case-study   Vodafone Case Study- Using Technology to Improve Economies

When students work upon case study writing related to a telecom brand like Vodafone, then they come across two things. They are role of technology in improving them as a telecom brand and their role of a telecom brand in improving economies.

Vodafone SWOT Analysis - Marketing Assignment & Essay Help

Some key factors regarding the SWOT Analysis Writing of Vodafone can be stated as follows.Immense Marketing tactics are the Strength Factor of Vodafone. Its Weakness Factor is unfavorable telecom laws. Its Opportunity Factor is telecom network spreading. Its Threat Factor is competition from other telecom giants.

Vodafone PESTLE Analysis - Marketing Assignment & Essay Help

The PESTLE Analysis of Vodafone can be described in the following manner.The Political Factor for Vodafone is mixed as some nations welcome it while others pose extra strict telecom laws that are tough to follow. Its Economic Factor is strong as telecom is always a business in demand. Its Social Factor is strong as mobile phones have become a part of peoples’ lifestyles.

Its Technological Factor is strong as they are always updated on it. Its Legal Factor is strong as they have a strong Legal team to guide them with laws. Its Environmental Factor is mixed as they need to face criticism of radio waves impact on health but still try to make eco friendly products.

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