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Common CDR Mistakes that You Must Avoid

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Engineers Australia demands a Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) to evaluate your performance and expertise. A CDR is a group of documents that show an engineer’s credentials, skills, experience, and expertise. You must clear Engineers Australia’s Skills Assessment Test in order to relocate to Australia to serve as an engineer. Writing their own CDR reports by engineers without the necessary training is common.

Numerous applications are rejected each year as a result of minor CDR authoring mistakes. Minor mistakes can lead to a bad evaluation conclusion. In a few instances, candidates have been disqualified for a year. Additionally, these mistakes might make it more difficult for you to pursue a lucrative profession. You must, therefore, accurately compose your CDR.

So, let’s look at the mistakes that you must avoid.

Plagiarism and Errors

Here are the plagiarism, grammar, and formatting-related issues. Let’s have a look 


You will get a lot of CDR report samples or CDR help available online. However, it is merely there for reference. The application you submit for the Skills Evaluation Test may be rejected if you copy CDR files from online sources. You will not get a chance if any plagiarism exists in your CDR report. The individuals in charge of the Skills Evaluation Test are experts in their fields and maintain such standards for judging your application. They rapidly discover that the report isn’t unique and innovative.

It will be very difficult for you to resurface if your writing is discovered to have been plagiarised. You could even face a year of suspension. So never submit a CDR report that is plagiarised. The CDR example that can be found online is only for educational purposes.

Grammatical errors and spelling

The grammar in your CDR Report should be impeccable. A professional undoubtedly authored this report you’re submitting.

Therefore, you must make sure that the text is free of grammatical, spelling, punctuation, and sentence structure issues. You should verify your career episodes’ grammar, punctuation, and formatting once more before publishing.

If EA discovered any errors in the information, they promptly examined the documents. You will learn about the fundamental structure of a report for a competency assessment through this exam.


The CDR Report shouldn’t have any incorrect formatting. Instead of presenting the information in bullet points, discuss everything in paragraphs so that it is clear to all readers. Follow the instructions, and if necessary, seek professional assistance, to ensure that there are no minor formatting difficulties.

Information Problem

If you don’t understand how to use information properly, you will lose to attract the authority with your CDR report. Let’s see what information issues can happen –

Insufficient information

Less detailed information in the report, such as the duration, address, firm profile, and aim, may also be the cause of the CDR report’s rejection. In chronological sequence, you must contain and show your report’s duration, address, business profile, and goal.

You must pick a respectable project for your CDR report as a requirement for your education certification. Your application may have been denied if the purpose of your project does not meet the standards.

So give adequate and precise data in a CDR report in order for your application to be accepted.

Inaccurate information

One of the most common errors engineers make when creating CDR reports is using phoney information to increase their prospects of passing the competency test, such as falsified projects, expertise, credentials, or any other type of phoney information.

So, avoid making such errors because it is a breach of the regulations, which may result in the report being rejected and serious action being taken against you if it is proven to be false.

The most crucial thing, then, is to refrain from utilising any information that you wouldn’t be able to support if Engineers Australia asked you about it.

Excessive Technical Details

Including certain technical data in your paper is acceptable, but incorporating excessive amounts of technical information—such as tables, complicated computations, charts, photographs, etc.—can harm your CDR report. A CDR report is a formal document that competent and knowledgeable authors should author without using too many technical specifics.

It is for this reason that a CDR report should only provide the most important details. One of the frequent errors applicants make in their CDR reports is using too many technical details.

Missing Problem Statement

One of the crucial reasons that can reject your CDR report is forgetting to include the problem statement. You should be aware that many applicants forget to add the problem statement. In your career episode report, you must include problem statements as well as the steps you took to remedy them.

The CDR Project’s most important element is this assertion. Your career episodes should be highlighted by the details of the tasks you undertook and the results you achieved. In your CEs, mention the issues you encountered and the steps you took to resolve them.

Writing Career Episode about Group Activity

The most frequent error people commit while outlining how their team or group collaborated on the project, handled challenges, and completed tasks. Contrarily, CDR is meant to assess your skills rather than the teams’.

It assesses your performance on that project, including what you performed, how you completed your task, how you worked with others and other factors. As a result, focus more on what you (I) individually implemented than what the group (WE) did while writing your Statement in the first person.

Additional CDR Report Mistakes Made by Engineers

Here is an overview of other common mistakes that students make –

Word Limit

Engineers Australia prescribes the word count for each section of CDR reports. Every career episode must have a minimum of 1000 words and a maximum of 2500 words. Adding more information and expanding your career episodes may result in CDR rejection.

To comply with all Engineer Australia standards, you must thus just provide the pertinent details and address them in a concise manner.

Division of One Project

Many candidates make the mistake of splitting a single project into two parts and including each in its career episode while drafting a career episode. Engineers Australia stipulates that each career episode must contain one finished project.

For example:

A Mechanical Engineer built her professional episode based on work performed during her engineering education in the seventh and ninth semesters. This project’s primary goal was to advance multi-story architecture construction and development.

She finished her first project during the seventh semester. The project required the creation of a research question, a research strategy, a method design and selection process, and a research proposal. As so, she must have mentioned it in her first Professional Episode.

You finish the second project over the course of eight semesters. The project’s objectives included conducting literature research, gathering data, designing a multi-story structure, choosing materials, observing the outcome, and writing a final report.

