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Comparing Hominin Dentition and Cranium: A Lab Exercise and Fossils Biography

Dentition Comparison: H. habilis vs. Australopithecines

1. Compare the lower dentition of H. habilis with that of the australopithecine in the lab. How are they different? (make sure to consider the scale).
2. Compare the H. habilis cranium with that of A. africanus and P. boisei in the lab. How are they different?
3. Observe the H. heidelbergensis skull in the lab. Make a list of those characters that seem H. erectus-like and those that seem H. sapiens-like.
4. Observe the H. neanderthalensis skull in the lab. Describe six characteristics that are different between Neandertals and modern humans. Label these features on the skull.
5. Using the internet as a source of information (be careful to use reliable sources). Provide a “biography” of sorts for the following fossil hominin: Arene Candide 1. Using point form, provide the following information:
1) binomial species name
2) nickname (i.e. “X Man”)
3) where was it found (site name, near the city of?, country)
4) who found it?
5) what year was it found?
6) date (in mya or kya)
7) sex of the fossil

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