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A Comprehensive Guide on Journal Writing

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How to Write a Quality Journal in Short Time?

“Journal Writing is a Voyage to the Interior”- Christina Baldwin

Writing a journal can be a pleasant experience for you, provided you adhere to the official journal writing format. If you are aiming to write a compelling journal, in a short time, then you need to abide by the tips stated below.

  • Choose the Journal Type

You can maintain your journal in several ways. You can either pen down your thoughts in a book, a copy, or maintain daily notes on your computer. Since, this is a personalized entry, you need to choose the medium carefully, as it is your passion, and you need to remain motivated.

Journal writing is of many types. Different occasions and purpose of writing demand separate journals.

You can either write a

Dream journal

Reading journal

Art journal

Travel journal

Food Journal

Workout Journal and many more.

  • Date Your Entry

If you have a healthy habit of noting down the entry date of the journal, it will pay you off in the long run.  You will be able to recollect the sequence of the events, once you start assigning the dates in your journal.  

For example, if you had been a part of an event held for two days, you might not be able to distinguish the details (on each day), if you do not specify the date accurately.

You can use a standard date format like DD/MM/Y or any other form that helps you remember comfortably when the entry was made.

  • State Honest Views

You need to ask yourself, “What is the point in hiding facts from yourself?” If you wish to present a detailed journal, you need to be a reliable storyteller, emphasizing on all those points of the story that mattered to you. And, the most crucial aspect of good journal writing is stating honest views. Try not to exaggerate any incident but don’t leave out essential details.

For instance, if you failed to complete your task on a given day, do not go on to state that the job was extremely tough, and you finished it off well, before the deadline.

  • Incorporate Details

To make the journal relevant for your teachers, you need to incorporate details in your storytelling. You need to take care of various aspects in your journal like the time, the location of the event, the people you interacted with, etc. and everything, that let you remember the incident in entirety.

While going through a journal written during my college, I could remember the details of the best times of my life. I could experience and relive all those moments once again

“ The sun was setting. We had just finished our tennis match. Few of us went to the roof. We shared a drink…..”

You wouldn’t believe it, but when I summarized the experience from my journal in my essay, “ The story of my life”, I got straight A.

Moreover, you can also engage your teachers more if you make use of the five senses in your journal writing. For instance, you can write, “I felt a strange vibe after I met him. Don’t you think something is fishy?”

  • Share Your Opinion

To make your journal stand out from the rest of the class, you need to share your personal opinion on the matter. You need to share your emotions like were you happy, ecstatic or sad at a particular point of time. Furthermore, journal writing is your chance to show off your creativity. Thus, you need to grab the opportunity and display your writing prowess and the most important part, ‘write naturally’.

  • Choose Your Word Count Wisely

There is no mandatory word count for journal entries. It all depends on the incident. If it involves a lot of details, you need to make a precise entry. Then again, you can extend it if you want to. However, if the college assigns a particular word count, then you need to consider it. 

Thus, if you had been wondering, “How to write my paper a quality journal in a short time?” you just need to stick to the tips stated above.

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10 Journal Writing Prompts and Ideas

If you had been looking for journal writing prompts and ideas, you could take a look at the following suggestions.

  1. The book you are currently reading
  2. An abstract thought
  3. Your thoughts on the last movie you have watched
  4. Are you pessimistic or optimistic about something?
  5. Is there someone you miss?
  6. How would you like to spend the lottery had you won it in the first place?
  7. One place you would like to visit again
  8. What are your views on life and the Supreme Being?
  9. Whom do you get along with the most in your family?
  10. Do you overthink? Share an account

These are some of the most exciting journal writing prompts and ideas that you can consider to start working on journal ASAP.

Not all journal writing is meant for college. You can do it for recording the precious moments of your life. Journal writing is cathartic to a great extent, relieving your pent up emotions, grudges and all those things that you couldn’t express at those moments, when the incident occured.

Journal Writing Template and Format

Journal writing template and format varies from one person to another. Thus, you have to abide by the format as specified by your professor. Nevertheless, the basic framework that you should keep in mind has been highlighted below.

Once you have chosen a topic, you must then write the:

  • Date of entry, the day when you are making an entry in your journal
  • Introduction, where you start with an exciting opening line (hook), following which you provide background details of the incident.
  • Body, where present the details of the incident or you share your thoughts on a particular aspect. Here you shed light on the timings, location of the event, the characters involved etc.
  • Conclusion, where you share the important moments of the event, your final views on the matter and discuss the lessons learnt.

If you follow this basic journal writing template and format, you will be able to present a refined journal.

Journal Writing Examples

Journal writing becomes easier if you have access to journal writing examples. Thus, you will be able to verify whether you are on the right track. Moreover, if you are at a loss of ideas or you are wondering, “What to write in a journal?” you can always refer to the examples to clarify your doubts.

Journal writing example
journal writing guideline

Benefits of Journal Writing

If you are wondering, “What are the benefits of journal writing?” then, you have to keep on reading.

Usually, a journal is maintained so that you can:

  • Keep a detailed account of your day to day life, your daily experience and the people with whom you had an interaction.
  • Evoke mindfulness, though which you can get past your daily struggles, frustrations and anxieties.
  • Recollect past events, pleasant encounters or even life-changing experiences by going through pages of your journal
  • Process different ideas that you had been meaning to express for a long time and emotions
  • Enhance your communication skills as it has been found that writing has critical connections to speaking (Stanford report)

Thus, if you want to improve your writing skills and at the same time, boost your memory, you should spend more time on journal writing.

Online tools for Journaling

  1. Penzu
  2. 750 words
  3. Oneword
  4. OhLife

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