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Introduction Of Roche Holdings

Roche Holdings is a multinational healthcare company in Switzerland. It operates worldwide under 2 divisions. These 2 divisions are Diagnostics and Pharmaceuticals. The holding company of Roche is Roche Holding. It has shares that are listed in the SIX Swiss Exchange. The headquarter of Roche is located in Basel. Roche is the fifth-largest pharmaceutical company in the world by revenue. The company is the leading provider of the treatment of cancer globally (Roche 2022). There are various company that is controlled by Roche Holding. The company controls Genentech which is an American Biotechnology company and is a wholly owned affiliate, of Chugai Pharmaceuticals that is a Japanese Biotechnology company. The company was founded by Fritz Hoffmann La Roche in 1896. The company was famous for the production of vitamin preparations and derivatives. The equipment that is required for diagnosis, medical diagnosis applications, and reagents for research are manufactured by Roche Diagnostics. The main location of Roche Diagnostic is Rotkreuz, Switzerland. All the business areas except the Roche Applied Sciences focus on healthcare applications, focusing on the hospitals, physicians, or consumers.

Introduction Of Roche Holdings

Vision and Mission Statement of Roche Holdings

The mission statement of Roche Holding delivers more effective treatment to the patients, payers and physicians and delivers robust and sustainable business models to the investors (Comparably 2022). The vision statement of Roche Holding is inspiring people to transform healthcare and deliver care for the life of every patient via interventions that are innovative and sustainable. The major focus of Roche Holding is improving the patients and the families of the patients in a way that ensure the usage of innovative solutions to diagnose and treat the patient and families of the patient. Roche Holdings believe that collaboration with the stakeholders can improve the status of the healthcare system and develop the accessibility of the healthcare system. It improves the health of the people beyond borders.

Vision and Mission Statement of Roche Holdings

Roche Holdings Situation Analysis

Roche is the global pioneer in diagnostics and pharmaceuticals that is focused to improve the lives of people via focusing on advancing sciences. It is one of the largest Biotech companies in the world. They focus on medicines that are related to immunology, ophthalmology, oncology, infectious diseases, and diseases that are associated with the central nervous system (Fernfortuniversity 2022). The objective of Roche is to improve the access of patients to medical innovations via working with different stakeholders. The company reported a revenue of CHF 59.497 billion for FY 2018 which there is an increase of 6.73% in comparison to FY 2018.

Industry Structure and Economic Feature

Roche is one of the largest Biotech companies in the world. It is the leading provider of in vitro diagnostics and a global supplier of innovative solutions across disease areas. As a global leader in healthcare, Roche is the major innovator in major disease areas like neurology, ophthalmology, oncology and infectious diseases. Roche has partnered with various organizations that have one thing in common. It will improve the human health of an individual. Its leadership of Roche encourages inclusion and diversity (Roche 2022). The set-up of Roche is designed for innovation. Global geographical scale attracts talent in the global science clusters and provides the solution to the people who require them. The strength of the company assists it to analyse and address the causes that decrease access to healthcare irrespective of where the people live. Via working in partnership with various stakeholders that range from governments, non-governmental organizations, and insurance companies, Roche will develop tailored solutions that will improve the accessibility to healthcare resources by overcoming the barriers.

Roche Holdings Strategic

i) Business-level strategies

The business-level strategies of Roche are fitting the right treatment, an effective partnership that drives the company forward, and excellence in science. Providing personalized healthcare is related to testing the biomarker that is related to the disease and delivering the targeted treatment. Roche is expanding the evidence-based, personalized care approach, driven by technology to provide tailored solutions (IIDE 2022). The major focus of Roche to deliver personalized care is early detection and proper diagnosis of the disease, individualized care, proper access to care, and monitoring of the care protocols.

ii) corporate level strategies

At the corporate level, a partnership between healthcare and science is beneficial to provide innovations that will eventually improve the status of Roche globally. It can serve patients with difficult-to-treat diseases. Roche is the only company that will combine diagnostic solutions, pharma, data capabilities, and cutting-edge tech that will improve better diagnosing, treatment, and prevention of diseases (IIDE 2022). Roche can modify the relationship which creates a win situation for all the parties that are involved in the partnership program.

Competitive Analysis and Advantage in the Industry

Roche has differentiated itself due to its focus on biotechnology research and development and leadership in oncology. In the competitive market, Roche is one of the strongest and most beneficial drug portfolios in the market of the therapeutics of cancer (Forbes 2014). The combined sales of the drugs that are invented by Roche to treat certain kinds of cancer stood at 19.28 billion in 2013. It is 53% of the total revenues during the year.

SWOT Analysis


The strengths of Roche are more than 8000 employees that work in the organization are from all over the world America, Asia, Africa, Europe, Australia, and others (Fernfortuniversity 2022). Another major strength of the organization is that it is one of the leading suppliers of cancer medicines and ranked one in vitro diagnostics company. Innovation through the focus on the R&D of diagnostics and pharmaceuticals, the only company that has the authorization to manufacture the drug against the swine flu, and collaboration with the big pharma companies are major strengths of Roche.


The weaknesses of Roche are fake medications that are sold under the name of the brand can decrease the reputation of the brand, and the availability of the products in certain countries in the world (Fernfortuniversity 2022).


The opportunities of Roche are strategic agreements that will improve the research of the background of the company. Other opportunities for Roche are improving the awareness of healthcare needs and increasing the demand for quality healthcare solutions (Fernfortuniversity 2022).


The threats of the Roche are risk of unsuccessful new products, a stringent regulatory environment, global financial fluctuations, and the slowdown of the economy (Fernfortuniversity 2022).



