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Dissertation is a continuous piece of writing arranged in demarcated chapters in order to give rise to an argument in response to the problem centric proposition (thesis). In addition to it, the dissertation includes evidences acquired through intricate research study in order to support the argument placed by the researcher.

A doctoral dissertation is a final project that determines the successful career of a candidate pursuing doctorate degree.

Fundamentals of doctoral dissertation

  • Dissertation is an academic task that include utterly new or undiscovered topic than reproducing information that are identified in published sources

  • Your dissertation must present narrower and specific alignment to the chosen issue, rather being elaborate and generalized

  • Make sure your dissertation must present a significant sequence of chapters that starts with introduction, followed by literature review, continues with survey and research. Lastly, the responses collected in the survey process are analyzed in order to draw a conclusion in the final section

  • The conclusion plays the chief role that pulls thread of your arguments making a final judgment whether it supports or rejects the pre-existing literature

  • Keep in mind, your doctoral dissertation is a document that not only demonstrates your proficiency in a particular discipline but also reflects your competency in it. 

How to select and research on your dissertation topic

Before planning about the topics for investigation, make sure you are aware of the fundamental principles included in academic writing of a dissertation. We provide a guide to help with the various aspects of formulating a thesis.

Quest for an innovative topic

When you are given the freedom to choose a topic of interest, make sure to follow the below mentioned points to avoid unsound presentation of your doctoral dissertation.

  1. Make sure the chosen topic has academic significance and is not trivial

  2. Determine whether the selected topic is manageable within the allotted period

  3. Establish your standpoint on the given topic. It signifies the impact of your attitude, belief and values in the research study

  4. Unfold an apparent argument respective to the streamlined issue.

Conduct literature review

It is a way to satisfy your arguments with the facts and evidences identified in the pre-existing literature. Let’s focus on specific points that would make your task easy.

  1. Do not stick to a particular literature rather access multiple sources to come up with substantial facts and evidences

  2. Always look for up-to-date references, respective to your topic than investigating age old literatures. Outdated literature review invalidates your dissertation with unsound evidences

  3. Make sure to relate underpinning theories that have taken place in recent years

  4. Electronic journals are easily searchable source and contribute significant help in providing reliable and valuable theories in support of your proposition.

Research and explore your topic with methodologies

Research plays a significant role in order to carry out a doctoral dissertation. Being a doctoral student, you should be aware of the methods adopted in order to research and explore the proposition (thesis). Ensure the following points while adopting research methodologies.

  1. Determine whether the selected methodology fits in the range of possible approaches

  2. Research methodology involves two significant processes of data collection i.e. quantitative and qualitative research

  3. Quantitative analysis is a scientific method that claims to be objective. Qualitative research is developed on the firm ground of statistics, measurable and other empirical data

  4. Qualitative analysis is based on subjective data items. Qualitative research does not consider the numeric value rather emphasize on attitudes and opinions of a particular range of individuals on a significant issue.

Critical evaluation of the research

  1. While evaluating your findings, make sure that you are creating an argument in defense of an issue in the entire dissertation

  2. The evaluation should highlight your central argument in defense of the issue

  3. Every chapter included in a doctoral dissertation must focus on another angle and additional evidences to your central argument.

Mapping of doctoral dissertation to submit before deadline

The process of research and writing of a dissertation should be scheduled according to the given time period. Doctoral dissertations are likely to be lengthy with less time to conduct the entire research study. With an objective to accomplish the task before deadline; students should plan the stages as described below:


Design a week’s timetable and mark the essential tasks needed to carry out the dissertation. Make sure to utilize the odd hours that are usually wasted doing nothing. Segment the various stages of dissertation accordingly i.e. start with introduction, then the literature review, continue with methodologies followed by data findings and interpretation and finally end with conclusion and recommendations.

Set your own deadlines

Set short-term deadlines that are readily achievable. Make your dissertation manageable by splitting it into workable chunks. Complete the particular task within stipulated time frame of deadline. This is an efficient way to manage time and accomplish the lengthy piece of writing much before the closing date.

Demonstrate your proficiency

Remember the doctoral dissertation you are going to prepare would give you an exceptional recognition in career. Present the ideas and arguments in a coherent manner in order to reflect your professional skills and disciplinary proficiency in the published paper. Most importantly, diagnose your writing weaknesses to avoid structural, grammatical and presentation flaws.

Multiple revisio

Revision is a way to identify numerous errors that would otherwise spoil your entire effort on dissertation. It is suggested to make numerous revisions of your written document to develop holistic ideas of your topic, to generate larger connections, realize to advance implications of your ideas and present your evidences in a coherent manner. In addition to this, revisions help you to edit word levels and create formal transitions between chapters etc.

Importance of academic principles in doctoral dissertation

While formulating your dissertation, make sure the written document must adhere to the required standard in terms of ethics, intellectual honesty and accurate referencing.

Ethical standard

In order to carry out the research study in ethical manner, avoid exploiting claims of others. Do not misuse the valuable data collected from the respondents and do not attempt to break the ethical rules. Make sure you are aware of all ethical standards before proceeding with your research work.

Accurate referencing

Do not forget to acknowledge the arguments drawn from published sources. Cite your dissertation with accurate referencing style in accordance with the academic conventions of citations, bibliography or reference list appropriate for the subject discipline. Adequate referencing reduces the possibility of plagiarism especially in the literature review section.

Intellectual honesty

The attitude, belief and values of the researcher must not interfere with the pursuit of truth. Moreover, the researcher should present the relevant facts and evidences in an unbiased manner in their doctoral dissertation. The facts should not be perverted to present misleading impressions or underpin one view over the other.

Why students seek professional writing help to accomplish their doctoral dissertation

Students are often found to hire professional writers to pen down the entire dissertation or get help with the writing process. There are multiple reasons for which students seek dissertation writing help from professionals, the significant ones are jotted below:

Confusing dissertation paradigms

More than 37 percent of students experience confusion about the significant structure of a doctoral dissertation. Undergraduate dissertations are likely to be small, whereas doctoral dissertations are considerably long and consume more time. In addition to these, professors demand varying formats respective to the discipline that adds up to the level of confusion. This makes them turn up to professional writing help that only comprehend the varying formats of doctoral dissertations, but also select the appropriate one for the respective discipline.

Insufficient time

Unaware of the structure of dissertation and writing process involved in it, students are also bound by short time frame to complete a lengthy piece of write-up within the stipulated time limit.

Deficient academic skills

Even after knowing the entire prospect of dissertations, there are certain percentages of students’ who are incapable to carry out the research study in a proficient manner. This is due to the deficient academic skills that restrict the critical thinking and exploration abilities of students. Moreover, students should possess the sense of logical reasoning in order to present a well- formulated dissertation for their doctorate degree.

Resourceful utilization of time

In this fast-paced world, students are more likely to indulge in constructive activities than fritter away the time in writing their homework. Majority of doctoral students engage in part-time employment as a resourceful utilization of their valuable time. Working students seek for quick and simplified solutions to their coursework by hiring professional dissertation writers. 

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