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How to Properly Answer Questions in Academic Papers


For each article, your answers will be approximately 2-3 pages in length (approximately half of a page perquestion).

Each question is asking you something about your chosen article. You will likely need to read the article at least a few times. But then, when writing your responses to the questions, put the article aside – and ensure that you are answering the questions in your own words(not using the sentences/words from the article). The objective here is to show your reader that you understand these ideas and that you can answer these questions. Copying the words, or even the sentence structure from someone else’s writing is plagiarism. Please refer to the sections below on Providing References and Avoiding Plagiarism.

A paper that is longer than 3 pages per article is acceptable (provided that the extra length is justifiable), but a paper that is less than 2 pages per article will be considered too short (i.e., inadequate).


Please answer each question separately (i.e., “answer to question #1, answer to question #2, etc.). Do not combine all of your answers into one big paragraph.


For this assignment, there is no need for a “References” section, nor is there any need for you to provide citations within the body of your paper (called an “in-text citation”). And don’t use footnotes.


In answering the questions for this assignment, you are getting the information from the article itself – not from anywhere else. Hence, you don’t need to cite your source, nor provide a reference (because you and I already know that these ideas are coming from this one article).


However, if you quote someone else’s words then you mustprovide a citation for that quote.


It is recommended that you avoid quoting from the article. Everything in your paper should be put into your own words. If there is some exception, and you absolutely need to use the researcher’s own words, then ensure to put the quote into quotation marks (e.g., “quotation marks”) as this denotes that you are using someone else’s words. You also add the page number after the quote (p. 10). However, when marking the assignment, I want to determine that you understand the material (I already know that the researchers who wrote the article understand it) – thus, it really needs to be in your own words.

Your assignment will be evaluated across two broad domains: content and editing. These will be evaluated primarily on 1) how well you summarized the theory and the research of each of the articles, 2) how well you communicated your ideas, and 3) evidence that careful thought has gone into the preparation of the answers and the presentation of the ideas.

Editing: Presentation and Organization (pass/fail)

  • Title page with complete identifying information.
  • 12-point, times new roman font, and one-inch margins.
  • EDITING! Your written work should demonstrate that care and consideration has gone into the writing and editing. Arguments should be clear, concise, and non-ambiguous.
  • Correct use of grammar and punctuation.
  • No spelling mistakes have been committed.
  • Sentence structure promotes flow of reading (i.e., it is apparent that you have edited your work).
  • For each of the answers, there a logical progression to the ideas. Is it apparent that careful thought has gone into the development of the answers (the development of the ideas)?
  • Writing style – third person (i.e., academic): Is the writing style succinct and to the point (i.e., no rambling)?

Content and Theory (pass/fail)

  • For this section – the essential question is “Did you answer the questions correctly?”
  • Is it apparent that careful thought has gone into the preparation of the answers?
  • Are the underlying Psychological theories discussed and analyzed?
  • Are the hypotheses correct?
  • Is there a discussion of the essential features of the research process?
  • Are the theories and the research discussed with adequate depth?
  • Are the results accurate? And are they discussed with adequate depth?
  • Are the conclusions based upon the findings of the article?
  • Is the paper an appropriate length? This has more to do with the quality of the content than a specific word count. The paper should be two pages in length (not counting the title page), and can be up to three pages.

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