PESTEL Analysis




Roche Holdings operate in various countries; therefore, it has various policies that depend on the specific requirement of each country. Other stakeholders like non-governmental organisations, pressure and protest groups and movements of the activist have an important role in policy-making. Roche collaborates with different organisations to contribute better to the goal of the community (EMBA Pro 2019).


The economic factors that have impacts on an organisation are the economic performance of the country name, stage of the economy of the country name, rate of inflation, rate of interest, rate of taxation, rate of exchange, condition of the market, consumer disposable income and others. The skill level of the workforce in the market, economic cycles, downward pressure on the spending of the consumer, and increased liberalization of trade policy are the economic factors to shape the status of Roche (EMBA Pro 2019).


Social factors that have an immense influence on Roche are educational level in the country, gender roles, leisure interests, power structure, the attitude of citizens in that country towards health and safety, power structure and access to essential services (EMBA Pro 2019).


Technological factors that have an impact on Roche Holdings are technological transfer and licensing issues for Roche Holdings, maturity of technology, the potential of 5G, lowered production cost, and empowerment of the partners of the supply chain (EMBA Pro 2019).


Legal factors that have an impact on Roche are legal protection of intellectual property, copyrights, patents, and others. Business laws, environment laws, and health and safety norms have impacts on Roche (EMBA Pro 2019).



Environmental factors affecting Roche Holdings are activism of customers, environmental norms, regular scrutiny by environmental agencies, and renewable technology (EMBA Pro 2019).

Target Market Analysis of Roche Holdings

i) Demographic characteristics of the market: Needs, purchasing behavior, and expectations of the customers vary according to age, income, gender, and lifestyle values.

ii) Psychological characteristics of the market: Psychological characteristics of the market are based on the lifestyle, attitudes, interests, values, and traits of the customers.

iii) Behaviours of the target market: Based on behavioral segmentation, customers are divided based on the purchasing habits like frequency of usage, occasions of usage, benefits sought, and loyalty of the brand (Roche (2022).

iv) Strategies appealing to the market: Roche Holdings offer integrated solutions that improve health and medical outcome after collaboration with other parties. Roche collaborates with other stakeholders to improve the access to the solutions that need the solution most. This can be achieved by increasing awareness of the diseases to improve the access to healthcare.

Marketing Mix of Roche Holdings

i) Product Strategy: The product strategy of Roche is finding new medicines and diagnostics that establish data-based insights that influence the practice of medicine and assist patients to live longer and better lives.

ii) Pricing strategy: The pricing strategy of Roche Holdings is fair pricing. At Roche, the authority subscribes to World Health Organization's fair price. It provides a sufficient market incentive for the industry to invest in innovation and the production of medicines (EMBA Pro 2020).

iii) Promotional plan: Promotional plan Roche is social media marketing, influencer marketing, e-commerce strategies, and mobile apps. Roche is active on various social media platforms that act to share what is important for the users while staying connected to the community and hearing their voices. Roche collaborates with influencers to promote the products. The outcome of the condition is the increased popularity of Roche and improved sales via the fan following. E-commerce strategy of Roche improves the accessibility and affordability of its services.

Roche Holdings Competitive Analysis

i) 4P’s comparison and competitors: Comparison of 4P will improve the status of the organization in the market and the outcome is improved delivery of the services.

ii) Product: Value to the customers of Roche can be delivered via financial plans of Roche to purchase the products, sale equity plans, priming, and pre-purchase education that is provided by the staff in the sales, the convenience of availability, repair services, quality-assuring brand name, and others.

iii) Price: Cost base pricing, value base pricing, and market penetration pricing are in favor of Roche.

iv) Place: Distribution and marketing channels meet different purposes like providing information regarding the product, logistics, delivering the quality assurance of the product will improve the easy availability of the product to the consumers, extensive product assortment, after-sales services, and others (EMBA Pro 2020).

v) Promotion: Promotion of Roche are advertising, personal selling, sales promotion, public relations, direct marketing, and others.

vi) Strength’ comparison with the competitors

Automation of activities enables the company to scale down or scale up the products on the basis of the demand of the market at that condition. Roche has a strong base of reliable suppliers of raw materials. The outcome of the situation is decreased effect of the supply chain bottleneck. Roche has a strong distribution network that will assist the organization to build a potential market. The strong relationship of Roche with the consumer improves the satisfaction level of the consumer. There are good returns o capital expenditure of the company.

vii) Weaknesses: comparison with the competitors

Riche has a high rate of attrition in the workforce, and the profitability ratio and net contribution percentage of Roche are below the industry average. There are gaps in the range of products that are sold by the company, restricted success outside the core businesses (EMBA Pro 2020).

viii) Organisation’s competitive advantage: The advantages are new customers from the online channel, development of the market, core competencies of the organization, reduced cost of transportation, and new environmental and taxation policies.

Key Success Factors

The key success factors are continuous innovation, access the renewable energies, and implementation of the diversity of the suppliers.

Problems and Issues in Roche Holdings’s Organization

Roche is not successful at firms with various cultures of work. It fails to merge the firms with various cultures of work.

Financial Analysis

Roche Holding reported that for the half year that ended June 30, 2022, the sales were CHF 32295 million. The net income was CHF 8530 million. The basic earnings from continuing operations was CHF 10.65 (Roche 2022).


Roche is a multinational healthcare company that is the leading pharmaceutical company in the world and a provider of the treatment of cancer globally. According to Roche Holding's mission statement, it provides physicians, payers, and patients with more effective medical care, as well as investors with solid and long-lasting business models. Through treatments that are creative and long-lasting, Roche Holding is encouraging individuals to revolutionise healthcare and provide care for the lifetime of every patient.

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