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Enron Case Study – The Value of Generating Change

When a student comes across the case study of Enron then it deals with the company’s energy purchases and marketing activities. Students can take the help of case study experts who posses good knowledge in the field of marketing as well as natural energy. Since this company deals with energy and natural resources, its business dealings can have a direct or indirect impact upon the environment.

Enron SWOT Analysis - Marketing Assignment & Essay Help

Some key points regarding the SWOT Analysis Writing of Enron can be stated as follows.
Enron strength is that its customized solutions are value driventhatsuit the customers’ needs so that they can get their money’s worth. Their weakness is of being a market focused organization that is dependent on unpredictable customer requirements. It believes in taking opportunity of using renewable energy in the development of a Global Economy. It has to compete hard since many other companies pose a threat within the energy sector business Worldwide.

Enron PESTLE Analysis - Marketing Assignment & Essay Help

The PESTLE Analysis for Enron looks quite mixed in today’s liberal economic environment. The Political Environment in nations like the UK encouraged companies like Enron to do business by liberalizing the electricity and energy sectors in the early 1990s. The prevalent Economic factor for Enron is customer driven market. Its Social factor is of sharing progress with the customers. It uses low-cost Technology like Solar Panels for practicing good business. It believes in practicing under the Legislations that promote liberal economy as framed by the national governments. It uses renewable sources of energy like Solar Energy to prevent the Environment from harm like instant mineral resource depletion.

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