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Organizational development assignment help is an important HRM assignment help service provided by Australia’s leading human resource management assignment help provider, Organization development (OD) is a rather complex idea which has been defined by business scholars in a number of contradictory ways. To put it simply, it can be defined as an organization wide effort, planned before hand in order to improve the productivity and efficiency of an organization in order to reach the business goals of the organization. For any kind of OD help, do not feel shy to take our organizational development assignment help.

The concept of organizational development is often mistakenly assumed to be a part of human resources development or research and development of a business organization. It should be remembered here OD is not just about people within an organization; it is also about processes, systems and structures which guide the organization. For organization development research, trust our best OD help provider. 

History of the concept

Students seeking organizational development assignment help needs to know about organization development research. Kurt Zadek Lewin (1890-47) is considered as the father of this concept. He made a pioneering contribution to the fields of applied and social psychology. He was the first to study group dynamics and organizational development. He developed a three stage collaborative process of planning, taking action and measuring results. This was the first step in the development of OD. To make the OD concept clear, try our organizational development assignment help service.

After his death in 1947, his associates began to use his theories in order to develop survey based research methods at the University of Michigan. These methods began to be used in the National Training Laboratories Institute for Applied Behavioural Science (a non-profit psychology center founded by Lewin) and various other universities across America. Since then, organizational development has now grown into a separate discipline and is offered as academic subjects in Benedictine University and Fielding Graduate University. Today it is a dynamic and a scientific discipline and draws its resources from sociology, psychology and behavioural sciences. To get total OD online services, try our services in three different countries: OD UK, OD Australia and OD service in USA.

Core values and objectives

Organizational development assignment help services include help on all areas of organizational development research, including core values and objectives. As noted before, the term OD is difficult to explain. However, it is generally expected to have the following objectives:

  • To increase the inter-personal trust level among employees
  • To augment the satisfaction level of the employees
  • To confront problems directly instead of neglecting them
  • To effectively manage conflict
  • To increase cooperation and collaboration among the employees
  • To increase the problem solving capacity of the organization
  • To put in place the changes that will help the company to be more effective and productive

Newton Margulies in his book, Organizational Development: Values, Process and Technology, published in the year 1972, explains the core values of OD:

  • It gives supreme importance to employees working within an organization. It treats the employees as human being and not just as resources in the productive process.
  • It helps each and every individual member of an organization to develop his or her fullest potential within an organization
  • It helps to find new and exciting work for each candidate
  • It helps people to find new and innovative ways in which employees can relate to their work, their employers and their workplace.
  • Finally, it helps the organization to reach the organizational goals and reach its fullest productive capacity.  

It must be remembered here that while some these objectives and core values may be similar to the allied fields of human resources; R&D and development and learning; OD, however, remains a definite scientific discipline unlike the other allied fields. For more on organizational development assignment help, get our HRM assignment help.

How does organizational development work?

OD help involves help on the therapy sessions including a change agent and a sponsoring organization. The terms change agent and sponsoring organization are explained below. For more on organizational development assignment help, log on to

  • Change agent: Any company, trying to organize organizational development session has to hire a ‘change agent’. This change agent must be trained in behavioral science. A change agent may either be internal or external. An internal agent is usually someone who has training in behavioral sciences and is an employee of the company. On the other hand, an external agent is someone who is hired from outside. Qualified change agents can be found in the university faculties as well as professional organizations like National Training Laboratories in the U.S. Additionally a company might chose an employee who may be trained in organizational development and then return to the company to carry out the OD session. For more on organizational development assignment help, log on to
  • Sponsoring organization: The company which initiates the OD is called the sponsoring organization. The initiative must come from the top level leaders. The management must realize and acknowledge that there is a problem that plagues the organization and resolves to find a solution through OD. The analogy of a victim seeking psychotherapy is often used to describe a company seeking organizational development. For more on organizational development assignment help, contact our experts.

The main function of the change agent is to draw upon the theories and practices of applied behavioral sciences and conduct therapy sessions with the employees. These OD sessions help to find the problems within an organization and solve them through scientific means. The various stages involving OD are:

  • Preliminary diagnosis
  • Collecting data
  • Feedback data
  • Data exploration
  • Planning action based on the data
  • Taking action on the basis of the plan.

For all kinds of HRM assignment help such as organizational development assignment help, organizational development research and OD concept help, contact our experts.

Recent developments in the field of OD

In recent years, serious criticisms have emerged about the relevance of OD to managing change in modern organizations. The need for reinventing the field has become a potent topic for discussion among scholars.

The Emotional Approach to OD: With this call for reinvention and change, scholars have begun to examine organizational development from an emotion-based standpoint. For example, M de Klerk in a 2007 journal article entitled, “Healing Emotional Trauma in Organizations: An OD Framework and Case Study” writes about how emotional trauma can negatively affect the performance within a corporate set up. Such emotional trauma might arise due to downsizing the organization, outsourcing of businesses, mergers and acquisitions, restructuring of the company, continual changes in the management and employee structure, invasions of privacy, mental harassment, bullying in office environment and abuses of power. Many employees experience the emotions of aggression, anxiety, apprehension, cynicism, and fear can negatively impact the productive output. M de Klerk is of the opinion that in order to heal the trauma and increase office performance, change agents must isolate the issues which are bothering the employees of the company conduct therapy sessions and find solutions to their problems using the emotional approach. For more on organizational development assignment help, contact our

One method of achieving this is by having employees draw pictures of what they feel about the situation and then having them explain their drawings with each other. Drawing pictures is particularly beneficial because it allows employees to express their emotions which they are unable to put in words. Drawings often prompt active participation in the activity, as everyone is required to draw a picture and then discuss its meaning. For more on organizational development assignment help, contact

Action Research Approach: Another approach to OD is the action research approach. This involves three stages:

  • Unfreezing
  • Changing
  • Refreezing

Unfreezing refers to the acknowledgement of the problem that faces the organization. Changing refers the diagnosis of the problem and developing an action plan to initiate the changes and refreezing involves the evaluation of the new plan and executing the changes. For more on organizational development assignment help, log on to

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