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Introduction Of China Merchants Bank Case Study

China Merchants Bank (CMB) is a Chinese bank with its headquarters in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China’s Futian District. It was established in 1987 and is the country’s first share-holding commercial bank that is entirely owned by corporate legal entities. CMB has one branch in Hong Kong and more over 500 locations on the Chinese mainland. It received federal licence to establish a branch in New York City in November 2007 as part of a strategy for international expansion. The following businesses are run by CMB:
Personal banking activities include, among others, personal savings, loans, stock and currency trading, gold dealing, and bank card services. Corporate savings, corporate loans, international settlements, trade financing, asset custody, M&A advising, FX.

Introduction Of China Merchants Bank Case Study

Vision and Mission Statement and Situation Analysis

CMB plans to market itself as a "Digital Bank." In order to give client’s the greatest experience possible, it will further integrate technology and business in accordance with customer needs and foster business agility that is driven by technological agility.
One of the top companies in its field is the China Merchants Bank. By thoroughly examining and revising the SWOT analysis, China Merchants Bank keeps its leading position in the market. SWOT analysis is a highly interactive process that calls for efficient communication between numerous organisational areas, including marketing, finance, operations, management information systems, and strategic planning.

Vision and Mission Statement and Situation Analysis

Competitive Analysis and Advantage in the Industry

By expanding its digital platforms, such as CMB Life App, CMB demonstrated a significant competitive edge in 2020. It also made use of cutting-edge technologies, which led to a solid financial position, market expansion, and enhanced consumer satisfaction. Banks rose in the rankings this year as a result of their success with digital efforts. For instance, Chinese financial institutions have made progress in creating ecosystems that have boosted their ability to engage customers and increase sales.

The wealth management business chain offered by CMB is comprehensive, including all-encompassing market research, an open product platform, asset allocation advice, discretionary investment management, and a number of other associated services. The bank, however, places more emphasis on client pleasure and maximising returns than product sales volume in the hopes that the wealth of its numerous clients will help lift its own ship more successfully as a result of the rising tide.

SWOT Analysis


  • Superb performance in new markets
  • Strong Brand Portfolio
  • Successful track in developing new products
  • Strong distribution network


  • High attrition rate in work place
  • Not Successful in demand forecasting
  • Net margin below industry average
  • Limited success outside core business


  • New environmental policies
  • New trends in consumer behaviour
  • Lower inflation rate
  • Opening up of new market


  • Shortage of skilled workforce
  • No regular supply of innovative products
  • Rising pay level
  • Increasing trend towards isolationism

PESTLE Analysis

Political factors

  • Strong institutional and political frameworks foster China Merchants Bank's expansion and growth.
  • Additionally, government stability enables companies like China Merchants Bank to expand both domestically and globally.
  • Enterprises like China Merchants Bank can quickly and smoothly maintain their connections with foreign businesses thanks to trade relations with other countries and their political stability and power.
  • Government stability also draws investors for businesses and corporations like China Merchants Bank, which fosters growth and development of the infrastructure and improves the country's standing abroad.

Economics factors

Beginning of the business where each private investor's capital earnings important for an enhanced net sale because this varies from country to country. The China Merchants Bank B's economy, the ascent to become China's most profitable bank With the introduction of several products that primarily target baby food that is nutritious, business in the United States is expanding yearly.

Social factors

With relation to time, the social environment is constantly changing, as are consumer attitudes and lifestyles. Any company's service or product cannot be a success unless it cares for the customer's living environment. Bank of China Merchants, the Ascent To Be The Most Lucrative Bank As the globe continues to look for wholesome, delectable food, China is taking action to achieve its goals.

Technological factors

Tactical actions are essentially required for the development of a service. Beijing Merchants Bank How One Bank Became the Most Lucrative is one of the most well-known multinational companies in China, and throughout time, it makes investments in several sectors to elevate its products to new heights. Beijing Merchants Bank How One Bank Became The Most Lucrative China is increasing its R&D spending in order to produce products that are more wholesome and nutritious for consumers' health.

Legal factors

As it is more concerned with its laws and regulations, there is no such impact of legal issues on China Merchants Bank B The Rise to Become The Most Profitable Bank In China.

Environment factors

Bank of China Merchants, the Ascent To Be The Most Lucrative Bank China is committed to working in an atmosphere that is kind to the environment and to preserving natural resources and energy. There may be a concern if the resources utilised are recyclable or not because more products are being produced.

