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When students come across case study writing related to a commercial enterprise like HSBC then two things need to be kept in mind. One thing is International Trade and the other is Secure Trading.

HSBC SWOT Analysis - Marketing Assignment & Essay Help

Some key issues regarding the SWOT Analysis Writing of HSBC can be stated as follows.
The Strength of HSBC is usage of its efficient Trade Services worldwide. Its Weakness is to keep its network updated due to increasing customer numbers. Its Opportunity is to tap the potential of exporters and importers. Its Threat is to face stiff competition from similar financial services worldwide.

HSBC PESTLE Analysis - Marketing Assignment & Essay Help

The PESTLE Analysis of HSBC can be described in the following manner.
Its Political Factor works as more than 70 nations have welcomed it worldwide. Its Economic Factor is supportive as it facilitates Banking & Financial Services with full ease. Its Social culture embeds well as it modernizes the old exporter-importer business. It’s technologically ahead with things like EDI. It adheres to Legal rules of nations where it is spread. Its style of working is environment friendly due to paperless transactions.

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