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120 Controversial Topics Teens

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Controversial Topics For Teens

The internet has turned into a battlefield of several conflicting opinions on numerous topics, particularly now when people are locked inside their house because of the outbreak of covid-19 pandemic. Simultaneously, it has turned into a playfield for a large array of trolls and spammers, ruining any kind of constructive discussion. Hence, teenagers have undertook the decision of setting up a so-called flop accounts on social media sites such as Instagram as the space virtual space where they are free of trolls and adults. Teenagers make use of these flop accounts so that they can express their opinion regarding controversial topics associated to racism, eating disorders, teenage suicide rate, gun controls, and many more.

Regrettably, there are some flop accounts that cannot escape the common trap of online discussion such as polarized atmosphere which is filled with drama and misinformation. As a result of this, the current discussion is based on offering its readers with a list of controversial topics amongst teens which be used in debate classes under teachers’ control that would offer a tolerant environment to exchange opposing opinions. The lists ranges between general topic for debate and controversial topics by completely emphasizing on the teenage population, their major interests, and concerns. In the present age, younger generations likes to indulge in serious discussions regarding controversial topics in order to have their voices heard and taken seriously. As a result, the readers would find here a wide range of different hot-button topics which is used in debate classes so that they can complement the full list of general debate topics for both the middle and high school students.

Do’s And Don’ts When Holding Debate On Controversial Topics:

Teenagers are usually considered an opinionated bunch because they fervently defend their viewpoint. In order, at times fiery arguments can easily go out of control. This is the main reason where teachers as the moderators should establish some kind of ground rules and should explain that aggressive behaviour would not be tolerated while holding debates on the controversial topics. There are some common Do’s while holding debate

  1. Listening to other debaters in a respectful manner
  2. Listening actively with good understanding
  3. Criticizing the ideas
  4. Commenting to share the information
  5. Giving everyone equivalent opportunity to speak.
  6. Being open-minded towards the other participant

Besides this, there are some don’t while being involved in debate

  1. The debaters must not interrupt others.
  2. The debaters must not think about their reply when someone else is talking
  3. The debaters must not criticize individuals
  4. They should not comment to persuade others
  5. The debaters must avoid any kind of speculation, blame or offensive language
  6. They should not make any kind of assumptions or generalizations regarding others.

Common Controversial Topics For Teens:

As it has been mentioned overhead, teenagers are interested in discussing about the hot topics and this proves that they are now mature enough to make their individual opinion count as well. Additionally, controversial topics are much engaging, exciting, and easy to research since there is a collection of relevant material regarding these burning questions. On the other side, the controversial topics might comprise of strong emotions and opinions, making others feeling awkward or embarrassed while involved in debate. Furthermore, there are some topics that might be taboo for some social groups which would eventually makes them hard to discuss. As a result of this, teachers must moderate controversial debates carefully and should continuously remind the students regarding the set rules. Below listed are some of the common controversial topics that teens might find it exciting to discuss:

  1. Should the voting be reduced to 16?
  2. Should the age for drinking be reduced to 16?
  3. What should be the right age for teens to start dating someone?
  4. Cyberbullying can be considered worse than the actual life bullying?
  5. Is peer pressure be considered as a good or bad thing?  
  6. Whether social media plays an active part in increasing the rate of suicide amongst the teenage.    
  7. Energy drinks must be banned for teenagers.
  8. Mobile phones must not be allowed in schools.

Controversial Political And Legislative Topics:

Politics is usually born as a result of controversies. It is very easy to discover the array of contrasting opinions on every present political issues. This is the main reason where teens might find it hard to actual politics and legislative issues which are fascinating and worth debating. This is particularly true at present when administration all through the world struggle to discover an effective method of fighting the global pandemic, at the same time saving the lives of people and economies. Apart from the present crisis, there are also some enduring controversial political issues relating to freedom of speech and racism which is constantly drawing the attention of young population ever since it directly started effecting their life on daily basis. Below listed are some of the fascinating controversial political topics for teens;

  1. Should democracy be seen as the best form of government instead of a monarchy?
  2. Is the Electoral College system turned obsolete?
  3. Is it necessary to guarantee minimum wage?
  4. Is it worth having an exception in freedom of speech?
  5. Should the government provide a guarantee to protect privacy?
  6. How should people fight issues relating to the gender gap?
  7. Is it necessary to legalize drugs in general?
  8. The gun control law must be severer.
  9. Using or carrying any kind of automatic weapon must be forbidden.
  10. Water must be considered as a human right and should not be viewed as a commodity.

Controversial Religious Topics:

Religious topics are very much engaging and regularly provokes strong emotions. Some of the debatable religious topics are;

  1. Should atheism be treated as a religion?
  2. Religion has turned into an out-of-date concept. Agree or disagree?
  3. Religious symbols must be prohibited in schools.
  4. Is it necessary to marry someone that has same religion? Agree or disagree?

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