Target Market Analysis of China Merchants Bank

Market Segmentation

Three business segments—wholesale finance, retail finance, and other—are how the bank conducts its operations. The savings and loan, settlement, and cash management services, trade finance, offshore business, investment banking, interbank lending, buyback, and other interbank business, asset custody, financial market business, and other businesses are all included in the wholesale finance section. Savings and loans, bank card services, wealth management, private banking, and other services are all included in the retail finance area. Investment properties and the operations of the company's subsidiaries, connected businesses, and joint venture enterprises make up the other division. With China as its primary market, the company conducts business both domestically and abroad.

Marketing Mix of China Merchants Bank

Product Mix: The term “product” refers to the actual good or service that China Merchants Bank Business Model Transformation is marketing to consumers and that will be consumed by the target audience of the service being offered by China Merchants Bank Business Model Transformation. China Merchants Bank Business Model Transformation primarily works to fulfil a market need and demand as well as works to create demand by offering a distinctive and fulfilling customer experience.

Price Mix: A competitive pricing method is currently being used to determine the price level that will be followed. This is owing to the fact that there are many competitors in the sector, making data on them freely accessible.

In order to set pricing for a select few products for which information about competitors is either unavailable or for which production costs are higher, it also takes costs into account. These products are typically sold at a premium to those of competitors. This is due to the fact that it has more features, which the expensive price offsets.

Currently, it also makes use of product bundle pricing, where products are grouped and sold for less than the sum of the separate items.

Place Mix:

  • uses two marketing channels to offer its products. The first is the case where it sells straight to the buyer online. The second is the sale to wholesalers, who in turn sell to numerous stores spread across the nation. These are then sold to its clients.
  • has its goods available at more than 500 stores around the nation. It uses a comprehensive marketing plan to spread its items across as many merchants as it can. This guarantees that buyers can simply get its products in various regions of the nation.
  • has a significant volume of internet sales and active online presence. The company has worked with many different delivery service providers to manage its online operations and ensure on-time deliveries.

Promotion Mix:

employs a variety of media to market its products. It makes use of conventional media, which includes a radio and television advertisement. This is advantageous because of its broad appeal and capacity to draw a sizable audience. Due to the growing popularity of the internet, it makes use of online and social media advertising, which is advantageous and less expensive.

Due to the significant monthly usage of YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, it mostly promotes on these channels. These pages, which are exposed to often updated information by, have over 100,000 likes or customer followers.

Key success factors

  • Corporate strategies
  • Improved consumer and physician satisfaction
  • High quality outcomes
  • Lower costs
  • High performing local care

Problems and Issues in China Merchants Bank

Statistics show that Chinese businesses spend RMB30.5 billion annually on business travel, ranking second globally and making up 35% of controllable costs. But the market for business travel management is still largely untapped. Based on its dominance in the banking industry, CMB Vice President Ding Wei predicts that the company will compete with Ctrip and Mangocity in the corporate travel management space.  

Industry Structure and economic feature

China has made progress in both its economic development and the modernising of its institutions, which were once solely socialist in origin. All national institutions and ways of life have been impacted by the reforms.
Following decades of communism and state ownership, the Chinese banking industry is now undergoing a generational programme of changes as it moves to a more open system that will support China's entry into the global economy. The programme started in the early 1980s and is still in operation today.

China Merchants Bank Strategic

China Merchants Bank Co Ltd (CMB) offers personal and business customers wholesale and retail banking goods and services. Personal loans, housing loans, microbusiness loans, auto loans, corporate loans, liquid capital loans, fixed asset loans, mortgage and educational loans are all included in the bank's lending product portfolio. Demand deposits, time deposits, savings accounts, and call deposits are among the types it offers. Remittance, electronic banking, cash management, M&A finance, international banking, wealth management, investment banking, trade financing, and custody services are all provided by CMB as a part of its connected financial services. Credit cards and pension packages are also available.

Financial Analysis

For the complete year ended December 31, 2022, China Merchants Bank Co., Ltd. reported financial results. The company generated net profits of CNY 138,012 million for the entire year, up from CNY 119,922 million the previous year.


Overall, the analysis and external analysis of China Merchants Bank shows that the company’s organization strategy has helped in gaining the market position in China. 

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