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The Aussie pooch mobile case study is good example for management graduates who relate unique ideas to successful business. The entrepreneur Christine Taylor introduces unique business of dog washing service. She succeeded in evolving the local dog-washing service she developed as interest as teenager. This unique idea got acceptance and brought goodwill through strong customer service ethics. Taylor has evolved her approach as her business grew. Use of modified physical tools of trade and deciding from research that expansion was best achieved through franchising rather than through employment of salaried personnel. The market research showed there was a market for service delivered professionally and consistently for franchisees who relate well to dogs and their owners. Taylor was consistent in the quality of service been provided and avoided the trap of seeking excessively fast growth. She was selective in employing workforce who was friendly to dogs. She was benefited from the exposure of media stories and awards. Taylor also formed “Franchise Advisory Council” to help train the franchises to maintain consistent quality of service under their brand name.
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