dissertation   The Dissertation Critique and Its Elements

The purpose of dissertation critique is to allow you to have a go on the most significant aspects of dissertation and settle on the best ways to accomplish it. First one has to understand only the writer of dissertation can do a excellent critique of his or her work. Dissertation critique evaluates caliber of one’s project.

Clear purpose

The first and the foremost criteria in dissertation critique is to make sure that the purpose of your dissertation is cleared through the writing. The writer should evaluate the clarity of the project and how much influences it is bringing out. A dissertation is aimed to discuss the change that you think, can be productive for society, so make sure that your recommendations are asserted in the light of sufficient documentation.

Next stop Literature Review

Evaluate the Literature Review part very carefully, that you have not missed any authors’ names or references. Analyze how the authors’ work or explanations on the subject are supporting your case study; make sure that they are well placed.

The flow of information

The writer should maintain the flow of information although the writing; the distribution of research work should be reviewed, how is your research design appropriate and adequate for the case study. Make sure it fortifies your results or concepts.

Grammar check

After evaluating all these components, one need to make sure that the writing content does not carry any grammatical error, any spelling mistake, or any weak structure of a sentence, proofread it several times to see is there any part left on previous checking. Dissertation critique also includes dissertation format, make sure that tables or illustrations are presented well, and titles of pages are not hanging at the bottom of the page.

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