Although these two assignments had different marks and were finished during her college years for various purposes, because she successfully completed both projects for modelling and constructing a multi-story building, Engineers Australia views them as components of the same project.

Engineers Australia sees your project as a single undertaking that you finished during your seventh and eighth semesters.

Use of a Foreign Language Other than English

Your CDR report must be submitted to Engineer Australia in its entirety in Australian English. CDRs in languages other than English are strictly forbidden. Suppose you wrote your career episode in an alternate language other than English. In that case, you must convert your report into English because Engineers Australia might not examine your CDR if they don’t understand it.

One frequent error made when generating a CDR report is to use the wrong CDR report template. You can employ professional CDR Writers if you don’t think you are fluent in English.

Improper Selection of Projects

Your expertise and abilities are demonstrated through poor project selection or outright carelessness. In order to improve its workforce’s professional knowledge and propel its economy forward, Australia carefully examines your report to make sure you have the necessary talents or capabilities for employment as an engineer there.

It would be beneficial if you omitted any reference to any projects whose talents and concepts you are unable to define fully. However, you must mention the project you were selected for based on your academic achievements, the linked company, and your job to help them understand its significance.

You must demonstrate your unwavering seriousness for each task you accept and provide the project with security measures as well.

The duration, locations, goal of the project, and firm biography must all be included in the report. This information from the news should be provided in chronological sequence as well

Poor Demonstration of the Summary Statement

Forget to include all the skills you acquired through the job. This executive summary must be concisely mentioned, together with your database management strategies and a high degree of creativity.

One of the most important parts of the CDR is the summary statement. The report’s first page demonstrates how well you assemble information and draw inferences. This section contains a one-sentence summary of each of the three professional experiences.

Absence of Problem Statement

The primary cause of EA rejection is the absence of a problem statement. It would be beneficial if you included problem statements and the steps you took to address them in your report on the career episode.

You should be aware of this because many applicants overlook the problem statement.

Writing about Only Your Experiences

Reports are sometimes denied because there aren’t enough positive encounters. If you collaborated on a project while earning your engineering degree, write your CDR Statement from the standpoint of “what I did” rather than “what we did.”

Lack of Imaginative Design

The most important aspect of CDR assessment is design. Your chances of being chosen by EA rise if you include technical design work in your CDR Report.

In a similar vein, a poor or unoriginal design may reduce the likelihood that your CDR Report will be positively evaluated. Therefore, in your description of your technological expertise, experiences, and inventive engineering in relation to your design efforts, try to be as creative as you can.

Incorrect Design, Format & Structure

You must write your CDR Report per the guidance in Engineers Australia. To avoid mistakes relating to layout, technological innovation, and structure, we must be cautious when assessing the report for technical design and presentation.

As an illustration, the CPD list should be formatted, and the summary statement shouldn’t be longer than 100 words.

Documents Necessary for a CDR Report

The following are crucial records that must be incorporated when preparing the CDR report:

  • The newest passport-sized photo
  • A revised resume or curriculum vitae
  • Documents used for personal identification, such as the passport’s bio page
  • Transcripts and academic records
  • Academic certificates and degrees
  • A marriage certificate, if appropriate, can serve as proof of a name change
  • IELTS, PTE, or TOEFL exam results showing English proficiency
  • Concerns about proof of paid employment
  • Evidence of employment with compensation (pay stubs, tax paperwork)
  • Career Episodes, Professional Continuing Development (CPD), and Summary Statements

Wrapping Up,

Your admission ticket to securing skilled migration to Australia may be the Competency Demonstration Report. It now becomes possible for engineers who are currently employed in other nations to start successful careers in Australia.

Sometimes carelessness and overconfidence result in minor errors when preparing a CDR Report. Keep in mind that many engineers are seeking Australian immigration, demonstrating an unfathomably fierce level of competitiveness that goes far beyond your wildest dreams.

Do not be alarmed. The top CDR Report errors listed above are ones that you should avoid when submitting your application for an Engineers Australia skill assessment. You should also heed some wise counsel and instructions to produce the ideal CDR Report. You may also refer to CDR Samples.

Most Popular Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if CDR gets rejected?

Ans: Ascertain that the most recent criteria are adhered to in your revised CDR. Also, reach out to engineers or other experienced individuals in your field who have received CDR approval. Their counsel and insights can greatly enhance your CDR report.

How do you write a good CDR?

Ans: You must mention the working length, the job summary of your responsibilities, and the team members involved in the problem-solving process for a superb CDR Report. Assigning responsibilities to team members, creating a timetable, and achieving deadlines are just a few examples of technical details that should be included.

What is CDR assessment?

Ans: A Critical Design Review (CDR) is a multidisciplinary, independent technical evaluation that makes sure a system can be built, shown, and tested while still meeting the performance objectives that have been specified while staying within budget, schedule, and risk constraints.

How accurate is CDR data?

Ans: The data included in the CDRs is typically insufficient, even for a true expert, to provide an exact coverage estimate; instead, they only provide both upper and lower limits, which can differ by a margin of four or more.

How long is a CDR report?

Ans: A CDR report typically contains 6,000–6,800 words. For applicants who require direction on where to start, we suggest that you look for expert assistance.

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