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Designing a Crime Prevention Program to Address Local Crime Problems

Program Goals, Structure, and Participants

-Provide a name for your Crime Prevention Program that you design to address a crime problem within local or community parameters.  Note that this program must address a specific local crime problem with participants drawn from the community it serves.  In other words, you will be describing a small group (no more than 50 participants) program which aims to prevent certain offences or criminal behaviours in a specific community or city. (NOTE:  this is NOT a substance abuse or addictions program, a program for the homeless, a police-based program, or a law enforcement strategy).
-In one page, identify the goals, structure, and participants of your program (What is/are the specific offence (s) the program wishes to address?  What is the program hoping to achieve in relation to crime prevention?  What are the main components of the program? Who will run it? Who will be receiving or participating in the program? NOTE that the participants will be the offenders or potential offenders whose crimes your program is trying to prevent.)
-Outline the theoretical basis of your program, i.e., on which theory is this program based?  IN YOUR OWN WORDS, summarize the main ideas of that theory. This section should be one page minimum.
-Identify the components of your program that correspond to the theory underpinning the program.  Be sure to explain how the specific elements of the theory are connected to the specific activities of the program.
-Identify the indicators of program success (How will you measure the achievement of your program goals? How will you know if your program has achieved its goals in relation to crime prevention?)

Option 2.    Analyze Actual Offences
NOTE:  Your analysis must be based on Radical Criminology AND/OR Feminist Criminology
If you choose this option as your Final Assessment, your submission will:
-Select two Canadian criminal cases you have learned about in the media. You will be explaining why these crimes occurred, from either the Radical Criminology or Feminist Criminology Perspective.  You can choose one or the other to explain each crime.  NOTE that if you choose the Feminist Perspective, you must write about a crime committed by a female.
-Outline briefly (one half page each case) the case particulars (the criminal offence, who has been accused/convicted, other relevant details).  NOTE: Your cases must have been prosecuted within the last 10 years.
-IN YOUR OWN WORDS, summarize the main beliefs and elements of Radical and/or Feminist Criminology.  Include in this part how the perspective explains: why crime occurs, what crimes the theory focuses on, and how offenders are treated in the criminal justice system.  This section should be one page minimum per perspective/theory covered.
-Explain how each case illustrates either the beliefs of Feminist Criminology or Radical Criminology (Each case may illustrate a different perspective or both cases may illustrate the same perspective).  For instance, according to Feminist/Radical Criminology theory, why did this offence occur?  How can the accused’s behaviour be understood or explained from a feminist  or radical criminology point of view? How does the accused’s experience in the community, and/or with the justice system, correspond with the beliefs of Feminist or Radical Criminology?

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