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Using Coded Medical Data for Decision-making in Gynecology Program Planning and Resource Allocation

Purpose of the Assignment

The purpose of this assignment is to assess your understanding and ability to apply what you learned about using available coded data, how the data can be presented and used to support decision-making.  

Senior management at your hospital has received funding from the ministry or department of health to develop a new gynecology program to provide this service in

your geographic area.  You have been asked to provide the senior management team with data that will help them decide how to allocate these new funds.  Since your hospital has never had a gynecology program prior to receiving this funding, you will use your “Neighbouring Facility’s” data to help better understand and to project anticipated needs of this service population. Since your “Neighbouring Facility” has had a gynecology program for many years, their data will help you estimate volumes of diagnoses and interventions that your facility should expect to serve once the new gynecology program is up and running.  You will create a slide deck with speaker’s notes to present this data and your analysis to the senior management team. 

1. You will use the Excel spreadsheet titled “Neighbouring Facility,” saved on Brightspace in the assignment area. Download the file and save a copy to your computer.  

2. You will create a new Excel spreadsheet. You will use this new Excel spreadsheet to create the tables and graphs, using the data you retrieve from the “Neighbouring Facility” Excel spreadsheet. 

3. You will filter or create a pivot table to identify the top 5 diagnoses and the top 5 interventions (CCI codes and code titles) for your “Neighbouring Facility’s” gynecology program, by fiscal year and by institution type (day surgery and acute care inpatient).

4. You will identify how you isolated the data you needed to conduct this analysis – such as, the data element(s) you used to compile the data.  

5. Summarize and compare the data using tables and graphs to help you analyze and report the data. 

6. Create a succinct and concise PowerPoint presentation for the senior management team which you will present to them.  

• Ensure the slides are presented professionally and concisely. Each text slide should have no more than 5 bullets with no more than 6 words per bullet.

• You must include completely and accurately labelled tables and graphs to illustrate the data you have compiled and analyzed.  

• Explain how this data will help with planning by identifying what staffing, equipment, materials, and other resources will be required to meet the needs of the anticipated service population (based on your “Neighbouring Facility’s” top 5 diagnoses and top 5 interventions). 

• Identify and define at least 5 other data elements on which you will report once the gynecology program is up and running at your facility and explain how this data will help senior management with planning for this service on a go forward basis. 

7. Include detailed speaker’s notes in the PowerPoint file or as a separate Word document for each slide - explaining the information on each slide of your presentation.

You will explain what is represented on each slide, the data, the analysis and how the data and other information will help inform their decisions about allocation of resources for this new program. Include conclusions and recommendations based on the data. 
Contact the instructor if you have any questions or if you require further clarification when completing this assignment.

1. Use the information in the Learning Guide to help you. 

2. Use the “Neighbouring Facility” Excel spreadsheet available on Brightspace to identify volumes to project resource use and anticipated needs of the service population. 

3. Review the Discharge Abstract Database (DAD) Abstracting Manual and the National Ambulatory  Care  Reporting  System  (NACRS)  Abstracting  Manual  to identify  at  least  5  data elements (other than diagnoses and interventions) that will be used in your analysis (specify the data element, define the data element, and explain how the data element will help senior management with decision-making). 

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