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Introduction Of United Health Group Case Study

An international managed healthcare and insurance organisation with headquarters in Minnetonka, Minnesota, is UnitedHealth Group Incorporated. It provides services for insurance and healthcare products. The largest healthcare corporation by revenue, the largest insurance company by net premiums, and the seventh largest company in the world overall are all a part of UnitedHealth Group. 80% of the Group’s total revenues come from UnitedHealthcare. On the Fortune Global 500 for 2022, the company is rated number 11. As of March 31, 2021, UnitedHealth Group’s market value was $400.7 billion.Charter Med Incorporated, a privately held business with headquarters in Minnetonka, Minnesota, was established in 1974 by Richard Taylor Burke. 

Introduction Of United Health Group Case Study

Industry Structure and economic feature

The US healthcare sector is enormous and is still expanding as the country’s population rises. Together, a wide range of businesses and healthcare organisations strive to improve the quality of care and increase patient happiness, but sometimes this comes at a high price. By 2028, the global healthcare market is expected to reach $665.37 billion, predicts Verified Market Research. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services predict that US national healthcare spending would reach $6.2 trillion by 2028, or $12,914 per person, up from $4.3 trillion in 2021.US healthcare costs more than those in most other nations. The Commonwealth Fund estimates that the US spent close to 16.8% of its GDP on healthcare in 2019. With spending of 11.7%, Germany came in second place, followed by Switzerland.

Industry Structure and economic feature

United Health Group Strategic

Business level Strategies

Minnesota serves as the home base for the for-profit operated United Healthcare Group. It provides small and medium-sized businesses, foreign corporations, as well as private individuals with insurance services and healthcare products. It is one of the biggest healthcare organisations in the country and offers a variety of services to its customers.

The launch of various value-based contracting solutions for businesses to improve quality, reduce unfavourable patient outcomes and medical errors, and share responsibility and risk in regulating trends in health care costs are some of the elements of United Healthcare Group's strategy plan. United Healthcare emphasises that “Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) are a key component of its value-based contracting approach.”

Corporate Level Strategies

Performance-based contracting, which provides opportunities for achieving particular quality metrics, and patient-centred medical homes, which facilitate communication between patients and doctors to ensure that a patient receives the care they require in a timely manner regardless of where they are, are two of the organisations' strategies. The company also uses episodic and bundled payments, which means that hospitals get reimbursed for medical services provided during a single episode of treatment that lasts for a specified amount of time. The business accepts responsibility for the care of those in the population who are socially disadvantaged and offers a risk-based reward. It has created a network where patients can choose doctors and healthcare providers.

Our capacity to contribute to the development of a cutting-edge, high-performing health system is supported by UnitedHealth Group's management structure and responsible business practises, which have been developed over more than 40 years. In order to produce sustainable shareholder value, comply with best practises, and address shareholder interest, our board has improved governance standards throughout time.

SWOT Analysis





PESTLE Analysis

Political factors

UnitedHealth Group has a substantial presence in the US market. The business has strong political ties across the nation. The firm has made significant investments to influence legislation in its favour. It requires the backing of political administrations because it provides healthcare services. The US has a fairly stable political system, making it a good environment to run a business. It should also take into account any future health care policy implemented as a result of the pandemic. The new government's policies should also be taken into account by the business.

Economics factors

The pandemic has caused substantial unemployment and decreased income levels for the populace. In this fiscal year, both the average family expenditure and the disposable income have significantly decreased. Government-sponsored economic stimulus measures may raise average household income and GDP, both of which are beneficial to businesses.

Social factors

The US has a high rate of literacy. There is a high level of expertise about using healthcare services. Americans are vigilant and closely monitor the healthcare industry. People are more interested in health care services because of COVID. Additionally, they have altered people's perspectives about using insurance services. The business should develop new services for the new age groups due to demographic changes.

Technological factors

The use of technology has significantly altered consumer behaviour. The procedure of receiving healthcare services is streamlined thanks to technology. Analytics should be used by UnitedHealth to monitor data and gather insightful information for creating new goods and services. The business should adopt new technology to gather data and draw conclusions in order to provide services in an efficient manner.

