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Argumentative Essay

An argumentative essay is one where an argument is established, defended and proved to be more correct than other assertions. The art of making an argument is not an easy skill to acquire. Many people are under the impression that if somebody has an opinion then he or she would be able to argue in favor of that without any difficulty. However, in argument papers, you do not simply state an opinion forcefully. The art of good argumentative essay involves forming reasons, making inductions, drawing conclusions and applying them to the case in hand. Without these, you do not have an argumentative essay. You simply have an assertion.

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Organization of an argumentative essay

An argumentative essay is organized in the following manner:

  1. Argumentative essay writing always starts with a statement of your assertion, its significance and contemporary relevance.
  2. Review critically the existing literature on the subject.
  3. In your example of argumentative essay, illustrate logically as to how your assertion is better than those of others.
  4. Finally before ending, edit and proofread your sample argumentative essay. You must not commit a fallacy of your own while criticizing those of others.
  5. Additionally, you might want to remove all possible objections to the arguments which you have made. Check whether you have used any imprecise concepts, made mistakes while collecting data and whether your argument is forceful or not.



5 tips to master the art of writing argumentative essay

 While writing an example of argumentative essay, keep in mind five simple tips to score high. They are:

  1. Segmentation: A good argumentative essay should be segmented into three parts: Introduction, body and
  2. Give importance to both sides of the argument. Try to balance the arguments in favor of particular motion with the arguments against it. In the sample argumentative essay below, we have balanced out the advantages of Reiki, yoga and Tai chi before moving on to their disadvantages.
  3. Stick to a single position. Do not be ambivalent. It is good to balance out your arguments. However, it should be buttressed by a strong argument in favor of one of the two options. In the following sample argumentative essay, we have argued in favor of western bio-medicine.
  4. Try to follow an argumentative style. It is important that you follow a forceful style of presenting your points. Weak argumentative essay writing style might not go down well with your readers.
  5. Follow a coherent pattern. Do not cram all your arguments in a single paragraph. Break up into small paragraphs.
  6. Try to be politically correct: Good argumentative essays must be politically correct. Do not support issues that may be racist, sexist etc.

Here is a sample argumentative essay on the advantages and disadvantages of alternative medicine.

Sample argumentative essay

Health and Healing at your fingertips

Techniques of alternative healing are better than western bio-medical techniques. Argue in favor or against the motion.

The example of argumentative essay given below depicts how to write to start an argumentative essay in a proficient manner. The sample of an argumentative essay deals with the healing technique by using alternative medicine.

Introduction: While there is no denying the fact that health and healing has made great progress in the last century, there is now a strong opinion that alternative healing practices are a far better than the western bio-medical techniques. Some of the important varieties of alternative healing such as Reiki, Yoga and Tai chi are far better than western medical practices such as surgery. In this example of argumentative essay, we make a case for western medical practices despite the effective medical therapy of alternative medicine.

Alternative medicine: advantages and disadvantages

Let us start with the benefits and shortcoming of alternative medical practices. Eastern remedies such as Yoga, Reiki and Tai Chi are based on a different understanding of the body. They see the human body as a part of the larger universe and believe it to be made up of a delicate balance. Illnesses and diseases are produced when the balance is broken down. A good argumentative essay should always highlight the contradictory cases in order to frame the argument.

  1. Reiki: Reiki, for instance is a spiritual practice developed in 1922 by Japanese Buddhist by Miako Usui. It is method of alternative healing which uses palm healing or hands-on-healing as the principal method of healing.
  2. Yoga: In yoga, the attempt is to heal the body, mind and soul not just for curing of diseases but of spiritual salvation.
  3. Tai Chi: Finally in Tai Chi, the body is developed through the practice of martial arts techniques. All these methods are now internationally recognized as effective treatments. They are highly popular in western countries where increasing number of men and women are turning to these methods.

 This example of argumentative essay introduces all the alternative healing techniques in order to generate an argument.


  1. Absence of harmful chemicals: Unlike bio-medicine, Tai chi, Reiki and Yoga do not suggest harmful chemicals and drugs. Neither do they suggest surgery. The treatment is therefore non-invasive and safe.
  2. Absence of side effects: Further there are no side effects. Whenever we feel pain or experience discomfort, we take pain killers. Whenever we are unable to fall asleep, we turn to sleep inducing drugs like Xanax etc. However, unlike these methods, alternative healing practices are not based on harmful side effects. Instead, they rely on age-old techniques. Reiki, for instance is based on the usage of energy which is the source of life. Even quantum physics now recognizes the value of energy. Reiki is therefore much safer and non–invasive than bio-medicine.
  3. Emotional advantages: Further they have monetary and emotional advantages over western healing practices. Patients suffering from cancer are asked to undergo chemotherapy which is a painful medical practice. People suffering from AIDS, have to take a ‘cocktail’ of anti-retroviral drugs in order to prevent opportunistic infections. Physical pain is often augmented by emotional fragility and expensive hospital medical bills. Alternative medical practices are far cheaper than western medicine. Further by practicing Yoga and Tai chi, our mental equilibrium can be maintained.


However, the disadvantages of Reiki and Yoga along with Tai Chi overwhelm their advantages.

  1. Unscientific in nature: Reiki has never been scientifically proven to cure humans of serious diseases like AIDS and Cancer. Yoga and Tai chi are better for physical and mental fitness but not curing pathological conditions.
  2. No scope for surgery: They are preventive and not curative. There are several critical illnesses along with emergency conditions which require surgical intervention. While this is possible in western medicine, they are however not possible in alternative eastern medical practices.
  3. Esoteric medical practices: Further alternative medical practices can be esoteric and not easily available. Although great strides have been made in recent years to commercialize these practices, the truth is that they are still practiced by a handful of practitioners. These practitioners do not have to undergo professional training and examination. There are no standard rules guiding these arts of healing.

Conclusion: In conclusion of this sample argumentative essay, it must be said that in the areas such as pricing and safety, alternative methods of healing score more. However, western medical practices are more scientific, easily available and excellent for surgical emergencies.

You can go through the examples of argumentative essay before proceeding with the write-up. This way you can develop insight knowledge on ‘what is argumentative writing and how to write a ‘good argumentative essay’.


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