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Buy Online University Assignments on Human Resource Case Studies

Human resource is people management skills. HR strategy of Walmart is a good case study example to understand HR concepts. Wal-Mart founded by Sam Walton in the year 1962 is world’s largest companies by market capitalization. The analysis of HR functions of Walmart gives good understanding of the fact that Walmart is successful due to the values and beliefs established by founder. The customer centric culture is adopted across the globe. The core essence of Walmart lies insaving money of its customers and enabling them to live better. This inception is replicated across the Walmart stores worldwide.

The huge manpower employed about 2 million is maintained by stringent processes and policies. The sense of belongingness of employees is by the fact that employees are treated integral part of the business and are called ‘associates’. This motivates them toperform their best. They have got variety of programs for employee engagement. Use of high end technology in its operations like cash registers being shut off automatically for their associates to relax in the mean time. This help gauze accurately the amount of time they worked. There is adoption of open culture when it comestotaking initiatives or resolving issues.Three basic beliefs are practiced by all, respect for individual which includes customer, associates and suppliers. The culture to treat each other with dignity has positive effect on the associates and customers. The best customer service is second belief realized and practiced. This belief arises from the fact that Walmart exist due to its customers. The third belief says that associates should not limit to their accomplishments and should always try beyond their already accomplished. This help gain excellence. All the values and beliefs established by Walmart’s founder have lead gain employee retention and developing a strong satisfied customer base.

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