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    Writing a persuasive essay

    Persuasive essay is the type of essay where the author tries to persuade the person who reads the essay to see his/her point of view on a particular topic. The most important parts in these types of essays are mainly the definite point of view, evidence requirement and reasons, understanding level of the audience, convincing power and a thorough research for the essay topic.

    In a persuasive essay, the writer selects whether he will be in favor or against the argumentive topic on which the essay will be based. This type of essay writing includes reasons and logical arguments to highlight on one particular idea. It certainly shows that one idea is more true and justifiable than the other one.

    There are certain steps which should be followed while writing a persuasive essay:

    1. The writer should definitely choose his position, whether he is in favor or against the topic of argument.
    2. He should know the purpose of the thesis topic and the essay.
    3. Research is the point which we cannot ignore. The thesis topic should be thoroughly researched.
    4. The evidence provided while writing the persuasive essay must be convincing.
    5. The format of the essay is the other very important part while writing. There is a particular structure which should be followed while writing a persuasive essay.

    Structure of writing a persuasive essay

    1. The introduction – The introduction should be attractive and should include the thesis or focus statement. Thesis statement defines the topic of the essay, your manageable limits on the topic and the structure of the essay.
    2. Main body of the essay – It includes the evidence to support the argument statement which is written in the introduction. There should be at least three paragraphs in the main body. A good persuasive writer tries to foresee contrasting viewpoints and present counter-arguments along with the main points in the essay.
    3. The Conclusion – The ending of a persuasive essay should include the summary of the most important information and facts of the argument and again pressurizing on the main point which the writer is trying to convey to the reader.

    General guideline to write a persuasive essay

    1. The writer should possess a firm opinion about the points which he wants the reader to accept.
    2. Introduction should be very attractive.
    3. Evidence offered should be logical and convincing.
    4. Conclude with a restatement highlighting the points which the writer wants the reader to believe. unique features