case-study   Ford Case Study- The Role of an Equal Opportunities Policy

When students come across case study writing regarding a car brand like Ford then, they need to stress on two points. One point is Equal Opportunity and the other is zero tolerance towards discrimination.

Ford SWOT Analysis - Marketing Assignment & Essay Help

As per the SWOT Analysis Writing of Ford, its strength is to provide equal opportunity on talent basis but its weakness is to struggle in selecting the suitable candidates without letting them feel neglected. Its opportunity is to tap potential workforce through interaction, but its threat is any occurrence of a breach of employee conduct.

Ford PESTLE Analysis - Marketing Assignment & Essay Help

As per the PESTLE Analysis of Ford, it is a car brand that has been welcomed by most political establishments worldwide. Its socio-economic factor is strong as it has a handpicked workforce of talented people. It is contributing to developing economies growth story and is designing latest hi-tech cars for people that are also environment friendly. It is also a brand that adheres to Legal factors worldwide.

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