justify them. At times, I am not careful with the source of information that I collect in order to make my decisions. I should be more cautious about the credibility of the source. I do not use internet tools in weighing options as it takes long time but I should start doing that in taking better decisions. I do not spend any time in implementing and communicating my decision which I should start doing. I should use my instincts too in making important decisions.

I expected whatever the test results are showing. I am intelligent as I have scored great results in all my examinations. I like helping people but only those who are intelligent enough to understand me. I do not panic in difficult situations and like leading people in such situations. I mostly depend on my intuitions and hardly pay attentions to the suggestions of others. These tests and the results that I received are valuable and significant as it provides me with the tips that I will be needing to improve myself. The tests informed me of facts that I did not know about myself.

There are many commonalities between the results of the test and the real characteristics that I have such as, I get very happy when I am given a good team to work. I like it when people work in harmony and compliment each other. However, I do not like praising people because I feel that it is unimportant. Therefore, there are no surprises regarding the results of the tests. I find that they are accurate as they describe me efficiently. It rightly says that I am assertive as I always express myself but I can control my emotions and express myself in an appropriate way.


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Most Popular Questions Searched By Students

Q.1. What Is A 1000-Word Essay?

Ans: A 1000-word essay is a long piece of academic writing that you encounter primarily in college. Unlike shorter essays, a 1000-word essay provides ample opportunity to dive deep into a topic and substantiate your arguments with evidence.

Q.2. How Many Paragraphs Should A 1000-Word Essay Contain?

Ans: A 1000-word essay contains a minimum of 5 paragraphs, which includes one introductory segment, one conclusion and three body paragraphs. Each paragraph in the body should introduce a new argument and transition smoothly into the next.

Q.3. How Long Does It Take To Write A 1000-Word Essay?

Ans: Writing a 1000-word essay can take somewhere between 2-4 hours and depends on various factors, such as:

  • The amount of research you must conduct
  • The complexity of the topic
  • The availability of resources

If the topic is too complex or you can’t find good resources for research, it can exceed five hours.

Q.4. How Long Would It Take To Create The First Draft Of A 1000-Word Essay?

Ans: Drafts aren’t meant to be perfect. However, it allows you to frame your essay and organize your thoughts. Now, depending on the essay topic and the time you’d need to conduct preliminary research, you need approximately 90 minutes to create the first draft.

Q.5. If A Professor Says To Write An Essay That Is 1000 Words, Does That Mean I Can Stop At 1000?

Ans: When you have to write a 1000-word essay, you don’t have to stop writing as soon as you hit 1000 words. Instead, the word limit is merely an indication that allows you to pace yourself while writing the paper. Ideally, a 1000-word essay can be between 960 to 1070 words.

Q.6. If I Wrote More Than 1000 Words For A 1000-Word Essay, Would I Get A Good Grade?

Ans: Exceeding the word count for your 1000-word essay won’t reflect well on your grades. You need not worry if it is within 1050-1080 words. However, anything exceeding 1100 is stretching it. If you’re not careful, you might lose grades for not following instructions.

Q.7. How Difficult Is It To Write A 1000-Word Essay In A Day?

Ans: Writing a 1000-word essay within a day is simple as long as you pace yourself well and plan ahead. For example, instead of wasting time collecting research materials during the writing process, it’s best to gather them beforehand. Avoiding distractions can also help you speed up the process.

Q.8. How To Write A 1000-Word Essay In One Night?

Ans: Writing a 1000-word essay in one night is possible when you prepare yourself for the challenge. Read the question carefully, arrange your resources and carve an outline for the paper to avoid wasting time. Additionally, you can also hire professional experts at for assistance.

Q.9. How To Write A Good 1000-Word Essay In Two Weeks?

Ans: Instead of rushing to compose a 1000-word essay at the last minute, having two weeks to write the paper will result in better quality work. Spend the first few days researching the topic thoroughly. Then, compose a draft and arrange your arguments logically. Finally, you can take time to write the essay.

Q.10. Will My Professor Be Impressed If I Write More Than 1000 Words?

Ans: Many students tend to think writing more than 1000 words for a 1000-word essay will impress their professor, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. You must maintain the word count as provided in the instructions to receive an A+.

Q.11. How Long Should An Introduction Be For A 1000-Word Essay?

Ans: A 1000-word essay usually contains an introduction of approximately 150 words in length. This introductory paragraph consists of three crucial elements, such as:

  • The hook
  • Background information
  • Thesis statement

You can check out the sample essays on if you need help with introductions.

Q.12. How Long Should A Conclusion Be For A 1000-Word Essay?

Ans: The conclusion of a 1000-word essay should be approximately 150 words. When composing the conclusion, ensure it maintains the same length as the introduction. A good conclusion should summarize the vital points and contain your final thoughts on the topic.

Q.13. I Have A 1000-Word Essay Due. What Should I Do?

Ans: There’s nothing better than relying on the best essay guidance experts in the US when you have a 1000-word essay due. At, you can hire professionals to lend you a helping hand with your essay.

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