Legal factors

The health industry, in which UnitedHealth operates, is subject to a number of legislative regulations. To create new services and products, there are numerous laws and guidelines. When offering insurance services, they must adhere to governmental regulations. They apparently once caused a discrepancy in mental health care, which was quite expensive for the business.

Environment factors

The company’s carbon footprint wasn’t significant enough to contribute to climate change. But the effects of the natural calamities would be felt by the company. People who used insurance and health care services would suffer economic losses as a result of this natural disaster.

Target Market Analysis of United Health Group

Demographic Characteristics of Market

The majority of the target audience is made up of millennials, who range in age from 21 to 50. With a wide selection of services in this area, UnitedHealthcare fills the need for insurance and healthcare services that the majority of people feel are necessary in this day and age.

Behaviours of the Target Market

As its services grew, UnitedHealthcare extended from its initial focus on healthcare administration to include health care, pharmaceutical benefits management, and, most significantly, insurance. This enabled the company achieve record levels of profitability.

Strategies Appealing to Market

UnitedHealthcare began a direct marketing effort to prospects in late March 2022, concentrating on company decision-makers in specific markets with 7–250 employees. The campaign's goal is to better inform potential customers, which could aid in the expansion of your UnitedHealthcare business. A link to more information is included in messaging sent to prospective employers that says UnitedHealthcare might have a health insurance plan that meets their company’s requirements.

The following calls to action are part of this campaign:

Marketing Mix of United Health Group

Product Mix: A health benefits platform called UnitedHealthcare provides services to various markets across various geographical areas. The company provides people, families, organisations, and others with a wide selection of health benefit packages. As part of their marketing mix product strategy, UnitedHealth provides health insurance, dentistry and vision coverage, Medicare and Medicaid plans, global health solutions, value-based care, and more.

Price Mix: Prices for the health insurance and products provided by UnitedHealth Group vary. Plans vary in price depending on the level of coverage that customers choose. Customers can include anyone, including people, families, employers, doctors, and brokers.

Place Mix: The business provides services in a variety of geographical and important market segments. In all 24 states in the US, UnitedHealth Group provides its services to Medicaid recipients.

Promotion Mix: With social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, LinkedIn, and RSS, UnitedHealth Care is present online. A wide range of services are offered by UnitedHealth Group, including Rally, your 24-Hour Nurse, Virtual Visits, and Cost Estimator.

Key success factors

Problems and Issues in UnitedHealth Group Organization

The United health group are prone to issues such as cyber-attacks, information breaches, and uncertain future for the health care industry.

United Health Group Inc.Situation Analysis

A public firm with its headquarters in Minnesota, UnitedHealth employs about 350,000 people. The company dominates at least five industries in the US, including finance and insurance, health and medical insurance, pharmacy benefit management, healthcare consultants, and HMO providers. Their highest market share is in the Health & Medical Insurance sector, where they represent an estimated 25.9% of total industry revenue. They are regarded as an All Star since they outperform their competitors in terms of market share, profitability, and revenue growth.

Vision and Mission Statement of United Health Group

The goal of UnitedHealth Group, a health care and wellness firm, is to help individuals live healthier lives and improve the efficiency of the healthcare system as a whole. Our goal is to make people’s lives healthier. It is our responsibility to make health care more efficient for everyone. We aim to improve the general health and wellbeing of the people we serve as well as the performance of the healthcare system.

Financial Analysis

As of September 8, 2022, UnitedHealth Group has a market value of more than $492.82 billion. It reported sales of $287.6 billion in 2021, an increase of 12% from $257.1 billion in 2020. The company’s earnings have increased dramatically in recent years; for comparison, UnitedHealth Group reported earnings of slightly over $242.1 billion in 2019.


Overall, the analysis and external analysis of United Health Group shows that the company’s organization strategy has helped in gaining the market position in the United States and all over the world.

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